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How to enhance your CV

DiamondIn today’s competitive employment market, a good CV is a must. This document could help you to rise above the competition and land the roles you’re after. With this in mind, here are some top tips to help you ensure your CV is up-to-scratch.

Improve your qualifications

No amount of waffle on your CV will distract employers from the fact that you’re lacking the relevant qualifications. So, if your education and training won’t get you the jobs you want, now’s the time to take action. Regardless of your age and life stage, there is always the chance to enhance your qualifications. If you can’t commit to full-time study at college or university, you have the option of learning from home. This can allow you to fit your studies around existing work or family commitments. As distance learning specialist Oxford Open Learning states, remote study allows people to work towards qualifications whenever and wherever is most convenient for them.


Why Your Curriculum Vitae Is Too Short

Erin-K-CVThere are times when you will not use a traditional resume when applying for a job. You may need to use a functional resume, a professional or executive resume, or you may need to use a curriculum vitae.

A curriculum vitae is typically used when you:

  1. Are applying for an academic position or a research fellowship
  2. You have a lot of publishing credits to your name
  3. The company you are applying for asks for a more detailed history of your professional accomplishments

If you are in one of these positions, then you need to ensure that your CV is complete.

The main difference between a resume and a CV is the detail included in a CV. This means that a CV is going to be much longer.

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Curriculum Vitae Tips: Use Principles of Good Resume Writing to Get a Better CV

Curriculum Vitae CVCVs are the long, detailed cousin of the resume.  It delivers much more information than a resume and takes many more pages to do it.  But whatever differences they might have, CVs and resumes both have the same function:  to get you interviews.  If you have a curriculum vitae and aren’t getting the job interviews you would like, you can borrow good resume writing principles to make your CV more effective.

Employers should WANT to talk to you after reading your CV.  Very often, all it takes is a few adjustments in how you write it.