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I recently spoke with a candidate who is loving the Career Confidential products, and has already started using LinkedIn to contact her first hiring manager. She's making great strides, except for one thing: When I mentioned posting about her job search on Facebook, she said, "No, I can't post on Facebook because my family doesn't know I don't have a job."

So, naturally, I thought that there must be a lot of job seekers out there who might be reluctant to let others in their social circle know that they're job hunting.

But I think that's crazy. How can you not share with your family? It's not fair to them or you. And I think it's a missed opportunity. You never know where your next job lead is coming from. Facebook is a great resource for your job search.

I think you need the support, too. And it's stressful to keep a secret. (I mean, there are times it's best to keep your job search a secret, but while you're unemployed is not one of those times.)

I always think more information is better.

What do you think?