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One Fast Way To Evaluate Your Resume

Fast-Resume-Eval-ErinKIf your resume is not getting the results you’d expect based on your skills and experience, maybe it needs to be evaluated. All the information could be perfect; perfectly bland. Here’s a fast way to evaluate your resume, and it’s based on the way it will be evaluated when it reaches that VIP looking for someone to fill a position:

Pick up your resume and scan it for 30 seconds, then cover it and write down what you remember. 

Actually, thirty seconds might be longer than most HR people look at it, but they have developed serious speed reading skills. What do you remember about your resume? What stands out?

Now consider that your resume is something you are familiar with — and it was probably hard to remember what you said about yourself. Imagine what it’s like to read through hundreds of resumes in an attempt to find the best candidates to call in for interviews! These people don’t know you, and they do know what they need in the position.


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Revise Your Resume, Get Interviews

Update-ResumeI get calls and notes from job seekers asking me about all kinds of crazy plans to get certifications, take classes, pay job placement agencies, or otherwise spend a lot of money trying to get a job.  What do I say?  One, never pay anyone who says they can place you in a job; and two, before you invest a huge amount of time and money into something you may not need, look at the simple fixes first--like your resume.

Look at this note I got from Rebecca:

Hi Peggy,

Just a note to say THANK YOU for your help. Since I sent my newly revised resume, my phone is ringing and I am also receiving offers from e-mails for jobs. You Are GREAT!

God Bless,

Rebecca McConnell

She revised her resume and her phone started ringing.  Does your resume need a revision, too?


Does Your Resume Show Your Age?

Age-ResumeOne of the things that a resume is used for is getting a quick idea of what all your assets are and what you can contribute to the position you are applying for. This is good; you want your resume to be an introduction that leads to a longer relationship. But resumes should not show your age, because it is far too easy to assume certain ages have certain characteristics. This is one reason that “age discrimination” is one of the unlawful practices in the job market.

Even though age discrimination is unlawful, it still happens. People naturally do make assumptions about others based on initial information. But the resume that is professional, appealing, and updated gets past attitudes and showcases what you can do. That’s a good argument for making sure your resume does not show your age.

Avoid These Signals Of Age & Resumes


Are You Making This Hilarious Resume Mistake?

Hilarious Resume Mistake - Erin KYou want your resume to stand out, right? But not when it stands out as a shining example of what not to do on a resume. While there are many ways to make mistakes on a resume, one of the most ubiquitous is the plethora of unnecessary verbiage that accompanies attempts to impress.


That was an example of “Resume Speak“, or in more words, the fine art of “utilizing synergies and leveraging paradigms” seen at a popular Tumblr site of the same name. This site is just a steady stream of things said simply then translated into the kind of business-speak that makes communication bog down. And it is funny. In fact, if you work in the writing field and have anything to do with resumes, it’s hilarious.

For example, instead of saying “Got out prison with parole three years early for good behavior”, the site suggests “Successfully interfaced with governmental disciplinary system by modeling socially sanctioned behavioral metrics, significantly reducing duration of recommended confinement period.” That’ll look good on a resume all right — not.


When Is Imperfection Preferable?

Imperfection-Erin KThere are some areas of life where perfection is not what you want. Friendships don’t need perfection to be good, right? In fact, the people who pretend to be perfect rarely have a lot of friends because perfectionists keep others at arm’s length so the world doesn’t find out they aren’t perfect, after all.

Relationships are stable because we give each other room to fail and correct our mistakes. We don’t need to be perfect in order to be loved or liked. We do need to be able to admit when we are wrong and be willing to fix it.

Some Things Must Be Perfect

As endearing as a mistake can be in a friend, there are times you don’t get a do-over.

Resumes are a perfect example of this, because there isn’t a relationship established yet. Spelling errors aren’t going to get you much more than a ribbing from your grammar-Nazi friend, but that same error will get your resume cast aside by the HR person assigned to fill the position. The HR person is going on a quick first impression based on your resume, but your friend is looking at your mistakes in context of your friendship.


‘Resume Makeover Got Me 4 Interviews in a Week!’

Resume (2) - CopyThis is a great illustration of the power of a resume redo.

Tammy didn't change anything but her resume, and she got 4 interviews in a week--after looking for a job for over a year with no luck.



... I [had] been looking for a job for over a year. I completed your extreme resume makeover and within the first week was called to interview at a company for four different positions. My interviews are next week and I have completed my 30-60-90 day plan and will be watching your In Person Interview video before my interviews. Thank you for putting together such a valuable program...

Thank you,

Tammy D.


Here is the Extreme Resume Makeover Kit that Tammy used:










Here is the 30-60-90-Day Plan for your interview:









And here is the Interviewing Video:








Look At Your Resume With New Eyes

look at your resume with new eyes

One of the best ways to fix your resume is to look at it like the recruiter or HR person will be looking at it. Do you think they read every word of every one of the multitude of resumes that cross their desk? I doubt it.

