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What Not to Include on Your C-Level Resume

Erin-K-C-Level-ResumeBuilding resumes that get you hired can feel like an insurmountable task. It can be difficult to determine which information is essential and what is better left unsaid. Below are some resume “don’ts”:


If you look at resume examples for lower level jobs, you will see an objective line at the top that details the goals of the individual. When it comes to executive level resumes, however, this section is unnecessary. Applying for the job indicates your goal. Instead, consider writing an executive summary that succinctly details your achievements.


How Lying on a Resume Cost These 5 Executives Big Time

Erin-K-Lying-ResumeLying on your resume has always been taboo, but it’s a tempting prospect given the fact no one is going to check up on every little detail you claim. However, when you are putting together your executive resume bio, it’s critical to make sure every piece of information is irrefutable. Learning how resume lies have cost some executives at major companies will help you realize the importance of honesty when using an executive resume service.

Scott Thompson of Yahoo

Thompson, the former CEO of Yahoo, made a major blunder on his executive resume bio when he listed his degree from Stonehill College as a computer science degree. After all, he was applying to one of the biggest Internet companies in the world. Unfortunately, his actual degree was in accounting. Once this falsehood was discovered by an activist investor, he resigned his position in May of 2014.


Should You Add Keywords to Your C-Level Resume?

Erin-K-KeywordsKeywords in a resume? Who needs them? If you’re trying to land a c-level position, you need them! More than three quarters of employers rely on keywords to narrow their vast pool of applicants to choose the most promising and bring them to the interview stage.

Why Keywords Are Important in a Resume

Recruiters looking for the winning c-level resume for a specific position rely on automated resume databases to cull through hundreds and often thousands of online resume submissions collected by a firm. When a recruiter places an ad for a position opening, he or she usually includes a punch list of must-have criteria for the successful applicant.


Make LinkedIn and Other Social Media Profiles Your Second Resume

Erin-K-Second-ResumeIf you’re seeking an executive-level position and you’re not on social media, you need to be. A growing number of employers peruse top candidates’ social media accounts as part of the hiring process. The key to making social media sites work in your favor is to use them strategically.

How Do Employers Use Social Media?

According to one survey of more than 2,300 HR professionals, nearly 40 percent log on to social media to screen applicants. What are they looking for? Employers use social media to learn about the personality and character of potential employees. By the time they log on to do their research, they already know much about your qualifications, education and professional experience, thanks to your resume and cover letter. They check out sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and even Twitter to learn more about who you are as a person.


Costly Resume Mistakes and Their Simple Fixes

Erin-K-Costly-MistakesFirst impressions are lasting impressions. Unless potential employers are considering internal candidates, their first impressions of job candidates come from resumes and cover letters. Make a good first impression and improve your odds of moving to the next level in the hiring process. Fail to impress (or worse, succeed in making a bad impression) and you can say goodbye to a lucrative job opportunity that really would have been perfect for you.

The top mistake job seekers make is failing to even include cover letters for resumes. No recruiter wants to waste time on an applicant who can’t be bothered to complete this simple step. Read on to learn about the other common mistakes job seekers make on their resumes and cover letters.


Why Are Cover Letters So Important for Your Resume?

Erin-K-CoverLettersWhile most job seekers focus on crafting the perfect resume that includes a long list of accolades, achievements, degrees and awards, many HR professionals agree a resume is not the most important aspect of a potential candidate’s application package.

The Importance of a Grand Entrance

Outstanding cover letters can turn a middle-of-the-road candidate into a top contender. Why? By its very nature, a resume is usually dry and fact based.


5 Tips to Update Your Resume Today

Resume UpdateHave you updated your resume lately?  If you're in a job search, this is a must, but it's a great idea even if you aren't actively looking.  You never know when circumstances may require you to have an updated resume (which could be everything from an unexpected layoff to a dream job opportunity). A fresh resume means you are ready for anything.

Add Continuing Education

Have you taken any classes, seminars, workshops or trainings in the last year or two?  Have you received any new certifications?  Add these to your resume's education section.  Employers like to see people who keep learning new things and stay current.


How to Reflect a Career Change on Your Resume

Erin-K-Resume-Career-ChangeSwitching your career path can be a challenging time. There are a lot of difficult choices to be made, and after you’ve decided to leave your current field, you may be nervous about finding a new career with an executive resume that may not match the jobs you’re looking for. Reflecting your career change on your resume will help your new employers understand your switch and get a better sense of why you’re a good fit for your new career.

