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Brag Book: The Powerful 'Reference' You Take With You to the Interview Amazon eReport

Brag books aren't just for jobs in art or sales. Brag books can help almost anyone in a job interview, because it offers powerful proof and visual representation of what you say you have done.  It's evidence that acts as another reference for you.  These are very impressive in job interviews, and can strengthen your candidacy and improve your offer.

Take a peek inside my report on how to create a brag book, available on Amazon. Get the book, read it, and create a brag book for your next interview.


Are You Collecting Evidence of Your Career Success for Your Brag Book?

bragbookDo you have a file folder somewhere with your past performance reviews in it?  How about the award letter you received--or the note from your boss complimenting you on a job well done? During a job interview, have you ever thought, "I wish I could show an example of my work on my resume"?

These kinds of things should all be collected together in one spot--a brag book.

Brag books (aka kudos folders, success files, professional portfolios, etc.) are fairly well-known in sales rep circles, but they are such amazing tools for job interviews that if you don't have one, you are missing out.  In a job interview, brag books provide such compelling evidence of your success, they can absolutely help you get the job offer.

What kinds of things should go in your brag book?


4 'WOW' Factors to Help You Get the Job

Watch this video to see how 4 different job candidates did something special (that you could do, too) and got the offer. You've got to see it...these were some truly great ideas, and I know they will help you.

If you would like help or additional information on using these techniques to get the offer, click the links below:


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  Brag Books: The Powerful "Reference" You Take With You To the Interview (e-Report)

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Brag Book Essentials for Every Job Hunter

Brag Book for Job InterviewBrag books (aka professional portfolios) deliver great benefits for your job search:  they boost your attitude, they help with your interview talking points, and they even act as a kind of a reference that will nudge that hiring manager along the road to offering you the job.

What goes in a brag book?

A brag book can include just about anything you want:

  • letters of recommendation (phone references are best, but written letters won't hurt)
  • “attaboy” notes (or any notes that compliment you on what a great job you did)
  • annual reviews (if you include some, include them all)
  • awards / rewards letters
  • types of equipment you’ve used or marketed
  • certificates from career-relevant educational courses you've completed
  • financial or PowerPoint presentations
  • copies of articles you’ve written
  • brochures you’ve helped develop
  • a college transcript (though ONLY if you’re just getting out).

Usually, these are put into page protectors and gathered into a binder for easy reference.

A brag book is a positive-attitude resource

All that evidence of your success is a great mood booster anytime the job search gets you down.

Brag books are great job interview tools

When you bring the brag book into the interview, it acts as evidence for what you say you can do.  You can show specific pages as examples to illustrate an answer to an interview question, or you can show it as a general example of the quality of your work.   Either way, it sets you apart as someone who pays attention to details, who is achievement-oriented, and who cares about giving your best.  It definitely provides an impressive "wow" factor.

Brag books help "sell" you for the job

To the hiring manager, offering you a job often feels like a risk.  Many people believe that past performance predicts future behavior, and brag books are another way to make them feel more comfortable about hiring you.

If you haven't already, start putting your brag book together today.  You will be amazed at how much it helps you.  If you would like more help putting yours together, check out Career Confidential's Brag Book podcast or Brag Book Video.