If you’re a Mac computer user and you’ve sent your resume as a Microsoft Word document, there’s a decent chance that the recruiter or HR department you sent it to can’t read it. It can also be a problem if you’ve sent your resume in any other program besides Word.

Most folks using Macintosh computers don’t realize that even though Mac says the programs are compatible with all PCs, they aren’t. It’s a huge problem. Many recruiters and HR departments just can’t open Word documents sent from a Mac, and they also encounter problems with opening resumes using PDF files/web links or PowerPoint programs because they’re not compatible with their computer systems. A very few recruiters will respond to candidates, letting them know so they can resend, but most recruiters and HR departments won’t…which means your resume will never be seen and you’ll never know. And if you’re sending your resume to a resume database or applying online and they can’t open it, it will end up in the trash for sure.

For safety’s sake, when you’re submitting your resume online, always send your resume as a Word document, and find a PC to send it from.

If you must send it from a Mac, take the extra step of sending it to a PC friend first who can verify that it arrived and can be opened successfully before you send it to a recruiter or Human Resources.


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