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30-60-90-Day Plan: How to Create and Use It to Knock Their Socks Off in the Job Interview

30-60-90-day planWhat's your biggest job interview problem?
  • You don't have the perfect background or quite enough experience?
  • You don't stand out as the "wow" candidate?
  • You get lots of interviews, but no offers?
The easiest and best way to get past those very common obstacles is to write a 30-60-90-day plan and bring it to your interview--that's the straightforward, honest truth.  It works if you're a brand-new graduate and it works if you're a seasoned veteran of your career. I've used it myself (and got 5 offers the last time I was in the job search) and I've had my candidates use it for years--because it gets them hired. Once you use one of these plans, you will never go to another interview without one.  They're that good. We have a ton of information about 30-60-90-day plans on this blog you can use to write one, but here are two to start with:  Or, if you want to just cut to the chase and get it done (or even if you just need the confidence of an expert who's got your back), check out our 30-60-90-day plan samples and templates that come with all my tips and tricks for writing and presenting these plans to make you very comfortable using this tool in an interview:
  • 30-60-90-Day Action Plans for everyone else (people always ask if these plans are worth it if you're not in sales, but actually they're even more impressive outside of sales jobs)
These plans really do work.  You will communicate better and sell yourself for the job. They give you an enormous boost over "you don't have enough experience." They polish you so that you outshine every other candidate. They get you job offers. Create a 30-60-90-Day Plan for your next interview and you'll see what I mean.

14 Job Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

Job Interview Questions to AskIf you want to stand out from other candidates, and have an excellent interview that results in a job offer, you should ask questions.  I've put together a starting list of great questions to ask your interviewer.  Weave some of these questions into the conversation (don't ask them all at once) and you will have a fantastic job interview. Questions That Give You Better Answers To Their Questions  - What would an ideal candidate for this job look like?    - Tell me about your most successful employee.  - What tasks will define success for this job?  - What would sink an employee in this position? What they say in response to these types of questions will tell you what they consider important.  This knowledge will help you deliver better, more tailored answers to their questions. Read more...

Best Job Interview Answers

JIQAVideoWhat are the best job interview answers you can give in your next interview?  Find out from an experienced, successful interview coach in free videos! We have gathered 50 of the toughest job interview questions that I have answered for you in a video format: Job Interview Questions and Answers VIDEOS The videos allow you to hear tone, inflection, and other subtleties that make a big difference in the quality of your answer.  Not everyone learns the same, so videos may be just what you need to develop the best job interview answers you've ever delivered. 99% of job seekers (more than 270,000) who have experienced these say that they improve their interview answers immediately. You have to try this. In total, there are 50 different videos--and, you get the first 5 answers free!  (See the first 5 interview questions and answers here.) Click the link below to go to the page and check it out: 

Job Interview Questions and Answers Videos - How to Network Effectively for Your Career Success!

Networking-ebookDo you hate networking? Do you want to learn how to network more effectively in less time? Networking Effectively: How to Build Your Network for Career Success is now on Amazon! It shows you how fast and easy it is to build a quality network that will benefit you many times throughout your career. Discover: • How to Network Genuinely and Authentically Without Painful Small Talk • Who Should Be In Your Professional Network (It’s More Than You Think) • How to Keep Your Network ‘Fresh’ So It’s Easy to Tap When You Need It • How to Reach Out to People You Haven’t Spoken to In Years Without Any Awkwardness • What to Do If You Resigned (or Were Asked to Leave) • What to Say to Everyone in Your Network (Includes Sample Emails) • How to Grow Your Network by Leaps and Bounds Amazon-Logo• How to Network on LinkedIn Without the Mistakes Most People Make • How to Manage Aggressively Growing Your Network If You’re an Introvert PLUS – Download a Free Worksheet to Kickstart Your Networking Success! In just a few minutes, you’ll know how to network like a pro. It has a BONUS SECTION, too: How to Work with Recruiters! This is NOT just for job seekers...EVERYONE needs this book!  Get your copy today - Networking Effectively - Amazon

Sales Job Interviews - 4 Ways To Be Impressive and Get the Offer

Interviewing for a sales job? Watch the video to see 4 ways you can be super-impressive, stand out in your interview, and get the job offer. This video will show you how some of my candidates have taken this advice and run with it...these are real-world examples of how candidates used these techniques in their job interviews and got fantastic job offers as a result. You've got to see it...these were some truly great ideas, and I know they will help you.Click the links below for more information on how to use these tips in your own interview:

Should Women Negotiate Salary?

