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LinkedIn UpdatesLinkedIn is updating their user interface for 2017. Some users already have it, and some don't --but will soon.

What do you need to know and do with your LinkedIn profile ASAP?

Save Your Information Just In Case

Wayne Breitbarth has some great advice for saving all your information in case LinkedIn takes some features away (along with your information). Even if nothing gets taken away now, it's a good habit to back up your info and keep it elsewhere...just in case. As Wayne says, you never know when LinkedIn will update again. He has some step-by-step 'how to's in this article, including how to request a free archive of your data.

Become Familiar With LinkedIn's Updates

LinkedIn changes so often, the only thing you can count on is 'there will be change.'

If your LinkedIn page already looks different and confusing, check out Vivika von Rosen's take on what's different between the old user interface and the new to help you get your bearings. She says (and we agree):

Make sure to EXPORT your contacts now. You can do it from either your connections tab (settings icon that looks like a cog) or do a whole data export in settings (that is what I would recommend!)


Remember That You'll Get the Hang of It

Typically, LinkedIn keeps the basics (profile, education, contacts, messaging others, etc.) but just rearranges them. You have to just go exploring a little to find what you need.

You Can Get Help

We have coaches at Career Confidential who can help you create the perfect LinkedIn profile and strategy moving forward into 2017.

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