December 2

Job Search Strategy Tips

Did you know that right now, the typical job search is lasting for MONTHS?  (Officially, it’s 8 months, but that doesn’t count people who’ve looked longer and given up.)

If you watch the news you might think, “Well, that’s just the way it is.  The economy sucks, unemployment is high, and everyone’s afraid to hire.”  And then you feel like that guy =>

First of all, that doesn’t help you—you still need a job so you can make the mortgage payments and buy the groceries.  Second of all, it’s NOT TRUE.

People are getting hired for great jobs every single day.

I want to show you how they’re doing it, so you can do it, too.

I have a 10-minute video I want you to see.  In it, I will tell you how you can

  • Be a superstar candidate
  • Use Career Confidential’s tools together to get a job NOW
  • Turn a failing job search into a great job offer

I will talk to you about what it means to go “all-in” on your job search and tell you about people just like you who have overcome the odds and landed great jobs.

I want you to get a job now, not months from now.

Watch the video

Job Offer Generator Video


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  1. I have so many friends that want a government job. There is a real need for someone to specialize in helping people wade through the beauracratic maze to apply for such jobs both Federal and State (County & City)as well. Most people feel that they are on their own and it is a big hurdle to figure out how to apply

  2. @ Dan Highley
    Just like other types of jobs, you have to follow ALL the Rules in the right order to get a government job. AND then, you need to polish and polish your interview skills as well. No magic, just persistence, reading the rules and doing things in the right order and having the right skills and interview skills to boot.

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