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Don't Let This Happen To Your Resume! Come To My Free Resume Writing Webinar and Save Your Resume!

Everyone knows you can't afford any resume mistakes...just one typo and the entire thing hits the trash.  So you spell-check it to within an inch of its life and you ask your friends to proofread it for you just to make sure.  You can do everything you know to do....and STILL have a big mistake that will keep you from getting the interview.

I've seen thousands of resumes in my career (career coach, recruiter)...most of the time, resumes need improvement.  But it really hit me last week when I looked at 250 resumes at once.  A full 248 of them had a major mistake right on the front page.

What was it?

I can't tell you. The truth is, they didn't all have the same mistake.  There are a whole lot of ways to screw up a resume, and I think I saw all of them in one fell swoop.

My question for you is:  if 248 out of 250 resumes from current job seekers have a major mistake, what are the chances that yours does, too?  Probably pretty good.

You must make sure your resume is mistake-free and strong enough to get interviews for you.

Come to my absolutely free, no-charge training webinar so I can teach you what the major resume mistakes are and help you get them off your resume.

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We will go through actual resumes from job seekers to show you where the mistakes are and how to fix them.

With this training, your resume can be one of the 2, instead of one of the 248.

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