The Job Market Has Changed More in the Past 5 Years Than in the Previous 50 Years with Employers Having More Power Than Ever.

And That’s EXACTLY Why You NEED a Team of Hiring Experts to Help You “Level the Playing Field” So You Can Go Out There and Once Again Land ANY Job, in ANY Market, and in ANY Economic Climate!

It is not just “tough” trying to find a job in the job market for the past few years—it’s downright SCARY. According to the Department of Labor (2010), the AVERAGE job seeker was out of work for nearly 6 months before finally locating another job. And for people who are 55 years or older, the numbers get even worse with the average job hunt lasting nearly 9 MONTHS! To add insult to injury: Many end up settling for jobs making SIGNIFICANTLY LESS MONEY than the job they replaced.But you can’t really blame people for settling for just “any job” in this economy, can you?

For the average person, the job market can feel downright hostile. Between background checks, credit checks, requests for Facebook passwords—it almost seems like employers are looking for a reason NOT to hire instead of the other way around. Add to all this the confusion about Resume and Interviewing “Do’s and Don’ts” due to changes in the labor market in the past 5 years—and you can see why the average person feels overwhelmed and even intimidated by the entire process.

So What Can You Do When the Odds Seem so Stacked

Against You?

Landing a job—ANY JOB—always boils down to acquiring and mastering a set of very specific skills. So just like ANYTHING you have ever learned how to do: Getting the job you want in today’s job market means you need to learn, practice, and ultimately master several related skills, including:

  • Creating a Resume that Gets You Noticed and Considered
  • Researching the Companies You Are Applying for to Customize Your Resume and Prepare You for Potential Interviews
  • How to Best Present Yourself to the Employer During Each Phase of the Interview Process
  • Etc.

Hello, my name is Peggy McKee and my business partner is Carl Chapman.Expert Page - Carl Combined, we have more than 22 years of experience in successfully recruiting, preparing, and PLACING candidates just like yourself in EVERY job market all across the country.

In fact, the only way we got paid is if our candidate beat out everyone else and ACTUALLY LANDED THE JOB—otherwise, we got nothing.

In the past 22 years and with our very livelihoods on the line, we literally placed 1,000’s of candidates in just about any job or position you can imagine by consistently doing one thing better than the competition:

By Prepping and Training Our Candidates to Stand-Out and “Win” During Every Step of the Job Selection Process!

Think about it this way: Each of our candidates were competing against other candidates who were also hand-selected for the job in question. That means the every candidate had the job skills and experience necessary to be selected for the job in question—so the deciding factor in who got the job ALWAYS boiled down to who was the most successful during the job selection process itself!

And to help maximize our candidate’s chances for success (and our own chances for getting paid!), Carl and I developed and refined what we call the:



TACTotal Access Club

The 8-Step Job Acquisition


The 8-Step Job Acquisition System is specifically designed to provide you with the specific “Job Acquisition” skills you need to go out and get ANY JOB, in ANY MARKET, including:

  1. Creating Your “Door Opening” Resume
  2. How to Successfully Approach Hiring Managers
  3. Mastering the Phone Interview
  4. Prepping for the Face-to-Face
  5. Creating Your 30/60/90 Day Plan
  6. Leveraging Your “Brag Book” to Maximum Effect
  7. Closing Out Your Interview
  8. Follow-Up Communication Success Strategies

Honestly, the sad truth is that you can literally be THE MOST QUALIFIED person for a position do but if you don’t have the skills and experience to master the job search and selection processes (from resume to interview, etc)—then you won’t get the job.

Realizing our very livelihoods depended on the ability of our candidates to quickly learn and master these critical job acquisition skills, Carl and I sat down to develop and refine every component of the 8-Step Job Acquisition System. Armed with this powerful system and me and Carl available for personal training and prep, our candidates had the advantage during every step of the job acquisition cycle—and that’s EXACTLY why we successfully placed 1,000’s of candidates in virtually every job position all across the country!

But There’s Just One Problem…

I really do wish that I could just ship you or let you download the 8-Step Job Acquisition System today. That way you could learn the critical job acquisition skills you need to land virtually any job in any market or any economic climate—I really do wish it was that simple.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and I would be doing you a disservice by simply selling you the 8-Step Job Acquisition System outright.

