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5 Tips to Beat Ageism

You’ll Learn How to Eliminate the Age Biases Against JobSeekers Over 40, Especially Those Over 50!

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Older Worker Interviewing
  • Overcome the common biases that keep mature candidates from getting hired and sometimes from even getting interviews.
  • Sell your age and experience as a benefit rather than as something the employer should be concerned about.
  • Elminate age and experience related resume mistakes that most seniors make. you’ll stop making mistakes that raise “red flags” for the hiring manager.
  • Learn how to make your resume “pop” and instantly grab the attention of the hiring manager.
  • Understand what kinds of companies can be surprisingly perfect fits for older workers and how to find them.
  • You’ll understand how to talk with companies and make them “crave” you because of your experience and what you can do for them.

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America’s Top Job Search Expert Tells You What will be Covered In This Free Training

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Why You Should Come to This Free Training

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The Agenda

Peggy McKee
  • LIVE training with America’s top job search expert, Peggy McKee
  • One of the easiest to use and most interactive webinar platforms avaiable. Nothing to download, nothing to isntall, just show up by visiting the webinar web page using your special link 
  • Interactive polls to fine tune what information is important to you.
  • 40-45 Minutes of hard-htting, actionable strategies and tactics that you can put to work in your job search right away
  • About 5 minutes of presenation about Career Confidential tools (with very special offers) that can help accellerate your job search effort
  • LIVE Q & A where Peggy addresses YOUR individual questions – a priceless part of this excellent training

Your Gifts For Signing Up, Attending, & Staying ‘Till The End

  • Just for signing up you will receive my EXCLUSIVE MP3 “Guide to Getting a Job for Those Over 50”
  • When you attend, you will receive the very popular video – “How to Job Search When You’re Over 50” 
  • If you stay until the end of the webinar, not only will you receive a copy of the presentation for download that you can refer to to refresh the training, but also you will receive my report “How to use Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract Hiring Managers.”
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