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How to Get the Interview While the Job Is Still Part of the Hidden Job Market

If you understand the how the hidden job market works, you can find hidden jobs and get interviews--before the rest of the world knows about it.

Watch this video to see how you can get to those hidden jobs first.


Click here for more hidden job market strategy tips.


How To Hone Your Interview Skills

Erin-K-Interview-SkillsAn interview can be a very intimidating experience if you have never had one or have not been hired after the last one or two you endured. Fear of failure can be overcome, though, with some practical strategies for success.

  • Do some research – read up on interviewing skills and make notes on what you learn. Google “interview skills” and see if there is more to add. Write down where you think you missed the mark, or what worries you. Ask the person who interviewed you where you could improve and if you could be considered for future positions. Be honest with yourself; now is the time to look in the mirror and be accurate, not idealistic.

Read the rest of this article... – How to Answer Interview Questions (If you were at a business lunch and you ordered a rare steak and they brought it to you well-done, what would you do?)

Amazon_LogoSay you're asked this in a job interview:

If you were at a business lunch and you ordered a rare steak and they brought it to you well-done, what would you do?

What will you say?

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The Secret To Job Search Success

Erin-K-FootballThere are many different factors that could be considered “the secret” to success but they’d only be a factor in the final result. When you think about it, all the best resumes, cover letters, and knowledge won’t help you get a job if you aren’t consistent in applying for the job. Nothing replaces that foundation of persistence in completing any project.

What if you’ve been applying all the places you can think of and are not hearing back from job applications? It could be your resume. Or it could be something else that a professional career coach could show you. But giving up will almost certainly guarantee failure, and regrouping to try again will increase your chances of success.

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Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – You’re Almost a Butterfly

FlowerJust when the caterpillar thought
the world was ending,
he turned into a butterfly.

- Proverb


I know that a job search can be a dark place--filled with rejection and uncertainty (especially if you were laid off or fired).

I just want to remind you today that where you are now is temporary. There is a job at the end of this path. The only difference between a job search and a job is one phone call, one conversation, or one email.

Be encouraged today.  Go through the process because there is a reward at the end.

Make the phone call.  Send the email.

If something you're doing isn't working, change it.

If you aren't getting interviews, redo your resume.  Make sure your resume grabs attention with numbers, dollars, and percentages.

If you are getting interviews but not job offers, check how you answer interview questions.  Bring a 30-60-90-Day Plan.  If you still aren't getting job offers, see an interview coach.

There's always something you can do to speed the butterfly transformation along.

Best of luck!



Your Guide To The Pros And Cons Of Changing Careers

Change-CareerIf you’re reading this at work right now, the chances are your job bores you. A good job inspires and intrigues you to find out more and get better at what you do. But when you have been in a job for a while, you may feel you have nothing left to learn. If you’re no longer getting anything positive out of your role, now is the time to decide if you're ready for something different.

Intelligence can be a curse for those in limited jobs. If you find you are attending your own personal interests instead of getting on with work in the office, then you may be in the wrong job. If you have no interest in the products or industry you are working in, then you may be in the wrong company. For some people, the daily task list is so mundane to them that they are desperately seeking a completely different career. But how wise is it to start over these days?

Thanks to Flickr for the pic

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Accountant Finds ‘Ideal’ Hidden Job

Accounting-JobI love this story of an accountant's job search using our Hidden Jobs Finder.  Not only does she provide statistics of her success, her story shows the power of multiple contacts in getting a job.  Her hiring manager had no openings in October--but did in November.  It turned out to be an ideal accountant job, with above-expected compensation and benefits.


Thank you for your support during my job search.

While I was skeptical about your methodical process, I purchased your job search product anyway. I had been searching for over a year with no results, so why not try something new. As an accounting professional, I kept detailed records of my search. In 2013 alone, prior to using your system, I had sent out 51 applications, received a 45% response, and received 14 first interviews (27%). But no job offer.

My targeted search, using the Career Confidential system, began in October 20XX. I targeted AIA Contacts (architectural firms), past interviewers, and friends. More importantly, I joined no less than 10 LinkedIn groups. From within these groups, I LinkedIn messaged 96 first time contacts and received 18 responses back within one month: this is 18.75% which I find staggering!

My successful response came almost one month after sending out my first message titled "Versatile Accountant Seeking New Opportunity." A hiring manager that had no need for an accountant on October 14 suddenly had the need on November 15. He contacted me via LinkedIn, my personal email, as well as by telephone for our first interview on November 20. After a social lunch on November 22, I was offered the position on November 25. It is the ideal position I desired, the pay above expectation, and reasonable benefits.

Your system worked! I am so pleased I decided upon Career Confidential.

Thank you,

Debby H.

The Hidden Jobs Finder that Debby used has recently been improved with some important new updates especially regarding LinkedIn.

Check it out for yourself:  Hidden Jobs Finder



Why You Still Need an Objective Statement on Your Resume

Don't believe the resume summary hype--a resume objective statement is key to the effectiveness of your resume.  A summary of qualifications causes you to miss out on an important opportunity. In the video below, I'll tell you why you need a resume objective statement and how recruiters and hiring managers see them.


Write an interview-getting resume (with the perfect objective statement) with our Extreme Resume Makeover.


What If You Overqualify For The Job You Want?

