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Hidden Job ChartThere are two facts about the job search you might not realize:

1. Around 70%-80% of all jobs are never advertised, never posted on online job boards--they're 'hidden' jobs.

2. Only a tiny number of online applications (maybe 5 out of 1000) ever get to the person who can make the decision to hire you.

I don't know about you, but if I were in the job search, I would not like those odds.

The only way to beat those odds and find the job you want is to go around that broken system. Go straight to the hiring manager.

I've been teaching job seekers how to find and contact hiring managers for years, and they can't believe how fast they find great jobs.

I wanted more people to have the same success my candidates have had, so I created a tool called the Hidden Jobs Finder.  It consistently helps job seekers find unadvertised jobs and get interviews.

Most people who use it get multiple offers.

What does it teach?

  • how to get the names and emails of hiring managers in your field
  • what to say to those hiring managers to get them to talk to you (written and verbal scripts)
  • how to build rapport and get an interview

It's a very easy, step-by-step system, and it WORKS.  In just a few hours, I can teach you how to find all the unadvertised jobs you want.  You could be choosing between multiple job offers within a few weeks.

Find out more about how to find hidden jobs.