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Tips and Tricks to Using LinkedIn Like a Pro That You Won’t Learn From LinkedIn


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LinkedIn Tips and Confidence-Builder Strategies for You!

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3 Big Mistakes People Make with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the biggest and most important career network in the world, Live Streaming Peggy McKee Career Confidential
but most people aren’t using it to their full advantage.  Learn what mistakes hold you back and what you should be doing with LinkedIn. 

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How to Increase Your Confidence: Tips and Tricks to Be Stronger in Your Job Search, Career, and Life

A lack of confidence, negative thinking, and plain old fear hold too many of us back. Let me show you easy ways to boost your confidence, be happier, and achieve more in your job search, career, and life. Session includes Live Q&A—bring your questions for me!

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Simply dial in and enter your Participant Access number.

Dial-In Number:  Philadelphia, PA  +1 (267) 930-4000

Participant Access: 101-916

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Is it true that you need at least 500 LinkedIn connections?

LinkedIn ConnectionsSome job seekers believe that in order to be successful on LinkedIn, they need 500+ connections.  This is a huge misconception about connections and what they do for you.

For Job Seekers

What’s important is that you are connected to the people you should be connected to, and reaching out to managers (not asking to connect) in your field about who you are and what you can do for them.

Who Needs Lots of Connections?

Some professions (like recruiters) need a large number of connections in order to operate effectively.

When you are on LinkedIn, you are visible to all recruiters when they search for keywords.  So, if you are trying to get noticed by recruiters (who are searching for people to fill jobs) on LinkedIn, it’s not really the connections that do it—it’s your profile.

What Matters for You on LinkedIn


What Employers Look for on LinkedIn

Erin-K-LinkedInToday, it’s more important than ever for individuals to pay close attention to their LinkedIn profile to boost their chances of getting hired. In fact, some employers conduct candidate searches on this popular social media site. This means you need to pay close attention to the makeup of your executive profile before you click the link and send in your application. An experienced executive LinkedIn profile writer can help you update your profile to ensure it includes everything employers are looking for.


Make LinkedIn and Other Social Media Profiles Your Second Resume

Erin-K-Second-ResumeIf you’re seeking an executive-level position and you’re not on social media, you need to be. A growing number of employers peruse top candidates’ social media accounts as part of the hiring process. The key to making social media sites work in your favor is to use them strategically.

How Do Employers Use Social Media?

According to one survey of more than 2,300 HR professionals, nearly 40 percent log on to social media to screen applicants. What are they looking for? Employers use social media to learn about the personality and character of potential employees. By the time they log on to do their research, they already know much about your qualifications, education and professional experience, thanks to your resume and cover letter. They check out sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and even Twitter to learn more about who you are as a person.


How to Find Out How Many LinkedIn Connections You Have

LinkedIn-Erin KennedyWhy does it matter how many LinkedIn connections you have?  Because when it comes to your network, bigger is better.

If you don't know how many people are in your LinkedIn network, Mary Cummins posted instructions for how to see how many connections you have on LinkedIn.

If I'm not part of your network, connect with me today:


How to Develop Your C-Level LinkedIn Profile

Erin-K-Executive-LinkedInWhen you are a job seeker looking for a C-level executive position, not only must you have a LinkedIn profile, but that profile must be outstanding. Your profile should be succinct and to the point, as well as provide critical information upfront so a recruiter doesn’t have to wade through expendable verbiage to get to the details they’re most interested in.

Some Critical Components to Optimize LinkedIn Profile Benefits

First, you want to include relevant keywords that will help a recruiter find your profile. Review some recent C-level job postings you’re interested in and look for words most frequently used in these postings. Incorporate these words in a natural way in your profile so it will catch recruiters’ attention.


Why Should You Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile?

Erin-K-Optimize-LinkedInIn a sea of social-networking sites that are primarily useful for, well, socializing, LinkedIn is a breath of fresh air for professionals. When you are active on this social networking site, you’re not just wasting time creating and reading pointless postings. You’re improving your marketability as a job candidate, making valuable job-seeking connections and increasing the odds of discovering or getting your next lucrative job.

