June 12

Job Interview Questions and Answers App Helped Ace a Disney World Interview

JIQA APP - Copy (2)Everyone should practice answering interview questions before the interview.  It doesn’t have to be hard–you can practice great interview answers with an app!  This is especially important if you are getting interviews but not job offers, or if you haven’t interviewed in a while, like Shawne:

Hi Peggy,

Last month I downloaded your app on my iPad because I was going on my first interview [in over a year]…I was feeling nervous about what to say in my interview. I know things change in the professional world when you’re not in it and I didn’t know what to expect. So thanks to your practice questions I nailed my interview!! And I got a job at the Walt Disney World Resort!! Keep up the great work Peggy, you are amazing at what you do and you gave me the knowledge and confidence to receive an offer from a place I’ve always wanted to work!

Best regards,

Shawne Dunn

This is the free app Shawne used:

Job Interview Questions and Answers



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