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Best LinkedIn Groups for Job Seekers

LinkedInAs a career coach, I see many job seekers making a big job search mistake on LinkedIn.  What's the mistake? Choosing the wrong groups.

Lots of job seekers think, "I'm looking for a job, so where should I be on LinkedIn? Job Seeker groups."  That has a certain logic, but it's the wrong conclusion.


Presenting, Connecting & Engaging on LinkedIn

LinkedInIf you can accept "Networking is about meeting new people and developing some level of relationship where you can help each other," then I would like you to consider that networking involves the deliberate acts of PresentingConnecting and Engaging.

Let me explain what I mean by these three networking acts and why they are important to your network and you:

The way you Present yourself while networking is much more than the way you look. Yes, appearance is important. We need to make sure we are presentable, with a clean shirt and combed hair (what we have), fully and appropriately dressed for where we are and what we are doing at the time.


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Engaging on LinkedIn

LinkedInEngaging is "to occupy the attention of a person or persons: He engaged her in conversation."

We can be engaging in person, at networking events, on the phone, via email, in a letter and on LinkedIn.

Being engaging is an important networking skill. I encourage you to always strive to be engaging in any setting, including LinkedIn.

As LinkedIn continues to increase it's popularity as the #1 business social networking tool, we need to be more engaging when using it. Otherwise, we’ll just be a part of the never ending buzz of social networking noise.


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My LinkedIn Connection Request Policy

LinkedInI have a very deliberate policy for accepting LinkedIn Connection Requests.

My policy is based on one word, Relevance.



For me, relevance refers to much more than people who can buy my products/services. Relevance includes the people in my Life, Career, Business and Community.

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How do I connect with 3rd Level & beyond?

LinkedInExpanding your LinkedIn network is a great way to discover new business and/or career opportunities.

I am a true believer that our networks of people, including our LinkedIn network is one of the most important assets we have in life. My career and business have been significantly influenced by my diverse networks of people.

For these reasons I encourage you to work hard and deliberately to expand your LinkedIn network. However, I want you to do this work the right way.

It’s rather easy to connect with people who you know, who you have worked with or for. It’s real easy to connect with people you meet in real life, especially once you get their email address.

However, sometimes we’ll find another LinkedIn member that we don’t know who we want to connect with. We don’t know them, have not worked with them or for them and don’t know their email address, yet we still want to connect with them because of what they do or where they work.

Most people will use the LinkedIn Introduction function. LinkedIn permits up to 10 open Introductions at a time.

However, I prefer not to use this feature because it does not allow me to:

  1. Determine the relationship between the two LinkedIn members
  2. Control the introduction process

For this reason I prefer to use my own unique process to get introduced:


Be Unique During Your Career Transition

business people backwards with a casual guy doing the headstandI hope this statement is not news to anyone; “There are 100’s, if not 1000’s of people applying for the same jobs.” For the most part, these people have the same skills, experience and training you have. You have to be a unique candidate to get the job. So find a way to be unique.

Unique means you have to put a little more effort into your preparation, presentation and interview. Here are a few tips that can help you to stand out from every other job seeker:


54 LinkedIn Tips – My First Gift to You

LinkedInThis is my first official article for Career Confidential. I am excited about joining this site to share my LinkedIn insights, best practices, tips, tricks and guidance with you.

If you have never read my stuff, heard my webinars or met me in real life, I have to warn you:  Strap in, Buckle up and Hang on - I’m different and love to have fun while I do what I do best, guide people to get value from social media tools.

I look forward to sharing and engaging in conversations with you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn YouTube and a few other places you may discover Teddy. If you want to keep aware of my articles beyond Career Confidential follow my blog - Success Using Social Media

To kick this all off, here is a gift for you. It's rather long - so save it and read over it as you have time. I promise you there are a ton of great nuggets in this list.

