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How to Write Attention-Getting Cover Letters Amazon eReport

A cover letter sets the tone for your entire interaction with a potential employer—either positively or negatively. It makes the difference in whether or not they pay attention to your resume and call you for an interview.

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In this 65-page exclusive report (with SAMPLE LETTERS), you’ll discover everything you need to easily write a cover letter that will interest any employer and make them eager to read your resume:

Step-by-Step Directions To Write The Perfect Cover Letter
• How to use the job description to strengthen your letter
• The Secret To Grabbing Attention Of Potential Employers
• How to make your cover letter ‘sell’ you
• How To Avoid The Biggest Mistake Most Job Seekers Make With Their Cover Letter
• What to do if they don’t respond that keeps you in the game

This report is your key to an easy-to-write, attention-getting cover letter that makes you look amazing.

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Here’s the Best Cover Letter Advice

Erin-K-Best-Cover-Letter-AdviceCover letters for resumes may be a necessity, but they are often seen as a stumbling block. Many people mistakenly think a cover letter is simply a summary of what is contained within the resume to help employers determine if they want to read further. While this is partially true, there is much more to creating a great cover letter that makes a difference. Hiring a cover letter writing service can help, but this advice will allow you to get a start on your own.

Give Them a Reason to Talk to You

Your cover letter and resume create a first impression you can’t often overcome. It’s what employers use to determine whether they want to call an individual in for an interview. Within your cover letter, it’s important to give them a couple of reasons why they should consider you a valuable candidate. Do your research to find the main points of the company so you can address them in your cover letter.


Why Are Cover Letters So Important for Your Resume?

Erin-K-CoverLettersWhile most job seekers focus on crafting the perfect resume that includes a long list of accolades, achievements, degrees and awards, many HR professionals agree a resume is not the most important aspect of a potential candidate’s application package.

The Importance of a Grand Entrance

Outstanding cover letters can turn a middle-of-the-road candidate into a top contender. Why? By its very nature, a resume is usually dry and fact based.


How to Write a Fantastic Executive Cover Letter

Erin-K-Executive-Cover-LetterResumes aren’t the only thing you have to worry about when you’re trying to land the job you’ve always wanted. In fact, resumes and cover letters work together to attract the attention of employers and give them the information needed to make a decision. An executive resume writing service can help you create an effective cover letter for your resume, but you should also know how to write a great cover letter yourself for the best results.


How To Avoid Mistakes When Writing Your Resume And Cover Letters

Erin-K-Avoid-Mistakes-ResumeWhen you are writing your resume and cover letters, it is very easy to make mistakes just because there are so many versions and corrections (we writers deal with this, too). Even if you are a competent writer, it still is a good idea to carefully read your work once more before sending it off to be read by the people you want to impress. Here’s how to avoid some common mistakes in writing:

  • Keep track of grammar when changing a sentence. If you change the noun from singular to plural, for instance, remember to change the sentence structure to match.
  • Don’t rely on automated spellcheckers alone to catch mistakes. Your, you’re, their, they’re, there, two, too, and to are all words which are spelled correctly and won’t show up as an error when used in the wrong way. “Manager” was one I always misspelled as “Manger”. They are both words, so spell check never caught it. Luckily, I’m hyper diligent about checking and rechecking how I spell Manager– plus there is a little tool in MS Word that lets you auto correct things like that, so whenever I type Manger, it automatically changes it to Manager. Awesome.
  • Avoid the automatic word-finishing features on your word processing program for the same reason. You want your brain to be in control.


Tips For Cover Letters — Your First Impression Counts Big

Erin-K-Cover-LettersThe first impression people have of you can keep them from wanting to know you better or encourage them to seek you out.

Your cover letter is that first impression for your resume and its quality will often determine whether or not that resume gets attention. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when you are writing your cover letter:

  • Do your homework. Find out who to address the letter to, what style would be appropriate, and the job description. You want this letter to be personalized appropriately, professional in tone, and accurate in specifying what you are applying for. This is NOT the place for a generic “to whom it may concern” form letter that obviously is used on all your applications.
  • Identify your strong points and write a rough draft or outline matching those strengths to the job description. Now reduce that to one paragraph.
  • Keep it short. All you are doing is a three-paragraph overview to get them interested in looking at your resume.


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DASHING Cover Letters

Are Cover Letters Important?

Yes. While some may argue that a cover letter is an “extra step”, I say it is an expected step when sending out your résumé. Outside of the fact that omitting the cover letter can be perceived as being lazy, we exist in a very competitive job-market, and a well-written cover letter is a tool that can help to position you ahead of the competition.

Covers letter are intended to spark the interest of the reader and to compel the reader to take action steps based on what they have read. Your cover letter is your “call to action”. This is the tool that asks for an interview.

Are there any specific “rules” for how to write a cover letter? The only absolute rule is that you must have one. Cover letters do not have a set format or style; they can be creative or conservative, depending on where you are sending your materials. They will change to best address each particular opportunity.

Below are a few tips for crafting a DASHING document:


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Cover Letter Samples

cover letter-transX225Cover Letter Samples - Free Report

Would Cover Letter Samples make it easier for you to write an interview-getting cover letter?

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  • The secret to grabbing the attention of potential employers
  • How to complement your resume with your letter
  • How to make your cover letter ‘sell’ you
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake most job seekers make with their cover letter
  • What to do if they don’t respond that keeps you in the game

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