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Job Search Webinar - 'The Best Hour I Spent In My Job Search'

job search webinarIf you've thought about attending a Career Confidential Webinar for your job search but haven't done it yet, listen to what Tammy has to say about what she learned and how it boosted her job hunt.

Click the sound bar to listen:


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50+ Job Seeker Beats Age Bias to Get the Job!

Webinar-Sign-Up-AgeismI often speak to older job seekers who have a such difficult time in the job search, they believe that if they get a job, it may be at a lower level than what they are capable of, or at a lower salary than what they've earned in the past.  That doesn't have to be true for you.

Age bias is a real problem for job seekers over 50 (and sometimes over 40), but with the right approach, you can beat out younger candidates and get a great job.  Look at what happened for Thembi:

Hi Peggy,

I got the job & I'm over 50! ...your interview tips (lots of them) & webinars helped me clinch the deal. I used the words that the interviewers wanted to hear. I had to go through 3 job interviews, which helped refine my interview [performance]. I did experience a few ageism [biases] but in the end I won the job & beat even much younger candidates!
So Thank You for always giving those pep talks--they really help.

Best regards,


If you want to have better interviews and beat out younger candidates to get the job, come to my Free Webinar:

5 Simple Tips To Beat Age Discrimination


This webinar will give you the tools you need to get the job you want (and free gifts to help with your search).  Click the link above to find out more about it and register today.


How to Stop Negative Thinking and Stay Positive in Your Job Search – Part 5

positive thinking in your job searchDid you know that positive thinking in your job search will actually help you get a job faster? The bonus is that you will feel better, too, and have a much better experience overall. Negative thinking not only annihilates your confidence, it can actually cause you to do things that will hurt you in your search.

We are following the points from great article by Mark Tyrrell on How to Stop Negative Thinking in 7 Simple Steps and applying them to your job search to help you stay positive.

See How to Stop Negative Thinking and Stay Positive in Your Job Search – Part 1

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See How to Stop Negative Thinking and Stay Positive in Your Job Search – Part 4

Mark says that the 5th step to staying positive is ‘Stop taking all the responsibility.’ What does this mean? It means that if something doesn’t work out, you think it’s all your fault--you don’t consider any external factors. For instance, if you don’t get the job, you may assume that it’s because they didn’t like you or that you flubbed the interview –but the real reason may be that the CEOs niece applied too, and the hiring manager was forced to choose her.


30-60-90-Day Plan: How to Create and Use It to Knock Their Socks Off in the Job Interview

30-60-90-day planWhat's your biggest job interview problem?

  • You don't have the perfect background or quite enough experience?
  • You don't stand out as the "wow" candidate?
  • You get lots of interviews, but no offers?

The easiest and best way to get past those very common obstacles is to write a 30-60-90-day plan and bring it to your interview--that's the straightforward, honest truth.  It works if you're a brand-new graduate and it works if you're a seasoned veteran of your career.

I've used it myself (and got 5 offers the last time I was in the job search) and I've had my candidates use it for years--because it gets them hired.

Once you use one of these plans, you will never go to another interview without one.  They're that good. We have a ton of information about 30-60-90-day plans on this blog you can use to write one, but here are two to start with:


Or, if you want to just cut to the chase and get it done (or even if you just need the confidence of an expert who's got your back), check out our 30-60-90-day plan samples and templates that come with all my tips and tricks for writing and presenting these plans to make you very comfortable using this tool in an interview:

  • 30-60-90-Day Action Plans for everyone else (people always ask if these plans are worth it if you're not in sales, but actually they're even more impressive outside of sales jobs)

These plans really do work.  You will communicate better and sell yourself for the job.

They give you an enormous boost over "you don't have enough experience."

They polish you so that you outshine every other candidate.

They get you job offers.

Create a 30-60-90-Day Plan for your next interview and you'll see what I mean.

