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How to Negotiate Your Salary Amazon eReport

Salary negotiations really begin the first time they ask you a money question in the interview, such as 'How much money do you make in your current job?' or 'What are your salary expectations?' The dance continues through the interview and into your 'official' negotiations when you get the job offer. The steps you take in this dance can make a huge difference in the compensation and benefits you get at the start as well as raises, bonuses, and your salary in your next job.

Salary negotiations may make you nervous, but you don't need to be. In this short report, I show you how to use positive negotiation tips that will help you approach all salary discussions with confidence, make you more money and keep everyone (you and your future employer) happy.

Click on the image to get a free preview of this report, and then absolutely get it for yourself today on Amazon: How to Negotiate Your Salary.



LinkedIn for the Job Search Amazon eReport

Tips and Tricks to Using LinkedIn Like a Pro That You Won’t Learn From LinkedIn


More than 80% of employers and recruiters search for potential employees on LinkedIn. If you want to attract them like a magnet to your profile and get them to contact you about great jobs, this is the report you need.

Click the image below for a preview of the report and then get this Amazon LinkedIn eReport.

Get my LinkedIn for the Job Search Amazon ereport and make the power of LinkedIn work for you.

Brag Book: The Powerful 'Reference' You Take With You to the Interview Amazon eReport

Brag books aren't just for jobs in art or sales. Brag books can help almost anyone in a job interview, because it offers powerful proof and visual representation of what you say you have done.  It's evidence that acts as another reference for you.  These are very impressive in job interviews, and can strengthen your candidacy and improve your offer.

Take a peek inside my report on how to create a brag book, available on Amazon. Get the book, read it, and create a brag book for your next interview.


How to Write a Resume with Quantification Amazon eReport

Writing a resume with quantification (numbers, dollars, and percentages) is one of THE most critical, interview-getting things you can do.

I encourage you to get this inexpensive, fast-reading report that will show you how to quantify your resume.

Take a peek inside the report below, and then get the Resume Report on Amazon.

Follow Up After The Interview: Beyond "Thank You" Amazon eReport


Seal the Deal and Get the Job with a Smart, Professional Interview Follow Up Plan

What you do after your interview can win the job offer or lose it.  More than just a thank you note, a good follow up strategy is essential.

Preview this Amazon report on how to follow up after the interview by clicking on the cover below:
What's in this report?

  • What to do in the interview to ensure a perfect thank you note
  • What to say in your thank you note
  • When it’s OK to call after you send your note
  • What to say if you call the hiring manager
  • How to keep your candidacy moving forward

This report will show you how to keep the conversation going after the interview and give yourself the very best chance of getting the job.

Get this follow up report here:  Amazon Follow Up Report


Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Success Bundle Amazon eBooks

Crush your interview and get the job with 4 bestselling Amazon ebooks in 1 convenient discounted Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Success bundle!  Preview this bundle by clicking on the image below:


These essential job interview books will give you the edge you need. What's in the bundle:

#1 - How to Answer Interview Questions

#2 - How To Ace Your Phone Interview

#3 - How Do You Prepare for an Interview?

#4 - Finding a Job Fast Using a 30 / 60 / 90 Day Plan

Get the bundle here: Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Success

How to Answer Interview Questions II Amazon eBook

My first How to Answer Interview Questions book was so popular (#1 Best Seller in Job Interviewing on Amazon) that I wrote another one:  How to Answer Interview Questions II.  It contains another 101 best answers to the toughest job interview questions. Preview it by clicking on the book cover below:

What's new in this book (besides MORE interview questions and answers)?

Scattered throughout the book: Keys to a Great Interview (extra hints and tips for a wildly successful interview—preparation, questions you can ask, and more).

Get How to Answer Interview Questions II today.


How to Answer the "Tell Me About Yourself" Job Interview Question Amazon eReport

How you answer “Tell me about yourself” sets the tone of the entire interview. Your answer will either establish a positive bias toward you in the mind of the hiring manager—or it will show them you are not someone to be taken seriously for the job.

