Attention: If you’re a great candidate with the experience and skills to be good at what you do, BUT you’re not getting the activity level you expected in your job search, this may be the most valuable thing you’ll ever read…..

The Reason Top Candidates Get the Job? They Know Something You Don’t…

The other candidate had less experience than you–but he got the job.

You were SURE you were going to get the promotion—but you didn’t.


It’s not your experience level.

It’s not your personality.

It’s your job searching skills.

Stay with me a minute….just think about this:

The skills that you need to get the interview and the job offer are NOT the same ones you use to succeed on the job every day.

When you’re on the job, you know what you’re doing…because you’ve been trained for it.

When were you trained for the job search?

Where’s your education for that?

Odds are…you don’t have it.  All those articles on the internet you’re probably taking hours and hours to read are just not enough to put you ahead of your competition.

Everyone’s reading those, and everyone’s using that exact same advice—so you have no more chance of standing out than you did before you started.

FINALLY…the Whole Truth About Job Searching
The RIGHT skills and techniques can eliminate obstacles and get you exactly where you want to go in your career—and it’s NOT what everyone else is doing

Dear Job Seeker,

“So how’s the job search going?”

Boy, I bet you’re tired of that question.  How many times have you heard that from well-meaning friends and family?  How awful is it when you have to tell them that you don’t have an interview?

It’s worse when you KNOW you’re a good candidate, and you can’t understand why you’re having so much trouble getting someone to even call you back.

You keep doing what you think are all the right things:  plugging away at your computer, searching the job boards every single day, filling out application after application, calling business contacts to see if they’ve heard of any openings….and still NOTHING.  It’s frustrating—and pretty rough on your ego, that’s for sure.

You know your perfect job is out there, but there’s always something in the way:

  • You can’t find it because of the “hidden job market”
  • You’re going up against 1000 other people for every online posting
  • You don’t have enough experience
  • You’re “over-qualified” (which we all know means “too old”)
  • You don’t have the right background, skill set, education, or whatever
  • You get lame responses from HR—it doesn’t matter what it is, but you know it means that this is a dead end for you

What’s the answer? How can you get around those endless obstacles and finally be able to say, “I got the job!!”

One Simple Step Puts You on the Inside Track

You need a coach.  A mentor for your job search.  Haven’t you had a mentor at some point in your career?  How invaluable was the advice of that person?

Following that advice probably kept you from making mistakes, moved you past obstacles that would have held you back, and got you where you wanted to be faster.

You need the exact same thing for your job search:

  • Someone with experience….
  • Someone who KNOWS what it takes to stand out…
  • Someone who can walk with you through the process
  • Someone who can show you the ropes….
  • Someone who can show you all the insider tricks you can’t get anywhere else.

The Job Search Expert on YOUR Side

Hi!  I’m Peggy McKee.

Maybe you know me from my website, Career Confidential.  Maybe you’ve read my advice on the job search or seen one of my videos on YouTube.  Let me tell you a little more about myself…

I started out in sales (medical sales), became a national-level manager, and then a nationally-recognized medical sales recruiter 11 years ago.  My company, PHC Consulting, is based in Celina, Texas (north of Dallas).  I’ve spent over 22,000 hours correcting resumes, coaching candidates, polishing interview techniques, negotiating job offers, and placing candidates in great jobs.

As a recruiter, I often receive calls from candidates wanting advice.  Smart candidates!  Who better to ask for interview help than someone who spends all her time walking job seekers through the interviewing and hiring process?

In response to these candidates, I started a custom career coaching service to personally guide individual job seekers.  And then I started Career Confidential to address the issues of candidates everywhere, and I’m very proud of the tools and advice we offer.

Over the years I’ve personally spoken to thousands of job seekers in all types of careers all over America, and I’ve noticed that they all want the same thing—and it’s probably what you want, too:

  • To have a great job that pays well and is professionally and personally rewarding
  • To ALWAYS be able to get a great job
  • To shine among your peers and get offered the “plum” assignments that lead to promotions

Who wouldn’t want that kind of career life?