Most of the time a resume submitted online will be filtered through an applicant tracking system (ATS) that will break down the formatting and assign relevancy to the content so it can be searched using keywords that match what they are looking for. Once the resumes are filtered for relevancy and they have the applicants who are most likely to fit their specifications, it’s the human’s turn.

Here’s What Happens When Your Resume Is Read


Resume Mistake: Too Much Information

Superman Say you're a recruiter, and you've just received a resume that includes a paragraph like this:

In my spare time, I am physically active. I run, mountain bike, play tennis, and I teach yoga on weekends. Physical activity keeps my body and mind in shape, and promotes balance and clarity in my life. I belong to a community theater and am active in productions, and I play bass in a band. I am an avid reader. I am a mother of two and gave birth to my second daughter between degrees; taking only 3 months off and continuing to work while taking classes, which shows my drive and tenacity to succeed!

What would you do?

This applicant is trying really hard to impress, and does seem to have a pretty impressive energy level and variety of interests. In spite of that, she's not going to go on a recruiter's or hiring manager's short list. (Not to mention that description of hers makes me think: when are you going to have time to do your job?)

There are many mistakes people make when resume writing, and Too Much Information is a definite mistake. Personal information is usually unnecessary and can even raise discrimination issues.

What you do in your spare time is a lot less important than what you can do for the company. What are your skills? What are your work accomplishments? What have you done that will demonstrate you'll be a great hire?

Remember your resume's audience: Who's reading your resume? What will show them that you'll be an asset to the company? Don't annoy employers with irrelevant resume information they have to sift through to find what's important to them. Because chances are, they won't.

What will grab an employer's attention in a positive way?  Quantification.

Redo your resume and get a personal review for free.


Get That Sales Job Interview with a Keyword-Packed Resume

Resume-KeywordsTo get a recruiter's or a hiring manager's attention for a sales job, you need to pack your resume with keywords relevant to the sales arena you want. Recruiters, hiring managers, and Human Resource departments use computer searches and applicant tracking systems, searching with keywords to find resumes worth looking at further.

If you have experience, this should be relatively easy--but it would be a good idea to go ahead and check out job descriptions and listings to make sure you have the keywords they will use.

If you're new to the area and don't have much experience, you'll have to be a little more creative. (That does NOT mean you should lie on your resume. That's always a bad idea, and you're sure to be found out eventually.) You'll have to look outside of traditional job histories to get the keywords you need for a sales resume.

Potential sources for sales resume keywords:


Please throw away my resume


Here are a few recycling activities I hope you're not participating in:

- Mailing your resume to an un-named person
- Asking your friends to take your resume to the office
- Handing out copies of your resume at job fairs
- Leaving copies of your resume at the front desk of local businesses

Yes, I agree these activities may periodically result in a job, however more often than not, they don’t result in value.

Here are a few activities that work better:


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Resume Power Boost – Get Keywords by Job Shadowing

JobShadowAre you trying to break into a new field or get a new job?  One way to give your resume a boost (and have a better chance of getting interviews) is to complete a job shadow of someone in your new field.

Job shadowing allows you to tag along with someone for the day, to learn what a typical day is like in their job.  It's also known as a field preceptorship, or a ride-along (especially accurate for going with sales reps on their routes).  It gives you a chance to see what it takes to work in and be successful in this new environment and ask questions throughout the day that will give you better insight into the work.

When you put your job shadowing experience on your resume, it gives you keywords that get your resume noticed.

For instance, if you were interested in learning how to get into medical sales, you would write about which doctors you called on, what the products involved were, and what kind of medical sales accounts they are.  The words you'll use are the kinds of keywords that will get your resume noticed by computerized tracking systems, and then read by recruiters and hiring managers.  The process is the same for whatever area you'd like to go into.

Read more about job shadowing here.

Being Relevant is How You Get Hired



Put relevant information on your resume, and you’ll have a chance at getting hired. Ignore this point, and you’re wasting your time.

Too often job seekers email copies of their resumes to anyone and everyone with no true, honest concern for how their skills, experiences and expertise compare to the job requirements. This is such a waste of energy and, in part, the reason so many people get frustrated applying for jobs.

If your resume does not show recruiters how your skills, experiences, expertise and accomplishments are relevant to their needs, there is no chance in the world you’ll get that job. You need to show RELEVANCE.


Stay at Home Moms: How to Hide the Glaring Employment Gap in Your Resume

resumeAs a stay-at-home mom, updating your resume is perhaps the most overwhelming task you’ll need to do after deciding to rejoin the workforce.

I know it’s a bit overwhelming and ironic to some extent, considering you’ve done well raising your kids – updating your resume should be a piece of cake, right?

It’s trickier than it seems. Sure, it’s easy to list your education and previous work before the kids came – but what comes next? How do you explain the huge gap from then ’til now?

That’s exactly what I’m going to help you do…

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Resume Review Pro App Is Now Available for Android!

Resume writing video app for iPhone and iPadWant a better, stronger resume that gets interviews?

This is the app that will help you get it.  It's super-easy, it's free, and it's available for Android!

Learn more on our website here:  Resume Review Pro App


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