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interview preparationLynn was able to transfer from a temporary position to a permanent one because she made the investment in herself by getting training and preparing for her behavioral job interview. She said it was invaluable--it made her more confident and gave her better interview answers.

Not all job seekers make the effort to invest in themselves,  but it always pays off and Lynn is proof that it works. Congratulations Lynn!

Peggy, (and team!),

I sat in on several webinars and it really helped me keep my motivation, skills and morale up! I joined the [Total Access Coaching Club] and it was invaluable!

I am happy to say I did land a nearby government job with good pay and excellent benefits. I had submitted an online application, had attended a job fair just after that, signed up with one of their main temporary agencies and got on quickly for a short temporary position. In a couple of weeks, I was called in for a behavioral interview and I was very confident and thorough in my answers.

Your advice helped me clinch the job! I am very grateful and want others to know that even after age 55, there are great jobs out there! Just keep looking!