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Change-CareerIf you’re reading this at work right now, the chances are your job bores you. A good job inspires and intrigues you to find out more and get better at what you do. But when you have been in a job for a while, you may feel you have nothing left to learn. If you’re no longer getting anything positive out of your role, now is the time to decide if you're ready for something different.

Intelligence can be a curse for those in limited jobs. If you find you are attending your own personal interests instead of getting on with work in the office, then you may be in the wrong job. If you have no interest in the products or industry you are working in, then you may be in the wrong company. For some people, the daily task list is so mundane to them that they are desperately seeking a completely different career. But how wise is it to start over these days?

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Every job will have tasks that you hate, tasks you’d rather not have to do and tasks you quite enjoy. Weigh up where each of your regular tasks sit. If most of them are in the ‘hate to do’ category, then maybe changing your career could be a good idea. Of course, it depends on what those tasks are as to where your next career might take you.

For some people, they have always dreamed of a career in the arts, or maybe even on Wall Street. You can find out how to get a job at Goldman Sachs at WallStreetTeach, and you can get into the arts through the open audition process. However, without a lot of talent, a lot of determination, and a lot of abilities, no career is going to welcome you with open arms. Know what you’re up against, and list your ready-to-go toolkit. These are the transferable skills you already possess.

For most of us, a career change is out of the question. But moving to a new firm for a fresh start in something related to what we’ve done before is actually a good idea. If you’re not moving up the ladder internally, then apply for the next job up with another company. Sometimes a change in working environment is enough to rejuvenate that interest in what we do. Brave the interview process and go for that dream job.

If you’re not happy in the role you are in, then chances are it will be better for you to seek a move now. The last thing you want to do is lose your cool with your job and quit with nowhere to go. Equally, if your lack of enthusiasm is rubbing the boss up the wrong way, it might be better to jump before you’re pushed! For a complete career change, you may need to take on extra training so start picking up those qualifications now.

Whatever you choose to do about your current position, it is always a good idea to see what might be accessible to you in other areas. Whether you move firms, move industries or take a leap of faith into a new career, you will need a continuous paycheck. Take care to keep your reference contacts sweet so you can make the move you want.