Businesswoman with dollarLast week, Penelope Trunk said that women do not benefit from negotiating salary.  Did you read it?  I did.  I'm still mad. Penelope said (among other things) that women are penalized for negotiating salary, they're bad at it because they don't get excited about winning, and they should just avoid the whole thing by finding a man with a daughter to work for, because that's the only way they might come close to being paid fairly.  She goes so far as to say that women will be fired if they negotiate as hard as a man does. If you read the article, please know:  Penelope's advice on this is Total B.S. EVERYONE benefits from negotiating (on EVERYTHING, not just salary). "If you don't ask, you won't get" is a universal truth. As a career coach, I work with men and women around the world, and they ALL get more when they learn how to negotiate.  (They definitely do NOT get fired.) If you don't negotiate a job offer (whether you are a man, a woman, or a Martian) you will leave something on the table--money, benefits, or perks.  You will be hurting yourself financially. Negotiating is a skill that everyone should learn--you need to know how, when, and what to ask for. You CAN learn it, and you can negotiate with grace, skill and SUCCESS. ** Learn to Negotiate from a Positive Point of View from a Master Negotiator  

How to Get the Interview While the Job Is Still Part of the Hidden Job Market

If you understand the how the hidden job market works, you can find hidden jobs and get interviews--before the rest of the world knows about it. Watch this video to see how you can get to those hidden jobs first.
  Click here for more hidden job market strategy tips.

How to Get Hired (by NOT Applying for Jobs)

Businessman (2) - CopyI speak to many skilled and talented job seekers who wonder "What's wrong with me?" because they can't get interviews.  If you are frustrated with your job search, please read this story.
Hello Peggy, I've been unemployed for a year but been seriously searching for a job for the last four months. I applied for a ton of jobs online and received only one call for an interview and didn't get the job. That's when I decided to search for help and discovered your services. I have to say, I attended a few of your free webinars and found them to be extremely helpful and insightful. I took your advice on how to apply for a job and received a call immediately. I went on my interview equipped with a 30/60/90 and got the job! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help in this process. Sincerely, Gen V.
What you need to get from this is that it isn't's HOW you are job searching. You absolutely can get a great job quickly...if you change the way you are approaching your job search. Here's what to do now:Best of luck!  

30-60-90-Day Plan for Management Level Job Interviews

306090ManagersX200Are you interviewing for a management role?  To win it, you need to show Strategic Thinking and Leadership.  You need to communicate at a more significant level than ever before to show who you are and what you're capable of. Set yourself apart with a Management Level Interview Plan that gets Job Offers (sometimes in MINUTES). We are proud to announce our brand-new 30-60-90-Day Interview Plan for Managers! See more about how a 30-60-90-Day Plan gets Management Level Job Offers. Our plan contains 10 Job-Winning Templates, 10 Example Plans, and 10 PowerPoint Plans that will save you days and even weeks of time researching and evaluating what goes into a successful plan.  With the plans, you get expert coaching on how to use a plan professionally and successfully. The template and the training together are so comprehensive that if you had a job interview tomorrow, you could get my plan today, spend some time with it and your company research, and go on to have the best interview of your life.

Get Your 30-60-90-Day Plan for Managers Now


30-60-90-Day Plan Helps Land Finance Job

Fireworks (2)If you've never brought a 30-60-90-Day Plan to your interview, you have got to read this story! Chuck came to a webinar and learned about 30-60-90-Day Plans the day before a big interview.  He only spent 2-3 hours (thanks to the instructions and template in my plan) and created a plan that got a spectacular reaction--an amazing job offer later the SAME DAY, with a 50% higher salary! Please notice something in Chuck's story...his plan wasn't "perfect," because it didn't match exactly with what the hiring manager had planned--but it didn't matter. See how this all worked out for him:
Thank you very much for the help I received from Career Confidential! ...I knew that I had to do SOMETHING to separate myself from the many other very qualified candidates I would undoubtedly be competing against... [I got the plan and] over the next 2-3 hours, I delved into the templates and examples of previous sales plans, deciding on all the pertinent information I would need to include in my own 30/60/90 day sales plan. Next, I began formulating my plan based on some great ideas I saw in the examples, utilizing knowledge of the industry and my own personal background information. I was amazed at how easy this process became, due to the instructions and detail provided in the package I purchased (30-60-90-Day Sales Plan). A short time later, I had a finished product ready to use, reference, and present during my interview. ...Let me preface the rest of my comments by saying that I have interviewed for quite a few positions in my lifetime...I had never ONCE walked out of the interview knowing that I had "nailed it." ...I wasn't certain I'd be given the "ideal" time to present my 30/60/90 day sales plan. But, the opportunity just kind of opened itself up during the course of the conversation with the hiring manager! She was very impressed that I had taken the time to know the business, know the firm, know the job for which I was applying--and to put it all down on paper. I walked out of this interview (which was scheduled for an hour, but ended up lasting 90 minutes), and I knew that I had just "nailed it!" And I know that the 30/60/90 day sales plan that I presented during my interview really set me apart from other candidates! ...They promised they were going to call, regardless of the outcome, sometime during the next week [but they called that] afternoon at 4:30pm with GREAT NEWS!! I was offered the job, with a base salary 50% higher than my previous job, plus a very lucrative bonus/commission schedule! I am absolutely certain that the 30/60/90 day sales plan helped me acquire this awesome job! And, although some of the thoughts that I had prepared in my plan may not mesh with what my new sales manager expects from me, we now have a roadmap to begin our "actual" plan for the next 30, 60, and 90 days...and years to come! Thank you very much for the assistance. I plan on using this tool every time I am competing for a new position throughout the rest of my working years!...Thanks again, Chuck D.
Get your own 30-60-90-Day Action Plan, or 30-60-90-Day Sales Plan, enjoy spectacular success and get the job offer in your interview!  