The best news is:  you can have it.

The truth is there are specific skill sets that great candidates have.  They use those skills consistently to get the jobs they want and shine as star performers in their jobs (and are rewarded with promotions and bonuses).   AND, they have the ability to move to a better position anytime they want to.

Now you can learn what those candidates have that you don’t.

You can get the insider secrets you’ve been missing.

You can get the job or the promotion you want almost AT WILL.

You won’t believe how EASY it is!

In just one hour, [Peggy] taught me more about what to do to land the job than hours and hours of reading “expert” online material could ever do! If you are stuck in the day-to-day grind of looking for a job and/or are applying online but getting no response, I HIGHLY recommend that you contact Peggy McKee. Her knowledge of the industry, personable approach, and top-notch advice are absolutely invaluable. Thanks, Peggy!” – Jennifer Morris Valdes, September 2, 2009


I’ve put a lot of research and effort into coming up with a brand-new, one-of-a-kind opportunity that I am delighted to be able to share with you.  It’s called:

Peggy’s Podcast Weekly

It’s a weekly audio session that will cover the job search and career topics you’re most interested in for short-term results and long-term success. It’s going to be the easiest thing in the world, because all you have to do is listen.

You don’t have to take notes.

You don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time.

You don’t have to put any effort into it at all.

All you have to do is let this information come right to your inbox….and listen.

I surveyed hundreds of job seekers just like you who told me what they’re most concerned with in their job searches–and THAT’S what we’re going to talk about.  It’s just like having a weekly meeting with me as your personal career coach, but in a group format that also lets you in on the experiences of other candidates.

This will bring you more success in the job search than you ever DREAMED you could have!

Every week will cover a fresh new subject designed to keep you up-to-date on the latest job search success skills.

You’ll have exclusive access to:

  • Insider strategies for your job search
  • Techniques that make an interview happen
  • Interview skills that get the offer

I’m going to give you the insight you’ve never had into this “employment-getting” world that you’re just not going to get anywhere else—things that are almost detrimental to my business to share with you!

I’m going to share with you things that make hiring managers angry, because you’re going to know all their tricks, and what they’re thinking on the other side of the desk.

Every week, I’m going to be as direct and straightforward with you as I possibly can on every subject that matters for your career, like:

  • What hiring managers are really looking for in candidates right now
  • Is the job search really a “numbers game”?
  • How to find jobs in the “hidden job market”
  • How to handle long-distance job hunting
  • How to make rejection work for you
  • What to do about “ageism” or “you’re overqualified”
  • How to deal with difficult situations—like gaps in your employment
  • Using social media (like LinkedIn, especially) for your job search
  • Keep up with the latest developments in social media
  • How to approach companies
  • How to follow up
  • How to be persistent without being a pest
  • Resumes
  • Salary negotiations
  • And much, much more!

I’m going to let you in on all my best techniques, tips, and advice—you’ll get something new every single week that’s going to help you turn your job search around and start getting results.

Get to your goal—One effortless step at a time.

It’s been proven (and I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself) that the best way to get really good at something is to be consistent at it.

You don’t try to hit a huge goal all at once.  You break it into manageable chunks and accomplish it one step at a time.  That’s what this podcast is going to do for you, and that’s why we’ve structured it this way.

Once a week, you’re going to be able to learn something you can implement immediately to make a difference in your life.  Every week you’ll learn a little more, take another step, and go another level higher.

With these skills, you can have everything you want in your career:

  • A new job
  • A better job
  • A bigger paycheck
  • More interesting work
  • Confidence
  • Insider knowledge of how to stand head-and-shoulders above other candidates

When you listen consistently, everything you learn is going to come together to help you become more than you’ve ever been.

You can bring yourself to a brand-new place…a place where you’re not only great at your job, but you’re also great at marketing yourself to convince people who don’t know you that you’re someone they want on their team.

