May 19

How to Negotiate Your Salary Amazon eReport

Salary negotiations really begin the first time they ask you a money question in the interview, such as ‘How much money do you make in your current job?’ or ‘What are your salary expectations?’ The dance continues through the interview and into your ‘official’ negotiations when you get the job offer. The steps you take in this dance can make a huge difference in the compensation and benefits you get at the start as well as raises, bonuses, and your salary in your next job.

Salary negotiations may make you nervous, but you don’t need to be. In this short report, I show you how to use positive negotiation tips that will help you approach all salary discussions with confidence, make you more money and keep everyone (you and your future employer) happy.

Click on the image to get a free preview of this report, and then absolutely get it for yourself today on Amazon: How to Negotiate Your Salary.




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Should you have a career coach?

Should you have a career coach?
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