Telephone Interview Podcast Product Reviews

Product Description:

In this podcast, you’ll get a unique perspective on how to excel at the phone interview.  As a recruiter, Peggy McKee has conducted thousands of phone interviews.  She’s seen the good, the bad, and the ugly from candidates who excel at phone interviews, and those who definitely don’t.  This podcast is your chance to hear from “the other side” what the interviewer is really hoping to hear when they call you.

Listen as Peggy teaches you (in detail):

  • How to prepare your physical location
  • The types of questions you’ll hear
  • How to address all the hiring manager’s concerns in the limited time you have
  • The questions you need to ask that communicate your understanding of the job
  • How to ask for the next step after the phone interview


Product Details:

  • Podcast length:  10 minutes
  • Available as Sound File on website, or MP3 Download
  • Instant access at point of purchase with digital delivery
  • Automatic access to any future updates
  • Published by:  Career Confidential
  • Language:  English

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