February 23

Essential Tech Skills for Your Job Search and Career – Peggy McKee on Fox News Dallas

These days, technology changes on a monthly basis…as an employee (or potential employee), you need to keep up or get left behind. In a great interview with Tim Ryan of Fox News Dallas (Thanks, Tim!), I talk about:

  • The essential tech skills EVERYONE needs
  • How to increase your skill sets to become more valuable
  • How to find out what your employer finds valuable
  • The difference between bragging and marketing yourself in a job search

Watch my Essential Tech Skills Interview by clicking on the video below.

This conversation was sparked by AT&T’s announcement to 280,000 employees to adapt to new technology, or else.  To their credit, AT&T is paying for this continuing education for employees.  What is your company willing to pay for? What are you doing on your own to keep up with constantly-changing technology? Let me know!



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Should you have a career coach?
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