The Importance of Negotiating Salary and Benefits

Negotiate salary and benefitsI recently disagreed strongly with Penelope Trunk's advice for women (Should Women Negotiate Salary?) and I got some fantastic responses from women who do negotiate job offers.  I wanted to share 3 of these with you because they teach important lessons for us all:

Edie negotiated for benefits when they wouldn't budge on salary, showing us that salary isn't the only valuable thing on the table:

I negotiated for the paid monthly parking space.  I was told they couldn't afford to pay an additional $5000/year for salary [so] I asked if they would pay for the parking fee. They said yes. That was $4200/year.  That's why I wanted the $5000 to begin with. It was a win-win situation for both of us, I'm sure.

Women must be assertive and must know what basics they need to include in the salary they are asking for.


Debbie learned the penalties of failing to negotiate a long time ago...


Are You Collecting Evidence of Your Career Success for Your Brag Book?

bragbookDo you have a file folder somewhere with your past performance reviews in it?  How about the award letter you received--or the note from your boss complimenting you on a job well done? During a job interview, have you ever thought, "I wish I could show an example of my work on my resume"?

These kinds of things should all be collected together in one spot--a brag book.

Brag books (aka kudos folders, success files, professional portfolios, etc.) are fairly well-known in sales rep circles, but they are such amazing tools for job interviews that if you don't have one, you are missing out.  In a job interview, brag books provide such compelling evidence of your success, they can absolutely help you get the job offer.

What kinds of things should go in your brag book?


90-Day Plan Helped New Grad Pharmacist Get Senior Title Pharmacy Job

Hispanic Graduate30-60-90-Day Plans absolutely help new graduates get a leg up in the job search race.  It's tough to get a job with no experience, but a 90-day plan shows that you can do the job even without it.

Jorge got a job usually reserved for pharmacists who complete a 2-year fellowship.  Congratulations, Jorge!

Dear Peggy,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your services (interview prep documents, videos, webinars, [Hidden] Jobs Finder, and 90-day plan). With your help I was able to secure a job in the pharmaceutical industry straight out of pharmacy school. Your 90-day plan outline helped me impress the company so much that I was given a promotion to a senior title, which is usually for pharmacists who complete a 2-year industry fellowship. Thank you for helping me get the job of my dreams.

Warm regards,

Jorge, PharmD

This is the 90-Day Plan Jorge mentions:   30-60-90-Day Action Plan

We also offer:

30-60-90-Day Sales Plan

30-60-90-Day Plan for Managers

30-60-90-Day Plan for Executives


Total Access Coaching 'Worth Its Weight In Gold'

goldMike's new boss said he was 'one of the most prepared candidates he had interviewed.' Mike says this was due to what he learned in our Total Access Coaching Club.


I just wanted to let you know that I landed a new job last Friday thanks in part to the coaching, webinars, and helpful hints that I learned from you. It all begin over a month ago with that first telephone interview that I was so much better prepared for after having listened to you speak on Phone Interviews. Each step of the way during this long interview process I continually drew from tips learned on your website. This was truly an investment worth its weight in gold. I was told by the recruiter that my "new" manager said that I was one of the most prepared candidates that he had interviewed. Thank you for the very useful coaching that you provided which help to make this all possible.


Mike B.

Congratulations, Mike!

Total Access Coaching is one of my favorite things we do here are Career Confidential. We have a great time and our members get hired fast.  Check out other TAC reviews for yourself and join us today.


Job Interviews - Why Aren't You Making the Cut?

Are you getting interviews but no offers? Watch this video.

In the video, I talk about working with a job seeker (as a career coach) who came to me because he could not make the cut past the first interview, and couldn't get a job offer. This guy was an articulate, educated, talented person--there really should have been no reason why he couldn't get the job. The advice I give him is good for any job--sales, accounting, finance, health care or medical, education, retail, you name it. If you aren't making the cut in your interviews to move forward and get the job offer, you need to watch this video.

Here is your key to getting the job offer every time:

30-60-90-Day Plan: How to Create and Use It to Knock Their Socks Off in the Job Interview

How a Sales Job Interview Goes from Good to Great

Good-to-GreatLane's story shows how a 30-60-90-Day Plan can transform your job interview from 'good' to 'great'--and get the offer.


