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When you give the gift of a great resume, you give:

  • A better shot at a dream job
  • More choices
  • Increased confidence

What could be a better gift than that?

This resume writing kit is a great gift--it's a simple to use,  step-by-step guide to writing the best resume you've ever had.

No resume writers, no mistakes, no doubts that you are representing yourself and your skills in a strong, positive way.

It even comes with a personalized resume review for added insurance and peace of mind.  Send it in to us and we'll tell you if you got it right, or specifically what you still need to work on.

Who needs a better resume?

  • Your upcoming college graduate
  • Your unemployed spouse
  • Your underemployed spouse
  • Your best friend who hates her job
  • You

This is the ultimate in thoughtful (and practical) gift-giving.  A better resume could mean thousands of dollars in additional income --because you got a job faster, or because you got a better job than you would have without it.

Give this Resume Kit to the job seeker in your life.



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