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Jumpstart Your Job Search - 25 Ways to Find a Job Fast!
is now available through Amazon's Kindle Store!

Companies are hiring right now, every day. If you aren’t getting interviewed for those jobs, you are missing out. This is the book that will show you how to find those hiring managers and get the job you want.
25 ways to find a job fast

What This Book Will Do For You:

  • Give you fresh ideas, strategies, and encouragement to get a job
  • Tell you how to use ‘tried and true’ methods in a better, smarter way
  • Show you how to be social media savvy and grow your network
  • Give you ‘speak to an actual person’ networking tips and insights
  • Warn you about job search mistakes that are holding you back
  • Give you 25 ways to get more interviews and find a job FAST

What Kinds of Tips Are in the Book?

  • How to use LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and other social media
  • How to speak with unexpected contacts from your past and where to find the best new ones
  • How to work with recruiters, job boards, and career fairs
  • How to excel at networking events and professional functions
  • How to uncover surprising opportunities through temporary or volunteer work
  • How to avoid the biggest wastes of your time

Who This Book Is For:

If you feel like your job search is stalled because you can’t get enough interviews, then this is the book for you! It will jumpstart your job search and put you in the interview seat, so you can get a job fast.

If you're in a job search, download this book now.