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HiredThis is a great testimony for my Hidden Jobs Finder. (More than 70% of all available jobs at any given time aren't advertised. The Hidden Jobs Finder finds them for you and puts you directly in front of the hiring manager / employer / decision maker for them.) Congratulations, Andy!

Hi Peggy,

Andy ... here and I just wanted to thank you for helping me get a new job!

You might remember we had a conference call maybe a month ago during which you gave me some awesome advice for handling questions about termination. I have been following that advice ever since and it puts the interviewer on my side most every time.

There was another gentleman on the call with us and we convinced him to no longer throw his resumes into the "black hole" of the job aggregating sites.

You could not have been more right.

I used the Hidden Job Finder modules and followed your instructions to the letter. Less than six weeks after starting the program, I received a firm offer today with a great company and a salary almost 12% more than I was making before! I start a week from Monday.

I would never have found this company were it not for the HJF process. They even told me they usually don't advertise and that I was one of only a small few that contacted them directly. They liked that I showed that kind of ambition and "outside the box" thinking.

So again thank you for your great programs, your perfect advice, and feel free to use any of this email or previous emails in your promotional materials. I am also quite happy to add my name to the list of satisfied customers.

You're the best.

Take care