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Career Confidential is hosting its first ever blogging contest!

I have participated in these before…they’re big fun and introduced me to a fresh new audience—lots of new readers.

Career Confidential gets over 400,000 visitors every month.  If you would like reach potentially hundreds of thousands of new readers very quickly, you need to enter this contest!

First Step:  Tell Us What You Want To Win!

Take the survey

This contest is for YOU, so YOU should pick your prize!  What would motivate you to enter?  What would you like to win?  We have some great ideas.  Let us know what you like in our short survey.

Once we have our prizes nailed down, we will release the Official Contest Rules and Dates.  If you give us your name and email in the survey, we will contact you first with all the details.

General Guidelines:

Topic will be “Find a Job”.  Both text or video posts will be accepted.  Need ideas?  How about, "Find a Job Using ______"  and just fill in the blank with:  Keywords, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Networking, Video, Pay Per Click, LinkedIn, Career Builder, Monster, MedReps, or anything else you can think of.  Any tool, strategy, or technique that can help someone find a job will be great.

To Win:

Drive as much traffic as possible to your post during the contest.  Social media is crucial to your success.  You do not have to have a blog to enter...just the ability to drive a lot of traffic to your article.

The contest will begin within the next few weeks.  Details are coming soon...

Let us know what you want to win!

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