Listen, after being a professional recruiter for years and helping 1,000’s of candidates, I can tell you with absolutely certainty that few things in life are as critical, stressful, or time sensitive as trying to find a job—especially if you are already unemployed.

So while it might make sense to try and teach yourself yoga from a book without personalized instruction—it is simply foolish to try and teach yourself the critical job acquisition skills. These skills will help determine not only whether or not you land the job—but literally your very lifestyle for potentially years to come!

So That’s Why We Created The Total Access Club


Carl and I both became professional recruiters for the exact same reason: Because there are few feelings in life as good as when you help someone land a job they really want. It’s like watching stress and tension instantly melt away into relief and sheer happiness with one of the biggest, most genuine smiles you’ve ever seen.

Businessman celebrating


I know it may sound cheesy or like marketing gibberish but I swear to you it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world and it’s the biggest reason why Carl and I are both still in this business. And to help ensure that you have our full support and are able to put the biggest, broadest smile on your face when you finally land that big job…

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Receive Weekly Training Programs:CCbootcamp The first training module from the 8-Step Job Acquisition System will be immediately available to you after signing up to be a member of the Total Access Club . Another training module will be sent each week until all 8 modules are complete. You can also access the entire training series from the Members Area if desired but we do recommend the weekly training schedule to truly learn and master each step successfully.
  2. Attend Bi-Weekly Live Q&A Sessions:GooglePlusHangout I strongly believe that the biggest reason why our candidates were so successful in landing jobs was because Carl and I were personally there to answer their questions and help them along the way. That’s why as a member of the Total Access Club you are always invited to attend our bi-weekly LIVE Q&A sessions. Although scheduled for 1-hour, no session ends until Carl and I have answered EVERY SINGLE QUESTION. We know how time sensitive and stressful the job search is so we never end a session until every question and concern has been fully addressed—guaranteed.
  3. Full Access to SearSearch - Magnifying glasschable Q&A Archive: Each Q&A session is recorded and then our staff reviews the session to identify the main topics. Those topics are then categorized into searchable keywords (like “ageism”, “recent college grad tips”, etc.) and the session is added to our archive. As a member of the Total Access Club , you will gain immediate access to our entire archive and be able to search and locate sessions on the topics most relevant to your current job search—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. Email Support: EmailCarl and I fully understand how fluid and dynamic job searches can be with companies sometimes demanding interviews and additional information on relatively short notice. So to ensure you have support when situations quickly change, as a member of the Total Access Club you will also receive full e-mail support with guaranteed response within 2 business days or less.






As a Member of Total Access Club, You Literally Have a

Dedicated Team of Hiring Experts on YOUR SIDE Every Step of

the Way Until You Land That Job— All for Just $97 a Month!

Is It Worth It?

“Count me as another success story”



Hi Peggy and Carl,

I have some great news!

Last Thursday I wasn’t on the call because I was at my second interview….

My new position (75% FT—30 hours a week in my new world) is as Client Services Manager for a startup firm. They liked the 30 60 90 Day Plan so much, it looks as though I will be doing 30 60 90 Day Implementation Plans and having a PP presentation for each client so we all stay on track!

I have learned so much from both of you as a member of TAC. Because this is a huge industry shift for me, I was grilled both by the president and my team, and was able to effectively answer in a way that showed them I am a good fit for the job. And because of your teaching us how to sell ourselves, I actually have language to speak with and understand our Sales person. He and I will be working very closely together, so I have one less thing to learn. Helpful since I need to learn an entire industry!

Thank you so-o-o much for everything that you offer. And for the great interaction between the two of you, and for your honesty in all your presentations and how you answer questions. I have really enjoyed in what has been a difficult time in some ways.
Count me as another success story.

E. Smitty


“An investment worth its weight in gold”


I just wanted to let you know that I landed a new job last Friday thanks in part to the coaching, webinars, and helpful hints that I learned from you. It all begin over a month ago with that first telephone interview that I was so much better prepared for after having listened to you speak on Phone Interviews. Each step of the way during this long interview process I continually drew from tips learned on your website. This was truly an investment worth its weight in gold. I was told by the recruiter that my “new” manager said that I was one of the most prepared candidates that he had interviewed. Thank you for the very useful coaching that you provided which help to make this all possible.