Click on the report below to preview this important job interview report:

In this “Quick Read” Report, you will see how to answer “Tell me about yourself”:

- How to Start
- What to Include in Your Answer (And What to Leave OUT)
- How to Make Your Answer Special So You Stand Out

You will bias the interviewer in your favor and boost your chances of getting the job offer.

When you get this report, you also get a BONUS SECTION:

The first 5 Questions and Answers from the best-selling How to Answer Interview Questions II!


How to Write Attention-Getting Cover Letters Amazon eReport

A cover letter sets the tone for your entire interaction with a potential employer—either positively or negatively. It makes the difference in whether or not they pay attention to your resume and call you for an interview.

Preview this report by clicking on the cover below:

In this 65-page exclusive report (with SAMPLE LETTERS), you’ll discover everything you need to easily write a cover letter that will interest any employer and make them eager to read your resume:

Step-by-Step Directions To Write The Perfect Cover Letter
• How to use the job description to strengthen your letter
• The Secret To Grabbing Attention Of Potential Employers
• How to make your cover letter ‘sell’ you
• How To Avoid The Biggest Mistake Most Job Seekers Make With Their Cover Letter
• What to do if they don’t respond that keeps you in the game

This report is your key to an easy-to-write, attention-getting cover letter that makes you look amazing.

Get Your Cover Letter Report Here

Perfect Interview Answers Amazon eBook (Free Download)

Preview the first few pages of Perfect Interview Answers on Amazon! Download this book on Amazon for Free!

You must be prepared to answer interview questions. This FREE book will get you read for the toughest interview questions you'll face.

Click on the book to open up the preview of Perfect Interview Answers.

Video Interviewing: How to Do an Online Skype Interview Amazon eBook

This Quick Read report will show you exactly how to wow in a Skype or video interview:

•  Download the Free Software You Need
•  Set Up the Right Background, Lighting, and Sound -- Avoid BIG Mistakes
•  Choose What to Wear and Use the Right Body Language

Preview this report below.  Then get it, read it, and crush your online interview.

Video Interviewing: How to Do an Online Skype Interview Amazon eBook



How to Work with Recruiters Effectively Amazon eBook

In a job search, having a recruiter advocate for hiring you is powerful. If you don't know how to find recruiters in your space, or how to get them to submit you for jobs...this book is for you:  How to Work With Recruiters Effectively - Get Headhunters to Market You

Click through the first few pages below to see what it's all about, and then get this book today.

Want to know more?  See the book description on AmazonHow to Work with Recruiters.

Finding a Job Fast Using a 30 60 90 Day Plan Amazon eBook

Would you like a dynamic way to prove to hiring managers that you have what it takes to be successful? Would you like to stand head and shoulders above all the other candidates for the job? This is what a 30 60 90 Day Plan will do for you. You actually get a job faster using a plan because it does all these things for you (and more) in the job interview. Take a peek at Finding a Job Fast Using a 30/60/90-Day Plan below. It's available on Amazon. Get it, read it, and use a plan to get the job.

Read Finding a Job Fast Using a 30 60 90 Day Plan today.

How to Ace Your Phone Interview Amazon eBook

Don't let them screen you out in the phone interview! Learn how to ace every phone interview so you move on to the face-to-face in my ebook, How to Ace Your Phone Interview, available on Amazon.  Check out a few Sample pages from the book below.

This is what you need to know before your next phone screen. Download this book and read it today!

How to Answer Interview Questions Amazon eBook

Some of the best job interview prep you can do is to formulate great interview answers ahead of time. You'll be more impressive and better able to show why they should hire you. I put together 101 tough job interview questions along with strategies, tips, and examples to answer them in my book, How to Answer Interview Questions, available on Amazon.  Enjoy a FREE PREVIEW of the first few pages below:

These are the answers you need before your next interview! Read it today!