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Contact hiring managers successfully

Want to be more effective in your job search?  Stop spending so much time applying online, and start spending more time contacting hiring managers directly--that's how you access the hidden job market.  It's a simple idea you can probably get on board with--but then what?

Harvey Mackay has a great blog post you need to see:  9 Motivators To Make Them Want to Return Your Call.  It's got 9 creative ideas for how to initiate conversation with the decision-makers you need to talk to.

Two of my favorites?

8.  Diagnose a new product line introduced by a competitor of the person you are trying to reach and send a brief report to your target as to why it creates an opportunity for this person.

4. Learn the individual’s #1 not-for-profit community organization and offer him twenty-five hours of pro-bono work in exchange for a job interview.

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Harvey Mackay is one of my favorite authors and speakers, and his advice is always spot on.

I am thrilled to announce that Harvey will be the keynote speaker at my upcoming Medical Sales Summit 2011, a one-day conference specifically targeted for sales and sales management professionals within the medical sales community.  It's a golden opportunity for job seekers within medical sales, too.  If you know someone who wants to break into the medical sales field, or experience top-notch training and networking, send them this link: