October 11

LinkedIn Quiz — Are You a LinkedIn “Do” or a “Don’t”?

Are You a LinkedIn Do or a Don't

Are you doing all the right things with your LinkedIn profile–or are you making LinkedIn mistakes that could hurt you?

Take this LinkedIn quiz to find out!

YES / NO    You have a LinkedIn profile (OK, this is an easy one…we’re just warming up).   

YES / NO     Your profile includes a head-and-shoulders professional, smiling picture.  

YES / NO     Your headline, summary, and specialties are snappy and keyword-filled.

YES / NO     Your profile is complete–but not too detailed.

YES / NO     You have at least one recommendation.

YES / NO     You have joined groups.

YES / NO     You are contacted by recruiters and/or hiring managers about jobs.

YES / NO    You KNOW that your profile represents you at your very best.

If you answered “No” to any of these, you need LinkedIn help.

Get the help you need with our LinkedIn Profile Tutorial today–so you can answer “yes” to every question and be a LinkedIn “Do” instead of a “Don’t”!


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