I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you.
Here’s what some of them have to say:

“Her expertise and real-world examples gave me a deep-dive into how I needed to reconstruct my personal sales pitch in today’s economy. The information I learned from Peggy gave me the heightened confidence I needed to answer those difficult questions, and allowed my personal attributes to shine through in every stage of the interviewing process.”-Jeffrey Stockman, August 16, 2010

Up until the time I hired Peggy, I was approaching my job search as I always had in the past. I quickly found that in today’s economy, simply responding to job postings was no longer successful. I was not getting any response… I made [Peggy’s] recommended changes to my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. In less than 24 hrs I had a company call for an interview. The following week I had 2 more opportunities for interviews…. I would highly recommend Peggy to anyone who is frustrated with their job search. I wish I had not waited so long. Thanks Peggy!!-Dana O’Rourke, September 10, 2010

“Peggy was the guiding light for me in darkest of hours. I approached her when I started looking for a change. She had just one session with me which went a long way helping me land up with the job currently I am in…. I recommend Peggy to everybody who is looking for a change and is sincere enough to walk her talk.”-Saumitra Rahatekar, June 10, 2009

“I had been looking for a job for 3 months. After a 10 minute conversation with her, I was able to close the deal on my next job interview. If I had spoken with her 3 months ago, I would have already been employed. I would recommend Peggy and her team at PHC Consulting without reservation.”-John Ward, September 22, 2008


“In just one hour, she taught me more about what to do to land the job than hours and hours of reading “expert” online material could ever do! If you are stuck in the day-to-day grind of looking for a job and/or are applying online but getting no response, I HIGHLY recommend that you contact Peggy McKee. Her knowledge of the industry, personable approach, and top-notch advice are absolutely invaluable. Thanks, Peggy!”- Jennifer Morris Valdes, September 2, 2009

“Peggy is the real deal. She under promises and absolutely OVER DELIVERS. Peggy is “the expert” in coaching. I’d be lost without her help. She seems to really care about her clients. Not only is she someone you enjoy doing business with – you’ll feel like you just made a new friend. It is my pleasure to recommend Peggy. She is awesome!”- David Parrish, July 9, 2010

You can have the kind of success these folks have had, too.

The skills you’ll learn through these podcasts will be yours for the rest of your career.

You’ll ALWAYS know exactly what to do to get the job or the promotion you want.

So how much is this going to cost?

Every single day, job seekers just like you pay $250 an hour for my personalized coaching services.

Every single day, job seekers just like you pay $27 EACH for the podcasts on my website, because they see the value in investing in themselves for their career.

With your membership in Peggy’s Podcast Weekly, you’re going to have access to


That’s a HUGE discount.

Each podcast will be 10-15 minutes long…that’s 40-60 minutes of coaching every month.

If you were to spend that time with me on a personal coaching call, that would work out to be anywhere from $160 to $250.

If you were to purchase individual podcasts from my website, 4 of them would cost you OVER $100!

In either option, you’d be spending over $100 every month for what I’m going to give you for only $17.

You can’t beat that.

Every week, at your convenience, you’re going to have an expert at the job search, talking to you, going where you need to go, telling you what you need to know to learn how to market yourself right into your dream job.

For $17.

That’s an unbelievable bargain for skills you’re going to be able to use for the rest of your career!

WARNING: This massive discount is ONLY FOR THE FIRST 100 PEOPLE who sign up for membership in Peggy’s Podcast Weekly.


Get Started Now!


OK… You can’t possibly think that this offer is anything less than a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn the skills to move ahead in your career.

So if you haven’t taken advantage of it and signed up yet, there must be something holding you back:

  • Maybe you’re not actively searching for a new job right now.

But can you honestly say you know what the next year or two will hold?  There have been a substantial number of shakeups in the economy in the last few years.  Is your company immune?  Is your job so rock-solid that you never have to worry about losing it?  No job is.  Be ready for the transition when it comes.

  • Maybe you’re not in the market right now because you’re happy where you are.

But will you always be happy there?  What are your plans for the future?  If there were a higher-paying position available, wouldn’t you want it?

If you’re prepared, you can take it.

