March 11

Do you hesitate to sell yourself for the job?

market yourself to employersIf you’re shy or reserved, the idea of ‘selling yourself for the job’ may make you cringe.  Marketing yourself may veer a little too close to bragging for your taste–yet, this is something you need to do in order to get the job you want.

Susan felt uncomfortable and unnatural talking about herself.  However, by attending a few of Career Confidential’s Free Training Webinars and participating in our Total Access Coaching Club, she was able to overcome her reservations, get a new job, and even negotiate the position and compensation package:

I took part in several of your webinars and purchased the limited membership package that allowed me to strengthen my job search. I was already using the “hidden job market” approach through networking before I learned about your services. However, I did gain more confidence to sell myself through your many presentations and direct answers. As a nonprofit leader, talking about myself is uncomfortable and not my natural tendency. I needed to hear your words of wisdom to get beyond that. And your group conference calls were exceptionally helpful even when you were reviewing others’ resumes and cover letters.

Thank you for your services and positive, direct approach. It was well worth the price I paid to overcome my own reservations about marketing my many strengths. I was able to negotiate the position and compensation package I sought and begin my new position next week.

Thank you so much.

Keep up the meaningful work!

Susan L.

I want to officially congratulate Susan on her new position, and use her story to encourage you.  Even if you hesitate to sell yourself for the job, you can do it and you will love the results.

If you hesitate to market yourself to employers, find out how easy it can be.  Start by attending one of our Free Job Search Webinars, and consider joining our Total Access Coaching Club.  We meet every other week (online) with a quick presentation for your job search, and then have a 45-50 minute live Q&A where I answer members’ most urgent questions.  The resume review Susan mentions is a regular feature of our club (along with a LinkedIn profile review) for members. Our members love it, and I know you will, too.



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