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Make sure your resume grabs attention and generates interviews for you. These free templates and report on how to use them will make sure that happens for YOU!

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Bestselling ebooks on how to answer interview questions, phone interviews, job searching, working with recruiters, networking and more available through Amazon in an economical, environmentally friendly format. Download on any Kindle, computer, or other digital device.
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No time to stop and read? Listen and learn with job-winning tips on the go! Effortlessly improve your skills in job searching, interviewing, networking, working with recruiters, salary negotiations and more.
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Our most popular books will soon be published in paperback! There’s nothing like having a book with real pages to turn, right? Jot down your ideas in the margins, and even loan it to your job seeking friend or relative.
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One-on-One Career Coaching is the fastest, most personalized way to job search and career success. Coaching is YOUR solution for getting a job, getting the promotion, earning more money, switching careers, starting a business, growing your business, building your confidence, or helping you articulate your value.

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How to Answer Interview Questions: 50 Tough Questions – Answered

Discover the interview answers that make hiring managers offer you the job. No matter what industry or career you’re in…no matter whether you’re just starting out or you’re an executive…these answers are the ones you need. Strategically composed so you can showcase your skill set, they’re also completely customizable for you. Every answer will build your confidence and make you the one to hire.

Win the Interview with Your Cover Letter

Send a cover letter that gets you the interview! A cover letter sets the stage for your resume and sets a bias for you—either positive or negative. This report contains 17 essential tips to help you write a fresh, personalized, compelling note that sets a positive bias in your favor right from the start. Excellent sample letters are also included to make it even easier.

The Definitive Guide to Executive Job Search

Looking for a C-Level, Director, President, or VP position? Download this strategic guide to be stronger and more competitive with your resume, cover letter, networking, finding the right people to talk to in any company, working with recruiters, interview prep, phone interviews, salary negotiations and securing the job offer. Use these 10 steps to executive job search success to secure the high-level position you deserve.

Guide: Getting a Job Over 50

Beat every age-related bias against you and get the job you want! This report reveals how to overcome age biases employers secretly hold against you, as well as 3 strategic job-finding tips specifically for older job seekers and 2 interview tips that absolutely demolish an employer’s objections to hiring you. You CAN get the job you want.

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Discover powerful, cutting-edge job search and interview tips in free, live online training sessions.

Stop Applying for Jobs - Get Hired Instantly

The most up-to-date and effective job search tips and strategies.

5 Tips to Battle Age Discrimination

Beat age bias and get hired for a great job—even in your 50s, 60s or 70s!

Perfect Interview Answers

Say the ‘magic words’ that get you HIRED!

Get Hired in 6 Weeks - GUARANTEED

Cut job search time-wasters and do what works FAST!

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Improve your job search skills on the go--effortlessly! Become better and stronger at phone interviews, panel interviews, brag books, behavioral interviews, references, following up after the interview and more with podcasts. Download our free podcast on how to write an interview-getting Cover Letter and see what other topics are available for you.

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Interview Like A Pro

Walk into every interview with confidence and a smarter strategy that wins you the job offer. The Strategic Interview Approach reveals everything you need to wow them in the interview—how to address secret fears of employers, how to research the company, questions you need to ask, critical dos and don’ts, and much more. Take control of the interview and secure the offer!

This is AWESOME! Just what I needed! I am so ready for my interview. Thank you for all the great tips. – Kelly R.

Create A Winning Resume

Turn your resume from a typical employment history into a job-getting marketing document with the Extreme Resume Makeover Kit—a step-by-step, comprehensive guide to creating your perfect resume. Includes a Free Resume Review by Career Confidential.

… My resume looks clearer and tells in powerful language exactly what the hiring manager needs to know. The proof is I applied 3 times this week and got 3 invitations for an interview. – Els V.

30 60 90 Day Plan for Your Interview

Transform your interview from ‘just-like-all-the-rest’ into a ‘test drive’ that shows your true value and secures the job offer. Our plans come with perfect templates and coaching that help our clients beat out more experienced competition and receive offers in minutes—even for more senior roles with more money! In any field, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned executive, this is the miracle tool you should never interview without.

… I had a very competitive interview [and brought my] 30-60-90-Day Plan. I was the only candidate [with a plan]...the company typically asks final candidates to provide a plan AFTER the interviews, [but]…by bringing my plan to the[first] interview, I received the offer 24 hours later….this was a game changer! - Jim L.

Find Hidden Jobs

Finding hidden jobs and contacting the hiring manager directly is THE most effective way to get a job today. About 70% of all available jobs are not currently advertised. If you find them, you’ll have more opportunities to interview for the best jobs. The Hidden Jobs Finder is a comprehensive, step-by-step system that finds hiring managers and gives you the messages that get you interviews.

…I applied twice in the last 2 years … and I had 98% of all the qualifications for the Technical Trainer position, yet still was not getting a call or an interview. [I used the Hidden Jobs Finder]…Today I was … formally offered the position!!!! … I am a believer! – Ed A.

Salary Negotiations Mastery

Never dread a salary negotiation again! Know how to approach this process with a positive attitude, control the situation right from the start, and come out a winner—while keeping your future employer happy, too.

I negotiated on salary and benefits for my current job and at two previous jobs. Each time I received everything I asked for which definitely proves your point that if you don't negotiate, you're definitely leaving something on the table. Thanks, Christine K.

Become a LinkedIn Master

Don’t ‘guess’ your way through the most important business networking tool today. Know exactly how to attract recruiters and hiring managers to contact you about jobs! Write a powerful summary, emphasize what you have to offer, and even keep your job search a secret from your current boss.

Career Confidential’s LinkedIn Profile Tutorial is amazing! It's just like having Peggy McKee right at your elbow, showing you everything you need to know to be a success on LinkedIn…Whether you're a first-time user or an old hand…you'll learn lots of valuable tips. I did! – Susan Ireland, Author, The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Resume

Unlock Total Access Coaching

Turn yourself into a job-getting machine with our comprehensive program that not only trains, but mentors you in good job search skills that last a lifetime. Intensive coaching videos and live Q&A sessions with experienced career coaches give you specific, targeted answers to your job search dilemmas. Discover powerful, practical job search and interview tips at a fraction of the cost of private coaching.

…In less than 2 weeks I went on 3 interviews and received written offers from each position. I took the 3rd position and had my first day today! WOW! Awesome support, tools and coaching …thank you!
- Dustin L.

Best Deal – Job Offer Generator

Everything you need to get the job of your dreams the fastest way possible is all right here in the Job Offer Generator—Career Confidential’s best-selling tools to help you create a killer resume, find the best jobs and secure interviews, ace phone interviews, write job-winning 30-60-90-day plans, crush all your interviews and receive multiple job offers. Total Access Coaching Club membership is included!

WOW… Since signing up for CC job seeking advice, I have been offered THREE positions… Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was the best investment I've ever made in myself! – Connie B.

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I used this [30/60/90 day] plan and is making a huge impact. I was able to gain a 2nd interview when the 1st didn't go so well (when I say "didn't go so well", I mean "I completely failed"). This is an awesome tool I will use over and over throughout my career. Lisa C.

Strategic Business Consultant, New York

Thank you for your wonderful products. Before I was introduced to your product I had been looking for a new job for quite some time. I think as a "Salesman" I was likely overconfident in my abilities to sell myself. Your Job Offer Generator offered me so many concrete ideas to improve my job search. The most valuable to me was the 30/60/90-day plan. It was the reason I got this job offer! I interviewed with the VP of Sales and he said he had never seen anything like it. He loved the initiative I took. He said he even wanted to incorporate it into their sales training for all new hires. I have to admit, I was a little nervous and somewhat skeptical on using the 30/60/90-day plan. However, I could tell that it immediately took a good interview to a great interview and set me apart from all other candidates. Lane L.

Sales Executive, Utah

This program is not only a 'should' buy it type of thing but a 'buy it IMMEDIATELY!!' type of thing. I went from being very fearful and depressed about my job search situation to being very confident, happy and extremely excited about where my career is heading. You can't put a price tag on that type of mental and emotional change. Nick S.

Business Development Director, United Kingdom

This has been by far one of the best investments that I've made for myself in years. As an Army wife, mother of 3 and stay at home professional, life had gotten really out of place for me because I needed help getting back in the industry. Any woman that has stayed out of work for any period of time knows the level of difficulty in re-entering the job market. Not only is the market hard, but the economy is so bad in smaller towns that people are trying to hold on to the jobs that they currently have. As a result of my purchase of the Extreme Resume Makeover Kit, I have a personal coach helping me to my success. I believe in this product, and I will continue being a loyal customer because I've received a phone interview as a result. Thanks again for renewing my hope in life! Jen H.

Business Development Director, United Kingdom

The Job Offer Generator is just what I needed! I didn't realize that something could be so useful. This is a way to understand the whole recruiting process, also the mind-set of the hiring managers - the important parts of the processes I didn’t think of earlier. Thank you! Maija H.

Digital Marketing, Finland

I used the 30-60-90 day plan and got the job of my dreams within 6 weeks. This system works if you just use it and it is easy to implement. I have recommended this to several friends looking for jobs b/c it works. Highly recommended! Denny B.

Global MBA, Colorado

I used the 30-60-90 day plan and got the job of my dreams within 6 weeks. This system works if you just use it and it is easy to implement. I have recommended this to several friends looking for jobs b/c it works. Highly recommended! Shantelle N.

Capital Accountant, London

I have a job!! You won’t believe this… I just started using your HJF [Hidden Jobs Finder] messages. I sent several messages “To Get the Manager’s Email Address” on LinkedIn. I sent a few “First Contact” messages to hiring managers in my LinkedIn network who I already had their email. I got a job offer today. My salary on my first day of work will pay for HJF and your resume product. Thanks, it worked better than expected. William B.

.NET C# Developer, Chicago

I have been out of work for over a year. I am a store manager for a floor covering company for over 30 years. I have interviewed several times and I was fully qualified, but there were 30 other people as fully qualified, and I was missing something every time and never got the job. I went to an interview last week and took your 30-60-90-day plan, of course I customized it to me and my profession, and it worked!!!!! He was so impressed with my plan that he not only hired me, he hired me as a general manager for all his stores, A 6 figure job. Much more than I was interviewing for. The plan worked far beyond my expectations. It was the best $ I ever spent. Thank you for your plan. I was getting desperate down to my last dollars, and I was reluctant to spend the money, but I am so happy I did. Pete C.

General Manager, Michigan

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Do you need a fast, perfect solution for your resume, cover letter, interview, LinkedIn profile, salary questions, networking, personal branding, age discrimination, or something else? Get targeted advice from America’s Top Career Coach in a 10-minute video of your choice. Watch a Free Sample Video on Job Search Networking.

Interview Question & Answers

With these quick videos, you can see and hear expert answers guaranteed to show your value and impress hiring managers (interviewers). Practice your new and improved answers and wow them in the interview. View the first 5 video questions and answers for free!

Job Search Tips

What are the 5 most critical job search tips? Find out in these 5 free videos from America’s Top Career Coach Peggy McKee. See hard-hitting insights for your resume, networking, communicating with potential employers, selling your experience (even if you don’t have any) and much more.