Erin-K-OverqualifySometimes, you find yourself in the unenviable category of “overqualified” candidates when applying for a job. If you are interested in a position that you overqualify for, take a proactive stance and answer some common interviewer’s questions before they are asked.

  • Answer “why are you applying for a job you overqualify for?” in your cover letter. Maybe you want to have a less demanding position because you have decided family time is more important than working 70 hours a week. Along with that, make sure you state that you highly appreciate being able to have a job that allows you to use your skills and work fewer hours. Another scenario is the person who has found they really enjoy the challenges of the lower level job and has decided they do not want to move up.
  • Answer “won’t you move on to another opening as soon as one shows up?” with a resume that has highlighted the skills and experience you bring to the job, how those skills meet the job requirements, and some questions of your own during the interview that show your interest will be ongoing.

Read the rest of this article... – How to Answer Interview Questions (How would you guide an alien through making a peanut butter sandwich?)

Amazon_LogoSay you're asked this in a job interview:

How would you guide an alien through making a peanut butter sandwich?

What will you say?

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Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Blessings in Disguise

FlowerWhat seems to us as bitter trials
are often blessings in disguise.
- Oscar Wilde


Unless you're a brand-new graduate looking for your first job, your job search can seem like a difficult time in your life.  You're likely here because something went wrong in your previous job:  it wasn't a good fit, your boss turned out to closely resemble Atilla the Hun, or maybe you even got laid off or fired.

No matter what happened,  think positively.  Maybe your experience at that job set you up for getting your next job, which is going to turn out to be a perfect fit. Expect good things to happen.

Your mental attitude or mental strength is one of your most valuable assets--in your job search and in your life.

Check out these blog posts to help you build your mental strength:

Use a Positive Attitude to Build Your Job Search Confidence

Be Positive When Explaining Your Unemployment

If you need a mental strength-training coach, give me a call (check out my webpage about Personal Career Coaching).  I can help you with your motivation and confidence if that's what you need, and I can give you the right steps to take to be successful as fast as possible.

Peggy McKee Career Coaching

Best of luck!



How To Stay Organized On Your Job Search

Erin-K-OrganizedOne of the realities we face when unemployed and searching for a job is the reality of disorganization. There are a few reasons why things go haywire:

  • suddenly your schedule is not tied to the workplace
  • it’s usually at least slightly depressing to be unemployed
  • there’s a learning curve in the development of job-searching skills
  • people tend to think that someone who “isn’t working” can do all sorts of errands, emergency babysitting, and projects

Disorganization has a way of growing and taking over, just like those expanding spaces in popular match-three games ooze into the board wherever they can unless you explode them all. How can you keep disorganization from taking over your job search?

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How to Get Hired (by NOT Applying for Jobs)

Businessman (2) - CopyI speak to many skilled and talented job seekers who wonder "What's wrong with me?" because they can't get interviews.  If you are frustrated with your job search, please read this story.

Hello Peggy,

I've been unemployed for a year but been seriously searching for a job for the last four months. I applied for a ton of jobs online and received only one call for an interview and didn't get the job. That's when I decided to search for help and discovered your services.

I have to say, I attended a few of your free webinars and found them to be extremely helpful and insightful. I took your advice on how to apply for a job and received a call immediately. I went on my interview equipped with a 30/60/90 and got the job! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help in this process.


Gen V.

What you need to get from this is that it isn't's HOW you are job searching. You absolutely can get a great job quickly...if you change the way you are approaching your job search.

Here's what to do now:

Best of luck!



How To Avoid Mistakes When Writing Your Resume And Cover Letters

Erin-K-Avoid-Mistakes-ResumeWhen you are writing your resume and cover letters, it is very easy to make mistakes just because there are so many versions and corrections (we writers deal with this, too). Even if you are a competent writer, it still is a good idea to carefully read your work once more before sending it off to be read by the people you want to impress. Here’s how to avoid some common mistakes in writing:

  • Keep track of grammar when changing a sentence. If you change the noun from singular to plural, for instance, remember to change the sentence structure to match.
  • Don’t rely on automated spellcheckers alone to catch mistakes. Your, you’re, their, they’re, there, two, too, and to are all words which are spelled correctly and won’t show up as an error when used in the wrong way. “Manager” was one I always misspelled as “Manger”. They are both words, so spell check never caught it. Luckily, I’m hyper diligent about checking and rechecking how I spell Manager– plus there is a little tool in MS Word that lets you auto correct things like that, so whenever I type Manger, it automatically changes it to Manager. Awesome.
  • Avoid the automatic word-finishing features on your word processing program for the same reason. You want your brain to be in control.

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Want to go Green? You can find a franchise for that, too! 10 Ways to Go Green with a Franchise

Dan Citrenbaum Green EnergyRecycle, Reuse and Reduce. Since that iconic environmentalist maxim was coined decades ago, increasing numbers of people have developed an interest in going green and recycling has become big business — which is why so many franchises have popped up to capitalize on this trend.

You can find everything from shops that help people insulate their homes to those that sell alternative energy systems. There are franchises that recycle and refurbish computer equipment as well as those that repair old furniture.

So if you have always wanted to combine your interest in preservation and sustainability with making a good living, start researching green franchises today.

Not only will you get a business that aims to tread lightly on the planet, but you will get a full how-to system for running your business, everything from training to ongoing support.

10 Ways to Go Green with a Franchise

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