  • Maybe you don’t think your interview skills need polishing.

But when’s the last time you took them out for a spin?  If you’re reading this and you’re in the job market right now, are you getting offers?  Really outstanding candidates are getting multiple offers, even in this economy.  Are you?

You can get all the offers you want with the right training.

  • Maybe you are interested in improving your skills as a candidate, but you’re not convinced that I’m the one you should listen to.

You might think you can get all the information you need from online articles for free.  I publish quite a few of those, myself—and I offer great advice.  But do you really want the same tips that all the other thousands of candidates you’re competing against are getting?  If you’re serious about your job search, it’s vitally important that you go the extra mile to differentiate yourself from your competition.

What I’m going to teach in these podcasts, you’ll never get anywhere else.

  • Maybe you’re convinced that this would be a fantastic resource, but frankly, it’s the money that’s holding you back.

If you’ve been unemployed for a while, and money’s getting tight, it’s very hard to find the cash for anything “extra” besides your rent and your groceries.  I understand.  You are in a difficult spot, and I feel for you.  But here’s what I want to tell you:

How much longer can you stand watching other people move up the career ladder and get the jobs YOU want?

I’m very sure you’ve been out there doing everything you can to land the job you desperately need.  But it’s not working, and you need to try something new.

What I really want to do (besides coach you through the greatest job hunt ever!) is to ease your mind.

You’re not taking any kind of a risk by trying out this membership. Why?

Because, just like with every single one of our products, we offer an

Unconditional 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Maybe what’s really holding you back from joining is that you don’t want to make a commitment to something you’re not sure you’ll use long-term.

With my unconditional 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, you are now WORRY-FREE.

If it’s not for you, you can email me or call my office to let us know, and you’ll be done.  Just like that.

Why do I offer a guarantee like this?

Because I am completely confident that you’ll be blown away by what you learn.

I’ve worked with thousands of job seekers, coaching and mentoring them to a successful outcome in their job searches:

  • how to market themselves
  • how to get the attention of the decision-makers (hiring managers)
  • how to use effective interview techniques
  • how to use interview tools that WORK.

And I can teach you, too.

I can be your mentor throughout your job search so that you don’t have to do it alone.

I can boost your confidence.

I want you to take control of your job search and land the job of your dreams.

And you can.

Peggy is responsive, detailed oriented and clearly an expert. She is not only a recruiter, she is a coach. She exceeded my expectations. She gave me more value than I asked or thought I needed. She offers tools you can take to the bank! Exceptional! Professional.” – Flerida Santana, February 8, 2009


So what else do you get?  It’s Bonus Time…

If you’re still not convinced, let’s throw this into the mix:  You won’t have to wait long to see if you think this is going to be a good deal for you—I’m going to offer you TWO bonuses that will immediately show you what kind of boost you’re going to get out of this better than anything I can say to you right now.

Yours FREE, whether you decide to keep your membership or not:

BONUS #1 —Professional References Podcast

References can absolutely make or break your offer

Just listen, and I’ll teach you:

  • How to choose the best references that make the greatest impression on hiring managers – some references are definitely worth more than others to hiring managers, both in terms of who they are and in what they say about you
  • The best way to ask for the reference – there’s an art to asking for a reference in a way that flatters and makes it feel like an easy-to-do favor, and not a burden
  • How to prep your references before they’re called – you MUST know what your reference will say about you, and you must have a great reference that speaks to your ability to do the job
  • How to follow up (and why it’s important)

Regular Price:  $27

BONUS #2 – Phone Interview Preparation Podcast

You MUST master the phone interview if you ever want to get to the face-to-face

This podcast is packed with 10 minutes of top tips for scoring in the phone interview:

  • How to prepare – set up, materials, environment, and using your voice to make the employer like you
  • What to ask the interviewer – find out now what you’ll need to know to crush the face-to-face interview
  • How to answer the questions – how long should your answers be?  What should you highlight?
  • How to clarify for understanding – make sure you’re telling the hiring manger about what he’s most interested in
  • How to close for the next step in the process – you must complete this final step in order to get to the face-to-face interview

Regular Price:  $27



Your Purchase is 100% Safe and Secure!

