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Almost everyone has at least one social media account today. So since social media is such a big part of life and business, doesn’t it make sense to include your accounts on your resume? The short answer is yes, but with some caveats. Certain social media platforms are perfect for including on resumes, while others should be avoided completely. Executives have to think about their c-level personal branding with every decision they make, especially when it pertains to social media. Here’s what you need to consider when incorporating social media on your resume.

Best Social Media Accounts to Include on Your Resume

LinkedIn is the number one professional social media platform that should always be included on your resume. However, simply having an account won’t do you any good. Consider working with a professional LinkedIn profile writer to optimize your profile for your job search. If you include your LinkedIn account on your resume, you have to assume the recruiter or hiring manager will look at it. The best LinkedIn profile development services will ensure your profile enhances your resume, and your chances at landing an interview.

Twitter is another account that could add value to your resume, depending on how you use it. From a c-level personal branding standpoint, your Twitter feed can demonstrate your beliefs, personal interests and other aspects you normally wouldn’t put on a resume. Just be sure to clean up anything you don’t want others to see before you make your account known on your resume.

Don’t Include These Social Media Accounts on Your Resume

social mediaEven though you have a Snapchat account, it doesn’t mean it should be included on your resume. You can get yourself into more trouble than you can benefit from by including a Snapchat account. Other accounts you may want to consider not including are Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. While there may be value in including these, it all depends on how you utilize them. Most people use these platforms as fun, informal and entertaining social media accounts, which have no place for a professional resume. Instead of cleaning these up, it’s best to just avoid them all together.

Social Media Can Make Your Resume Stand Out

When used properly, including social media accounts like LinkedIn and Twitter on your resume can make it stand out and improve your c-level personal branding. The best thing you can do before including it is allowing LinkedIn profile development services to take a look at your profile to ensure it’s in the best shape possible. You don’t want a simple oversight to be the difference in landing an interview or getting passed over.

* By Erin Kennedy, MCD, CMRW, CPRW, BS/HR, a Certified Professional & Executive Resume Writer/Career Consultant, and the President of Professional Resume Services, Inc. She has achieved international recognition following nominations and wins of the prestigious T.O.R.I. (Toast of the Resume Industry) Award. Find Erin at