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Webinar-Sign-Up-AgeismI often speak to older job seekers who have a such difficult time in the job search, they believe that if they get a job, it may be at a lower level than what they are capable of, or at a lower salary than what they've earned in the past.  That doesn't have to be true for you.

Age bias is a real problem for job seekers over 50 (and sometimes over 40), but with the right approach, you can beat out younger candidates and get a great job.  Look at what happened for Thembi:

Hi Peggy,

I got the job & I'm over 50! ...your interview tips (lots of them) & webinars helped me clinch the deal. I used the words that the interviewers wanted to hear. I had to go through 3 job interviews, which helped refine my interview [performance]. I did experience a few ageism [biases] but in the end I won the job & beat even much younger candidates!
So Thank You for always giving those pep talks--they really help.

Best regards,


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5 Simple Tips To Beat Age Discrimination


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