October 11

Job Interview Body Language Tips to Help You Get Hired

The way you carry yourself in a job interview has an enormous impact on how the hiring manager (your potential boss) thinks of you. The wrong body language will make them doubt your abilities and not offer you the job; the right body language will inspire their confidence in you and help you get that job offer. Here are 8 job interview body language tips that will help you get hired.

Take a Deep Breath

Practice slow, calm breathing before you walk into the room. Try to keep your breathing even during the interview.  Calm means confidence.


Smiling makes you seem confident and approachable. When you smile, imagine that your interviewer is a friend. That will help make your smile seem more genuine.

Give a Firm Handshake

Don’t squeeze so hard you crush their fingers or jerk them toward you. Just give a warm, firm, handshake. Again, imagine this is a friend.

Sit Up Straight

Don’t sit down until they invite you to, but once you do, sit up straight with your feet on the floor and your back against the back of the chair. Lean forward slightly to project confidence and enthusiasm.

Move, but Don’t Fidget

During the interview, don’t fold your arms, or fidget, or touch your face. But if you normally gesture with your hands when you talk, by all means do that here. Rein in in a little, though. Don’t be super expansive with your gestures. A little will go a long way here.

Maintain Natural Eye Contact

Don’t glue your eyes to the employer’s. Move your eyes around to different parts of their face (eyes, forehead, nose).

When They Talk, Nod at Them

Don’t be a bobblehead, but be engaged in this conversation. Nod occasionally to indicate that you hear them, you understand them, and that you agree with them.

Expect a Positive Outcome

Before you step one foot into the interview, try to visualize a positive outcome. Picture them smiling at you. Imagine them being happy with your experience and interview answers. Expect to like them and for them to like you. If you go into your interview with a positive outlook, your breathing will be more natural, you’ll smile, your eye contact will be totally appropriate, and you’ll appear relaxed, confident, and enthusiastic.  All good things.

If you know you need help with this, seriously consider hiring an interview coach. I work with clients all the time on Skype or other video communication so that I can measure body language and offer solutions to improve it.

Find out more about career and interview coaching here.


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