If you have read this far, you have to believe by now that my Weekly Podcasts are going to be some of the most important career guidance you’ll ever get.

You’ve read what others have said about working with me, people who were just like you — longing to have an advantage in their job search.

You’ve read about the fantastic results that they have gotten after putting my advice to the test.

You’ve also read my guarantee. I hope you agree that there is absolutely NO RISK on your part.

So if you haven’t already scrolled down to the ’add to cart’ button, I’m guessing that there could only be one last thing standing in the way. Perhaps you are leery about purchasing over the Internet. Maybe you are afraid of identity theft. RELAX!

Your purchase will be made using some of the strongest and most secure payment processing available anywhere on the Internet. Our payment processing has achieved the vaunted PCI compliance certification, so you have no worries there.

Plus I’m not an internet-only business. I have a brick & mortar recruiting firm that has been in business for over 11 years and have a sterling reputation.  You can check out my corporate website, see my staff, or even come by my office to say hello.  The point is, you can trust me as a person of honor and integrity.

So don’t wait another minute to get the inside track to getting your next great job and becoming the star who gets the promotion!

Get Insider Tips to Reach the Next Level Now!

I know you want something different from your job search and your career, or you wouldn’t still be reading this.  You can absolutely have the positive changes you want…you just have to take the first step.

Here’s how it works:

First thing to do is get your credit card outVisa or MasterCard, please (not American Express).

Then click on the “Add to Cart” button to begin the process of trying out Peggy’s Podcast Weekly.

You will be taken through our simple 3-step instant access process. You’ll be asked to enter your name and email address and credit card information, and you’ll get step-by-step directions to your first podcast session!

The whole process will take less than 2 minutes.

If you have any problems at all, you can click on the live chat button and someone will be able to help you almost instantly. * Disclosure – our live chat isn’t manned 24/7 but if it isn’t available it will say “Offline – Leave a Message”

If you aren’t comfortable with using the “Live Chat” you can call our office toll-free between 9AM & 5PM Central at 800-691-2562 and Jamie, Jennifer, or Sarah can take your order.

So, take that first step—hit the “Add to Cart” button below and get the keys that unlock interviews, promotions, and career success!


Don’t let what you don’t know hold you back anymore!

What you haven’t understood until now is that the reason you’re having so much trouble and feel so under-appreciated and under-valued in the job search is that you’re not marketing yourself in the right way.

  • It doesn’t matter how good you are if no one knows you’re there.
  • It doesn’t matter how good you are if you aren’t talking to the right people.
  • It doesn’t matter how good you are if you’re not sending the right message.
  • It doesn’t matter how good you are if you’re not doing the day-to-day things that are going to get you real results. (Some things work, and some definitely don’t.)

Everything I’ll be teaching you in these podcast sessions, I’ve taught to my candidates and my coaching clients over the last 11 years—every industry, every personality type, in every part of the country.  They have proven, over and over again, just how powerful and effective my techniques are for their job interviews and careers.

Don’t wait another minute to find out what you’ve been missing!

See you at the top,

Peggy McKee

P.S.  Here’s one last roundup of everything you need to know…

  • I have the experience and the skills to get you to the next level in your career—whether it’s getting the job you’ve been waiting for, or getting to the promotion you deserve.  I’ve proven it over the last decade with thousands of candidates.
  • The information, tips, and techniques I’m going to give you every single week are not available anywhere else.
  • This is going to be the easiest skill-building you’ve ever done. All you need to do is listen.
  • You’re getting these podcast sessions for a FRACTION of the price of the regular podcasts I sell every day on my website—IF you’re one of the first 100 people who sign up.
  • You get 4 podcasts per month for only $17—IF you sign up NOW.
  • You get the 2 Bonus Podcasts for Phone Interviews and References.
  • You get to check out everything risk-free, for a whole month.  I can’t be any fairer than that.

What are you waiting for?