May 8

The Simple Job Search Trick That Changes Everything


What happens when you’re qualified for the job but you can’t get an interview?

This is what happened with Ed. True story: Ed had a special (and kind of rare) certification that the job description asked for…but even though he applied TWICE for the job, he couldn’t get an interview.

This kind of situation happens all the time. What happens even more often is that people who could do the job and do it well, but don’t check off everything on the list of ‘requirements,’ can’t get interviews, either.

How can you beat a bad system and get hired for a great job? Do what Ed did.

Ed stopped applying online for that job because it wasn’t getting him anywhere. Instead, he found the name and email of the hiring manager. Ed sent his resume to that hiring manager, he got the interview, and then he got the job.

When Ed mentioned his previous applications for that very job, the hiring manager said he’d never seen his applications. And yet—he was thrilled to have Ed on board.

This is the simple job search trick that changes everything: contact hiring managers directly.

Simple Job Search Trick: Contact hiring managers directly to get interviews

Why does this job search trick work? Contacting the hiring manager (your potential new boss) directly gets you past whatever obstacles are in your way from (typically) HR. If HR has a checklist to be completed before they’ll call you for an interview, and you don’t match up with everything on the checklist, you won’t get an interview—even if you’d be great at the job. This makes it much harder for not only regular job seekers, but anyone who wants to move up to a higher position or anyone who wants to switch careers.

Uncover hidden jobs

When you contact hiring managers directly, you will catch some of them in the transition phase of knowing they have a job to fill and putting up the ad to receive resumes. Catching them before they post it gives you the best opportunity for success, because then you’re the big fish in a smaller pond of potential applicants, rather than an ocean of them who saw the online ad.

How to contact hiring managers directly

Search for the names of organizations who do what you do—the more the merrier. Use Google, ask your network for names, and utilize LinkedIn to conduct name searches, check out groups, and network. Determine the name and the email address of the person who could be your new boss. Send an email with a great message and your resume.

Need help?

hidden jobs finderGet techniques, coaching, and proven messages for hiring managers all in my Hidden Jobs Finder. Ed used these techniques to get his great new job. Check it out here.



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