54 LinkedIn Tips that can improve your LinkedIn experience


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Personalize your LinkedIn Profile URL

linkedinWhen you customize your LinkedIn URL, you are enhancing the address, and making it easier for people to find and recognize you. Your new URL will be useful to add as a link to your resume or to put on a networking card.

When you originally set up your profile, you were given a default URL. For example, mine may have looked like this:

As you can see, this would be a difficult address to remember. In order to customize your URL, go to the Profile tab and click on “edit profile.” Right underneath your picture, you will see the current URL and an option to edit it. Click edit and continue as follows:



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LinkedIn Brings Back Activity Feed

LinkedIn brings back Activity feed. So where did they hide it?

It is not like the old activity feed...this new version is now on your profile page. It's hiding behind that little blue button that says "Send a Message". Click on the drop-down and "View recent activity" will appear.


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How to Use LinkedIn Contacts and Messaging Notes

If you are on LinkedIn you have to take advantage of the Contacts system I call it their CRM - Connections Resource management. When used with the LinkedIn messaging it is a great tool to use to stay top of mind with connections and, if you are in job search, in contact with recruiters.


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“SPOTLIGHT” LinkedIn’s New AFFORDABLE Premium Account!

linkedin-logoShould I use a paid LinkedIn account? I'm asked this question all the time when I'm at networking events and presentations. My answer used to be NO. Now LinkedIn has introduced a new premium account that is affordable. SPOTLIGHT: LinkedIn has developed a new Premium account for its users. The cost is under $10.00 a month less if you purchase it yearly, the rate drops to $7.99 a month!


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Updating Your LinkedIn Profile for the Job Search While You Are Currently Employed


You are currently employed, but want a different job for whatever reason. You don't like your boss, you are underpaid, you are under employed and looking for a better job. You have a LinkedIn profile but you don't want everyone to know, especially your current employer, that you are looking.

What are you options when it comes to your LinkedIn profile. You don't want to post updates saying you are looking, so you use Ninja tactics. What are Ninja tactics?

Step one is to go to your settings at the top right of your profile page and scroll over your picture. A dropdown will appear and you select "Privacy and Settings" and click on "review". This will take you to the settings homepage.

The first thing is to select under privacy controls is:

Turn on/off your activity broadcasts


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Skills on LinkedIn – How to Find Them in the Alumni Function!

It used to be called Skills and Expertise section on your LinkedIn. Now it is called Skills and Endorsements. What ever you call it you used to be able to sort through the different skills and select the ones that pertained to you and your industry.

Now that LinkedIn has removed the skills and expertise section from the website, how do you add skills that pertain to you and the position you are looking for?  One way that is available on LinkedIn is the alumni section. Alumni section?!

Here is what you do:


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Mentions – LinkedIn’s little known and most under-utilized Social Selling Tool

Let’s put the social back into social media. I have to admit when I first joined LinkedIn, I wasn’t that social. I didn’t know how the platform worked. That was five years or three versions of the profile page ago.

I have been listed as one of the top LinkedIn specialists and someone you should know for LinkedIn speaking and presentations. LinkedIn says my profile is viewed a lot and they were impressed with the visual media I’ve added to my profile. But it took several years to get there. People on LinkedIn in 2009 were much more social and willing to help novices out. I remember connecting with a recruiter and he actually sent an email to me asking me to have a phone conversation to find out about one another and how we could help each other out.

Today with 289 million members it’s hard to be social with all the noise on your homepage. People are collecting connections instead of strategically searching for mutually beneficial contacts. Everyone wants attention or to sell you something. It’s about making your profile searchable, it’s about in-bound marketing, and it’s about me instead of being social and helping others.


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Your LinkedIn Profile is Not Your Online Resume!!

Your LinkedIn Profile is NOT Your Online Resume!!

Job seekers, if you use your LinkedIn profile as your on-line resume that is self-defeating. Recruiters and headhunters have already seen your resume that's why after they Google your name, they search your LinkedIn profile.


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