Mike Brown


“Really made a difference”

Thank you for all of your support, encouragement, and for providing the tools necessary to put into the full-time search effort. I originally found Peggy’s videos searching on You Tube. A month or so prior, I had blown a second interview on an inside sales position with Regence BlueShield. Simply the deer in the headlights syndrome for some of my behavioral interview answers. Being depressed about this for weeks, I mean laying around in my PJ’s, dazed and in a real funk.

I finally got out of the pity party and found your videos, ultimately leading me to sign up for total access, which has really made a difference, and so worth the investment.

I feel so much more confidence and felt hope, that there would be light at the end of the tunnel. After almost a year of unemployment, the rejection can wear on you. I had 20 interviews over 11 months, but only felt I did a great job on the last 2 of them, thanks to my study of your materials. Attitude is everything!

My resume was okay (it was generating interviews), but I did tweak it with more keywords based on your suggestions. What really helped, was studying my answers to questions and practice. It’s really amazing – you know yourself, but putting it into words when you’re nervous and so much is on the line, is really difficult. It was nice to hear you say that I wasn’t the only one that was having this difficulty.

Thank you again for all you do and sharing your knowledge. I will spread the word and share my good fortune of discovering you.

Best regards,

Karen Parnell













Every Member of the Totalguarantee
Access Club
Has Their Entire
Investment Secured by Our
365-Day Money Back




Carl and I both fully understand that whether unemployed or underemployed—every dollar counts and you can’t be wasting money on anything that doesn’t produce tangible results. That is why we regard every member’s money as a 100% Secure and Risk-Free investment—for an entire year.

Now frankly we neither expect nor want anyone to be a member for a year which is why every member’s investment is totally secure. If you are dissatisfied with your results or just plain unhappy with your membership for ANY reason whatsoever—just contact us and we’ll promptly refund your entire investment within 2 business days or less.

We are only doing this for one reason: To help people navigate through this extremely difficult labor market and actually land the jobs they really want. We want each and every member of the Total Access Club to successfully land the job they really want in the shortest time possible without incurring needless fees. In fact, we are so adamant about each member NOT paying for a service they don’t need or use:

We Deactivate Members and Stop Their Membership Fees

When They Stop Attending the Q/A Sessions

If you fail to attend three or more Q/A sessions, our team will deactivate your account and your membership will not be automatically renewed. By no means is this punishment—in fact, it’s usually caused by a member landing a job and just forgetting to cancel their membership. Whatever the reason, we don’t want your money if you are not getting full value so we will deactivate your account and stop the membership fees for failure to attend 3 or more Q/A sessions.Bottom Line: Your investment is totally secure and we do not want your money unless you are completely thrilled with your membership and getting full value for your investment.

In Fact, the Happiest Moment for Both Us and Our Members is the Day they Cancel Their Membership!

“Please cancel my TAC membership.”


Dear Peggy,

Please cancel my TAC membership.

I was in fact able to secure the position of my dreams! With the assistance I received from CC I was able to control the entire multiple interview process and even negotiate a compensation package that was almost 5% above my “Ideal”.

I am very happy with the level care and concern that your staff showed me over the course of the last two weeks as I was progressing through the process. Special thanks to Jennifer, Kirstin, and Carl Chapman
Very truly yours,



“I started my new job last week and I could not be happier”


Having gone through that process with my job search strategies, I found that Peggy McKee has the best, most forward-thinking and effective information. The information she offered helped me to land my dream job after my very first interview!



I’m in California where the effective unemployment rate (including those just recently graduated, those returning to the job market after a lengthier time away, and those who simply do not fit the statistical model for how the unemployment rate is calculated) is one in five (20%). I hadn’t worked in 1 1/2 years due to health issues, so I was not among the candidates most likely for immediate hire. I started my new job last week and I could not be happier. Thank you, Peggy

Best Wishes
A. LaCourt

Not Sure if You Can Afford to Join?


Interview5The most instinctive thing to do when you lose a job or must accept underemployment for some reason is to cut unnecessary expenses. While this may seem to be the most logical course of action, its not—at least not when it comes to finding another job.

The truth is that being unemployed or underemployed is a problem. And like any problem, you need to invest resources to address the situation before it creates new problems. So if your problem was that your car broke down, you would either have to invest time and/or money to fix it—or it would create more problems like not being able to get to work, losing your job, etc.

