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career path Design management: how to jump-start your career with an MBA

Design management is a constantly expanding and increasingly globalized field of specialization, combining a variety of skills, including marketing, industrial design, branding and supply chain management. Whether it be clothing or buildings, electronic interfaces or toys, design is everywhere - and its consistent development mean greater opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in this dynamic and engaging field.

Five Reasons to get an MBA in Design Management

Pursuing an MBA in design management can open a great many doors to new opportunities and career advancement. Here are five reasons to get a master's of business administration in design management.

The Best of Both Worlds

A master's in Design Management offers a unique confluence of the business and design worlds. Whether your passion lies more on one side or the other - or you have equal love for both - pursuing an advanced degree in this field will offer you tremendous insight and knowledge of how these worlds interact.

It will also help to strengthen your skills in areas where you may not have spent as much time. Earning an MBA in Design Management will broaden and deepen your understanding of design - and its intersection with marketing, production, logistics and many other fields.

Working for Top Companies

Earning an advanced degree in Design Management can help open the door to working for Fortune 500 and other major companies. For example, Apple Inc. is one of the top employers of design managers for everything from UI innovation to hardware interface design.

Opportunities to Travel

Pursuing an advanced degree is an excellent opportunity to travel, and in addition to studying away from home - in a foreign country or in your own - you may well meet with more opportunities to travel and explore the world, whether you attend design and innovations conventions or do an exchange study with another university offering a similar program to the one you are pursuing.

As design has long been a global phenomenon, traveling to a number of countries in order to study other styles of design - and methodologies of design innovation and management - has become commonplace.

High Quality Schools

Whether you're intent on pursuing interface development, luxury brand management or fashion management, several excellent programs are available at schools all over the world, as design innovation and management has become a respected field of academic study.

Universities and colleges in centers of design innovation all over the world, including Italy, Japan, the UK, South Korea, the Netherlands and many other countries, offer excellent quality instruction in this field.

Multiple Areas of Focus

Design Management encompasses a vast variety of focus areas, including fashion, UI and UX design, architecture, advertisement, luxury design, textile and material design. No matter what you choose to specialize in, earning an MBA in this field will help you to hone your knowledge and make a significant impact on your intended field of specialization - personally and professionally.

Completing an advanced degree in Design Management will enhance your ability to launch a prosperous career in this exciting and ever-evolving field, as well as provide many opportunities for personal development and increased knowledge of the intersection of business and design.

No matter what specialization you choose within this arena, pursuing a master's in business administration is well worth your time - and will open many new avenues for academic and professional development and fulfillment.