Your LinkedIn Profile Is Like Your Personal Brand

If you are looking for an executive level job, it is imperative you optimize LinkedIn profile appeal so you will generate more profile views. The more people who view your profile, the higher the odds the right person will view it. There’s really no point even being on LinkedIn if your profile is incomplete, lacks important keywords and has a paltry network of connections.


Online Authority is Essential for Professionals

Erin-K-Online-AuthorityProfessional resume and executive resume services have always emphasized the importance of networking for those interested in finding a job or moving ahead in their career plans. This is because the interactions we have with others in our industries creates a background impression that job applications, resumes, and cover letters are viewed against. People see the resume, for instance, and find out more by either asking around or remembering contact.

LinkedIn is an online networking site, the biggest and most influential one we have access to in 2015. Louisa Chan is a marketing expert, and her post on Copyblogger is primarily speaking to content writers. But the 7 Ways to Build Online Authority with LinkedIn that Chan suggests are good suggestions for professionals of any industry who wish to establish authority in their field. Isn’t this what networking and moving ahead as a professional is all about? As others become familiar with our expertise, we have a voice in the field — and the more expertise that is in our voice, the more authority we have.


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One Great Way To Target Your Status Updates

Erin-K-TargetI hope you are on LinkedIn, because it is one of the fastest-growing ways to network with other professionals. The site does a good job of helping you figure out how to improve your profile and potential network, too. One of their helpful tools is found in their Targeted Status Updates list of 10 tips for engaging followers.

Under tip #2:

Informative, useful updates receive the highest engagement rates because that’s the information members expect from companies they follow on LinkedIn. After all, your followers are active on LinkedIn because they want to be more productive and successful professionals.

  • 60% of members are interested in industry insights (my emphasis)
  • 53% are interested in company news
  • 43% are interested in new products and services

Now, a job seeker may not have too much in the way of company news or new products and services. But every job seeker should be staying current on the industry they hope to join once they are hired. You should be doing a lot of reading about your career field anyway, right?


5 Reasons LinkedIn Is Important For Executives

LinkedIn-Erin Kennedy 2If you are an executive, then you should be on LinkedIn. Don’t think of it as just another social media website because it is not. It is a networking site for business professionals, and simply having a presence can improve your visibility tremendously. Many executives are finding that out the easy way.

Here are 5 solid reasons you should be on LinkedIn right now:


How to Keep Your Job Search a Secret from Your Current Employer

ShhhThe best time to get a job is when you have a job--right?  But that means that you usually have to keep it on the down low.

Here are 2 ways to keep your job search a secret from your current employer:

1.  Polish your LinkedIn profile.  A great profile (filled with appropriate keywords) will cause recruiters and hiring managers to call YOU, which is the best way of all to get a job.  But paying attention to your profile also opens up your networking possibilities, and may very well lead you to a great oppportunity.


5 Tips For Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn-Erin Kennedy 2LinkedIn is one of the most important places to have an online presence because it is currently the top networking site for professionals of many industries. This is where a potential employer will look you up to see if you are a good fit for the job opening and where many people find the connections that bring them a career. It’s a very valuable resource and worth taking the time to make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and contemporary.

If your profile is out of date or incomplete, how is being on this vital networking site doing you any good? In fact, an out of date, incomplete profile will probably be doing your career harm because it reflects badly on you. So make the investment and get that profile in shape because good things will happen as a result.

5 Ways To Start Updating Your LinkedIn Profile


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One Way To Keep Your Networking Current

LinkedIn-Erin KennedyNetworking is one of those activities that gets shelved because you are busy. Unfortunately, it’s also one of those activities that needs to be consistent in order to do any good to your career. This is because the nature of networking is relationships, and if you only connect with people when you need them, you are viewed in a negative light. You also miss out on a lot of positive things when you don’t connect, so it’s a good idea to put it on your schedule.

If LinkedIn Is A Garden, It Has Weeds


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