Job Interview Mistake: 5 Things You Say That Lose Job Offers

There are words and phrases we all say in everyday language that, if you say them in a job interview, can absolutely kill any chances you have of getting the job. In the video below, I'll tell you the 5 things you say that lose job offers--and then I'll tell you the 3 things to say that encourage employers to offer you the job. Click on the video to watch.  Are you getting ready for an important interview? Download my Free Job Interview Prep Kit! This kit is the ultimate job interview guide that will show you how to research the company, how to prepare for interview questions, how to ask insightful questions, what to wear to the interview, and critical interview dos and don'ts.

Finding a Job When You Are an Older Worker

Erin-K-Older-WorkerOne of the most difficult positions people can find themselves in is to be unemployed towards the end of their career. Many people think that the best option is to take early retirement if possible. This is not only untrue, but it can also be devastating to your financial goals. Older workers, those over 45, have a great deal to offer and most corporations recognize this. They actively recruit end-of-career hires because of the dedication and stability that they bring to a team. It has long been assumed that the most desirable age for a new worker is between 23 and 25. This is no longer the case in most fields! Longevity is now being seen as a positive. Consider that on the resume of someone who has been in the workforce for 20 years a hiring manager has a tremendous amount of information about the person before ever meeting him. The manager can see how stable his employment has been, what types of projects he or she been working on and for how long; having decades of experience is always a positive trait. Read more...

#1 Way to Boost Your Job Search Confidence

As a career coach, I spend a lot of time talking to job seekers about improving their resume, how to answer interview questions, how to find jobs by contacting hiring managers, etc.--but very often the biggest issue in the way of their success is a simple lack of confidence. They're full of fear that keeps them from doing what they need to do to get a job. Confidence QuoteIf lack of confidence is holding you back in your job search, let me ask you the same question I ask my clients: "What would someone who didn't care what others thought, or didn't care if the answer was no, do?" Think about that for a your answer?  Great. Do that.
Make the Call. Ask the Question. Show Your Interest. Reduce their Risk. Make them Feel some Emotion. Really. Right now.  There is NO alternative. Need more? Listen to this audio to build your job search confidence. Or, schedule some coaching time with me.  I'd love to help you.  

3 Simple Ways To Dramatically Improve Your Resume Today

123 - CopyRecruiters and employers sift through stacks of resumes very quickly, so your resume needs to grab attention fast. What makes a resume stand out and get you the interview? First, your resume must be easy to read (bullet points, not paragraphs) and error-free.  Mistakes will get your resume dumped fast. Beyond these basics, here are 3 simple ways to rev up your resume: 1 - Quantify Your Accomplishments Sales resumes should absolutely, without question, show your performance numbers--sales numbers, rankings, etc.  But even if you aren't remotely connected to sales, quantifying your accomplishments (using numbers, dollars, and percentages to describe what you've done) will grab attention and show that you'll be a great asset.  (See How to Write a Resume That POPS) Read more...

How to Prepare for a Job Interview: 7 Steps to 'Crush' It and Get the Offer

Portrait of business womanThe #1 Job Interview Rule for Crushing The Interview is: You Must Be As Prepared As Or Better Prepared Than Your Competition. An interview begins long before you step in front of the interviewer. Wise job seekers will prepare with this in mind. The best-prepared candidate makes the best impression, has the best interview, and almost always gets the offer.  When you get the interview, follow these steps: Step 1 - Research the Company (and Interviewer) Know as much as you can about the company's history, products/services, sales processes (if you're in sales), finances, plans, recent news, noteworthy executives, physical locations, operating challenges, operational approaches, and anything else you can find out prior to stepping into the room.  Do an internet search, but also check out LinkedIn and your network. Reach out to contacts, check blogs, and try to get the inside story on what is happening at your prospective company (and be prepared to talk about it). Read more...