Have you heard of 30-60-90-Day Plans?  They are strategic action plans for your first 3 months on the job.  The trick is, you write it out and bring it to the interview!

No matter what job you’re interviewing for–any management-level job, technical jobs, sales jobs, customer service, marketing, etc.– a 30-60-90-Day Action Plan is a must for setting yourself apart from the other candidates in this very competitive market.  They show your critical thinking skills, your knowledge of the job, and your drive, and they make a great impression on the hiring manager.  They even work wonders for the young adults by giving them a leg up in the “experience” issue.

But you might not know that they also give you a strong psychological edge in the interview. Watch the video below, and I’ll tell you all about it.

Get your 30-60-90-Day Plan here



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Should you have a career coach?

Should you have a career coach?
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