September 27

Phone Interviews: How to Project Confidence and Enthusiasm


If you aren’t getting invited to interview face-to-face after phone interviews, there’s a chance it’s because you aren’t projecting confidence and enthusiasm for the job.

Hiring managers want to speak with people who are excited about the job and know they can do it well. The trouble is that those things can be difficult for you to demonstrate over the phone. Here are some ideas to make that easier (and get you to that in-person interview).

Make Sure You Have No Distractions

Distractions you want to avoid include a lack of sleep, hunger, activity near you that grabs your attention, and so on. You want to be alert and completely focused on this conversation.

Before the Call, Take a Few Deep Breaths

Nothing projects cool, calm confidence like being relaxed. Take a few minutes before your call to practice relaxation breathing. Take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, and let it out slowly.

Smile While You Talk

Smiling shows up in your voice. It makes you sound friendly, enthusiastic, and confident. If you can’t remember to smile, think about putting up a mirror so you can see yourself while you talk.

Keep Your Notes in Front of You

The great thing about phone interviews is that you can keep as many notes in front of you as you want to, so you don’t forget things you want to say. What things should you have easy access to? Your resume, key points you want to make, a list of your references, or questions to ask.

Ask Questions

Participate in the conversation by asking questions. If you only answer questions, you may come across as if you don’t care that much about the job. (See questions to ask in a phone interview here.)

Thank the Interviewer at the End of the Call

Be direct in expressing your interest in the job (they’ll be flattered) and thank them for calling you about it. This shows your enthusiasm for the job.

For more information and tips to ace your phone interviews, check out our series, Phone Interviews: The 37 Most Essential and Extraordinary Tips That Will Get You To the Face-to-Face.



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