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Design management: how to jump-start your career with an MBA | Career Confidential

career path Design management: how to jump-start your career with an MBA

Design management is a constantly expanding and increasingly globalized field of specialization, combining a variety of skills, including marketing, industrial design, branding and supply chain management. Whether it be clothing or buildings, electronic interfaces or toys, design is everywhere - and its consistent development mean greater opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in this dynamic and engaging field.

Five Reasons to get an MBA in Design Management

Pursuing an MBA in design management can open a great many doors to new opportunities and career advancement. Here are five reasons to get a master's of business administration in design management.


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8 Reasons to Hire a Career Coach

hire a career coachThe list of reasons to hire a career coach is as long as the number of people with careers. Everyone has their own story, their own issues and obstacles, and their own needs.

However, hiring a coach can give you distinct advantages in a number of areas that many of us could benefit from in our job searching and career paths.

When should you consider getting a coach?

  • You’ve been job searching for a while with no luck.

Many a job seeker is making mistakes they don’t even realize. Sometimes it’s a resume problem. Sometimes it’s how you’re coming across in interviews. Sometimes you’re not marketing yourself well online.

If you’ve been searching with no luck and you’ve already tried some changes that aren’t working, it’s time to call in an expert to diagnose the problem and give you a solution that WILL work.

  • You are transitioning to a new career.

A coach with experience in the field you want to enter is the perfect resource to help you market and present yourself to potential employers. They can help you decide how to present your experience in a way that makes sense and appeals to hiring managers in that arena.

  • You have a difficult situation in your past that you have no idea how to talk about with potential employers.


Five Tips for Personal Brand Creation and Maintenance

personal branding job searchSo you’ve learned the importance of a personal brand and have made the decision to start working on your own…but what’s next? This is a very common question that has been asked by several senior level professionals just like you. As it turns out, building a personal brand is hard, but it can very much be done! Here’s how.

1. Think About Yourself

Every employee, and especially every senior level professional, has something significant to offer a company. You will have to tap into just what your skills and positive personal traits are before you begin crafting your personal brand. In fact, this is the first step of c-level personal branding. It may help to approach this issue from the perspective of an employer and figure out what traits are most desirable in any employee, then work backwards to hash out what makes you unique from every other applicant out there. Craft a story about yourself for your hiring audience to read.


Why an IT Certification Is Important for Moving to the Next Career Level

IT career certificationOver the years, you have probably encountered a number of colleagues and employees who are looking to move up to the next rung on the career ladder in IT. Perhaps they have been in the same position with their employer for a number of years and are looking for new challenges. Or perhaps they have been putting themselves out there for a promotion, but keep getting passed over and aren’t sure why. Regardless of the reasons, though, one thing that most mid-career professionals have in common is a desire to move forward.


4 Reasons Advanced Education Will Get You Your Dream Job (and 2 Reasons It Won’t)

4-reasons-advanced-education-will-get-you-your-dream-jobMany American students spend 16 years attending classes, writing essays, and taking tests, so when college graduation finally happens and they are free to enter the “real world,” they cave and apply to graduate school instead. In fact, graduate school isn’t a bad idea to help those students find better jobs ― but it isn’t always a good one, either.

No matter where you are in your professional career, grad school can help or harm your future potential. If you are on the fence about whether grad school is the right choice for you, the following reasons might help you decide one way or the other.


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