The real problem for most people isn’t their skills or experience— it’s their lack of Job Acquisition skills due to the drastic changes in the job market caused by the Financial Collapse of 2008. Employers do indeed have more leverage than ever which has caused job seekers to either adapt and market themselves like never before—or risk getting left out of this new global economy.




“I got a better job than I thought I deserved”

I was hesitant to get this at first because I had been out of work and money is tight. My wife and I decided it was worth the investment. I had been looking for a job for 8 months. I wish I could say that I got a job the day I bought this, but it actually took 6 weeks to get the job. I learned so much in the first few weeks because I was like a sponge and there was so much information. The great thing about this program is you can pick and choose the products that apply to you and your job search. Peggy’s advice is exactly what I needed. The cool thing is it helped pull me out of my slump and I got a better job than I thought I deserved. My wife, the accountant, figured out how much money we saved by joining the Total Access Club because it would have been a long time till I got a new job without this advice. Try it, you will love it. If I could give it 11 stars, I would.

Zach L.


The entire 8-Step Job Acquisition System is specifically designed to help you learn, practice, and implement the skills you need to land the job you really want, including:

  • How to Make Sure Your Resume Gets Noticed and Opens Doors
  • 4 Proven Strategies for Contacting the Hiring Manager Directly
  • How to Ace the Phone Interview and Get the Face-to-Face Interview
  • Interview Secrets that Help Put You In Control Regardless of Format
  • What is a 30/60/90 Day Plan and How To Leverage it to Help Land Your Dream Job
  • How to Create a “Brag Book” That Wows Hiring Managers During the Interview
  • Learn How to Read the Interviewer to Discover Their Objections to Hiring You and How to Defeat Them
  • How to Avoid the Pitfalls and Mistakes that Doom Most Interviews
  • How to Recognize and Take Advantage of “Buy Signals” During the Interview
  • Why Its so Important to Push for An Answer NOW and How Exactly to Do So Gracefully
  • And Much, Much More!


But Most Importantly: Carl, Myself, and Every Member of Our Staff Will Be Here to Answer Your Questions and Hold Your Hand Every Step of the Way Until You Land the Dream Job You Really Want and Become Our Next Success Story!

I truly believe you are selling both yourself and what we offer short by looking at your membership as some “cost”. Today, whether unemployed or underemployed, you are probably not happy with your situation and likely suffering a great deal of stress. But most importantly: You are not living the life YOU really want or to its full potential.

That is why your membership in Total Access Club is truly an investment that helps you acquire the job acquisition skills you need to go out and get the job—and the lifestyle—you truly want and deserve. Carl and I have already helped 1,000’s of people just like yourself go out there and become genuine success stories that took control and got the jobs they really wanted. But without these critical job acquisition skills—those dreams will go unrealized.

I fully understand that you are worried about every expense right now—but at times like these, it is more important than ever to invest in yourself so you can go out there and solve the problem by getting the job you want and deserve. With more than 22 years of recruiting experience, 1,000’s of success stories, and our 365-Day Money Back Guaranteeguarantee

We’ll Either Help You Solve Your Employment Problem or Refund Every Penny of Your Investment.

  • Get the Expert Training and Guidance You Need Every Step of the Way Until You Finally Land Your Dream Job
  • Study Weekly Lessons at Your Own Pace
  • Gain Insight and Support from Other Members Going Through the Exact Same Situation as Yourself
  • Every Penny of Your Investment is 100% Secure and Risk-Free for Up to 1 Full Year
  • Quickly Learn, Practice, and Master the 21st Century Job Acquisition Skills You Need to Successfully Land ANY Job, in ANY Market, and In ANY Economic Climate!
  • Go Out and Get the Job You Really Want and Deserve and NEVER Settle Again!

So Get Off That Fence and Get the Help You Need to Go Out

and Land Your Dream Job!



To Landing Your Dream Job,

Peggy McKee
Co-Founder of Total Access Club

P.S. I know how scary and intimidating the job market feels right now but we have more than 22 years of experience in helping people just like you learn how to take control of their job search and finally get the position they want and deserve—and we can do the same for you! So stop going it alone— Join Now!
P.P.S. Every penny you invest in your Total Access Club membership is 100% secure and risk free because we will refund every penny for up to 1-year if you are not completely thrilled with your results. Join Now!