Updating Your Resume

When it comes to executive resume writing, it is important to show employers what skills you possess and how those skills would benefit their company. Even though your former career path may be different, it is likely you have many transferable skills that will still be relevant to your new job.


How Do You Create a Personal Brand?

Erin-K-Personal-BrandWhen you hear the term, branding, what comes to mind? Most people think of businesses and the logos and slogans they use to capture the attention of their target audience. In the world of resumes and cover letters, your C-level personal branding isn’t all that different. When writing an effective resume, you need to focus on how you present yourself and what information you share with prospective employers.

Audit Your Online Profiles

Today’s employers are more likely to look at your online presence before they make a final hiring decision. For this reason, you need to make sure your online profiles reflect the personality and assets you have to offer. Make sure you only share information that reflects positively on you. In addition, you can set your Google account to alert you whenever your name is mentioned, allowing you to monitor content outside of your control.

How to Target Your Resume

Erin-K-Target-ResumeIt might be easier to write one resume and then send it to every job you are applying for. However, this isn’t the best way to reach your target audience. When writing an effective resume, you need to focus on the company you are applying to and the particulars of the job. An executive resume service can help with the task of writing a professional resume.

Create a Core Resume

The starting point for your professional resume will be the same for every resume you send in to a job because your core skills and past work experience won’t change. When you start building this resume, you can start with the same facts and save it to your computer so you can easily make changes for the next job you may apply for. This core resume will make up the bare bones, which can then be tailored to your exact needs as you continue through your job search.

Edit Your Resume Like a Pro

Erin-K-editWriting an effective resume is about more than just creating a resume once and distributing it to prospective employers. An executive resume writer will tell you how important it is to review your resume and edit it often. Unfortunately, many people find one of their biggest weaknesses is editing. Hiring an executive resume service can provide the assistance you need, but learning to edit on your own can be invaluable.

Focus on Your Achievements

Many individuals focus on what their responsibilities have been at their jobs, rather than what they have actually achieved. Prospective employers want to know what your skills are and how you have used those skills to accomplish things in your past work history. Think about the requirements of the job to which you are applying and focus on the skills you need to meet the demands of the position.


How to Write a Clear, Concise, Interview – Getting Resume

What's one of the best things you can do for your resume? Redo it with bullet points.

Bullet points make your resume stand out and communicate your strengths so that hiring managers call you for an interview.

Watch the video below for more about this and other tips for a great resume.

Bullet points are just one piece of a killer resume. With an Extreme Resume Makeover, you could have 3-5 interviews next week. See how here: Extreme Resume Makeover Kit

How To Write A Killer Resume That Gets Results

write a resumeSending out a resume is a little spark of hope. You’re looking for something better than your existing job. More responsibility. Higher salary. Better opportunities. Or perhaps you’re currently unemployed, and you desperately need a way back on to the job ladder. Either way, you need a resume that catches the eye.

Studies show that prospective employers make a decision within eight seconds of looking at a resume. HR people know what they’re looking for, and they do this every day. They know quickly whether you’re the right person for the job. That means your resume and your cover letter are the key to getting through the door.                                                                   photo

Not only that, but some companies now run their prospective candidate CVs through a computer. It highlights keywords and eliminates the useless resumes before they even reach a human being. It’s tough out there, job-hunters! But, we’ll show you how to craft a killer resume. Let’s take a look.


A Visual View Of Resume Keywords

Erin-K-WordsHave you ever made a word cloud? The most popular version of a word (or tag) cloud generator is Wordle, but there are many other options out there. Teachers love creating word clouds for visual learners because it helps the student see the most frequently used vocabulary in a text.  But you can use your favorite word cloud generator to compare the frequency of words in a job opening and your resume.

Here’s why I think this is a good idea: you’ll quickly see if any words in your resume match the words in the ad.


Why You Still Need an Objective Statement on Your Resume

Don't believe the resume summary hype--a resume objective statement is key to the effectiveness of your resume.  A summary of qualifications causes you to miss out on an important opportunity. In the video below, I'll tell you why you need a resume objective statement and how recruiters and hiring managers see them.


Write an interview-getting resume (with the perfect objective statement) with our Extreme Resume Makeover.