Does your LinkedIn Profile make you stand out?

If you don't get contacted by recruiters or hiring managers about new opportunities, you may not be representing yourself at your best.

To shine on LinkedIn, you need a headline that grabs attention (not necessarily just your job title), a great photo, and a summary that accurately and attractively describes what you do using important keywords. Those are the basics.

Then you need to refine and polish all the different sections of your profile: identify and arrange your skills and endorsements, get recommendations, make it easy for others to contact you directly, and participate in the right way to build your social media network for greater opportunities.

Ready to tackle all that on your own? If not, we're here for you!

LinkedIn profile tutorialWe're excited to announce a comprehensive update of Career Confidential's LinkedIn Profile Tutorial that makes it easier than ever for you to shine on LinkedIn.

Our NEW and IMPROVED profile tutorial takes you step-by-step through building and refining your profile within LinkedIn's latest updates and changes so you can develop and refine a profile that sells you to potential employers (or even clients).

  • Optimize your Profile for Maximum Impact
  • Have the Best Headline, Summary, and Photo
  • Refine All the Parts of Your Profile Like a Boss
    (Skills and Endorsements, Recommendations, Experience, Education, etc.)
  • Know What To Do With Your Privacy Settings
  • How to Use LinkedIn Most Effectively for Networking and Job Searching

We've kept the quality that earned us 5-star reviews and added more to make sure you have the power to stand out on LinkedIn in a big way.

AND...we've made these major improvements without increasing the price (yet...don't wait).

Your LinkedIn profile is so important to your networking, job search and career go ahead and...Get Your LinkedIn Profile Tutorial today!