I just had to send you a quick note and thank you for your wonderful product. Before I was introduced to your product I had been looking for a new job for quite some time. I think as a "Salesman" I was likely overconfident in my abilities to sell myself.

Your Job Offer Generator offered me so many concrete ideas to improve my job search. The most valuable to me was the 30/60/90 day plan. It was the reason I got this job offer! I interviewed with the VP of Sales and he said he had never seen anything like it. He loved the initiative I took. He said he even wanted to incorporate it into their sales training for all new hires.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous and somewhat skeptical on using the 30/60/90 day plan. However, I could tell that it immediately took a good interview to a great interview and set me apart from all other candidates.

Thank you so much.
Lane Lewis


How to enhance your CV

DiamondIn today’s competitive employment market, a good CV is a must. This document could help you to rise above the competition and land the roles you’re after. With this in mind, here are some top tips to help you ensure your CV is up-to-scratch.

Improve your qualifications

No amount of waffle on your CV will distract employers from the fact that you’re lacking the relevant qualifications. So, if your education and training won’t get you the jobs you want, now’s the time to take action. Regardless of your age and life stage, there is always the chance to enhance your qualifications. If you can’t commit to full-time study at college or university, you have the option of learning from home. This can allow you to fit your studies around existing work or family commitments. As distance learning specialist Oxford Open Learning states, remote study allows people to work towards qualifications whenever and wherever is most convenient for them.


How to Keep Your Job Search a Secret from Your Current Employer

ShhhThe best time to get a job is when you have a job--right?  But that means that you usually have to keep it on the down low.

Here are 2 ways to keep your job search a secret from your current employer:

1.  Polish your LinkedIn profile.  A great profile (filled with appropriate keywords) will cause recruiters and hiring managers to call YOU, which is the best way of all to get a job.  But paying attention to your profile also opens up your networking possibilities, and may very well lead you to a great oppportunity.


Thank You Notes and Thank You Emails for After the Interview

How to write a Thank You Note After Interview
Stand out with an amazing thank you email —but don’t stop there. What you do AFTER you send it can get you hired. Use these little-known but proven tips to follow up after your interview and get the job.
Just like your job interview, your thank you note and follow up after the interview is a conversation. If you say the right things to continue the conversation, you stand out from the other candidates and absolutely boost your chances of getting the job.
To find out how to get the job, Download my Free Report for the best tips to Follow Up After your Job Interview. This report tells you...

  • What the best thank you notes say
  • What to do if they say 'we'll call you' and they don't
  • What to say if they say 'we haven't made a decision yet'
  • What to do if they say 'we're moving forward with someone else'

You have much more influence over this process than you know. If they like you already, you can boost your value to them (and possibly your starting salary) with this information.
If they are on the fence about you, you can save your job offer with a good thank you note and follow up plan. I have seen many people save job offers they thought they'd lost with this information.
If you want the job, download this free report now. Here's how:
1 - Click on 'Email My Report'
2 - Fill in a valid email address
3 - Watch your inbox for your free report.
This is your foolproof plan for what to do after your next job interview.
Best of luck!

How to Answer Phone Interview Questions

Phone-Interview (2)It's very important to prepare for phone interviews because these are a gating process for the company. They're trying to weed out candidates, which means they're looking for reasons to cross you off their short list. Part of your prep work (along with researching the company) should be preparing answers to phone interview questions.

If you have a phone interview coming up, read these articles on how to answer phone interview questions.

Here's a bonus:

Check out this article on 10 Phone Interview Tips to Get to the Face-to-Face.


4 Easy Networking Tips for Your Job Search and Career

4 Easy Networking TipsFor a great job search and continuing career opportunities, you need to build and maintain a good network--but many people don't know how to do this well.

Here are 4 keys to give you have the kind of professional network that will serve you well in your job search and career:

1.   Contact your current contacts.

When's the last time you gathered up a list of all the people you know and have met in your work life?  I bet the number of people you know would surprise you.  Now--how many of those would you feel comfortable contacting for a job lead?  Probably not so many. The key to being able to tap this resource (your network) when you need it is to nourish it when you don't.  Here's how: