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Want a fast resume template that actually gets you an interview?

An easier way to a killer resume.

The test of a good resume is a simple one:  Does it get you interviews?

A great resume is the foundational piece of a great job search.  You just can't conduct a successful job hunt without it.  It's so important that you get it right.

If your resume gets no response, it's time to make some changes.

The honest truth is, if you're a truly terrible writer, maybe you should try a resume writing service.

But:  If you have a halfway decent resume, and you know it's close but it's just not getting the job done, then all you need is some help.  A resume writing service is not really going to work so well for you, because the very best person to write your resume is always you.  You're the one who understands what's important in your industry.  You're the one who knows everything in your background and can pull up things from your past as they become relevant for a particular job.  You're the one who's best equipped to sell your skills to the hiring manager.

If you just need some help redoing your resume, then try my Extreme Resume Makeover writing kit.  It will show you how to highlight the things that matter, put it into a format that hiring managers will appreciate, and even work in the pieces that don't really "fit" into a typical resume, but that would really sell you for the job.

It covers everything, and you can get it done in about an hour.  And it's guaranteed, don't forget.  Find out more about the Extreme Resume Makeover Kit and give it a try today.