May 28

6 Online Interview Tips to Ace Any Virtual Job Interview


More and more employers are doing first interviews through Zoom, Skype, or other online platforms. Are you ready? Here are 6 online interview tips to help you ace it.

Dress Appropriately

Don’t be the guy who puts on a dress shirt and jacket with sweatpants—or worse yet, just underwear. I know someone who forgot he didn’t wear pants and stood up to get something.

Wear normal job interview clothes so you feel confident and powerful, and make a good impression. Stick with suits in blues or grays (conservative colors) that show well on screen. Solids are better than busy patterns. Keep your jewelry conservative and quiet so it doesn’t become a noisy distraction.

(See more about what to wear to a job interview.)

Makeup Tips

If you wear makeup, you may have to put on a bit more so you don’t look washed out on camera. If you don’t wear makeup, you may want to add a bit.

Check Your Lighting and Sound in a Practice Run

Run through a practice call with a friend to check your lighting and sound. Adjust your lighting to be flattering. Try placing lamps on either side of your face, and probably turn off overhead lights.

Check your microphone and speakers in your run through and a few minutes before your interview. Make sure there will be no distracting background noises.

Declutter Your Background

Adjust your camera angle so that everything around and behind you is clean and uncluttered. If your surroundings are a mess, it implies that you’re a mess.

If you need to, hang a smooth curtain or sheet behind your chair in a neutral color. Background matters.

Practice Good Body Language

Look at the webcam so you seem more engaged. You could put up a picture of your interviewer there, or someone who makes you feel calm and confident. Smile, lean forward slightly, and keep your hand movements slightly toned down.

Practice Your Interview

No matter what, this is an interview. It’s just as important to prep and practice for it as any other interview. I always recommend practicing interview answers to common questions, and even working with a career coach to make sure you perform well and get the offer.

Extra Hint:

If you’re having trouble getting a traditional face-to-face interview, you may want to suggest a quick conversation online. It’s less of a commitment for them and may open up many more opportunities for you.

As a coach, I’ve seen so many of these issues and more, I decided to write a book about it.

online interviewsHow to Ace Video, Online or Zoom Interviews: Your Guide to Getting Hired

In this book, I show you:

  • How to do the technology and fix issues
  • What your background should look like
  • What to wear, where to sit and where to look
  • How to prep for a video interview
  • How to communicate well through video
  • How to prep for and excel in your interview
  • How to avoid unique video mistakes and recover when you can’t

I even included 2 bonuses: My Job Interview Prep Kit AND 12 Questions and Answers for Remote Jobs (where you’ll be working from home instead of in the office).

It’s for anyone with any level of experience with video communication and technology. If you’re new to all this, you’ll have what you need to excel. If you’ve already done more Zoom calls than you ever wanted to, you will still learn some exciting tips and tricks to make your interview a job-winner.

I hope you enjoy it! Get it on Amazon today.



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Should you have a career coach?

Should you have a career coach?
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