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References Podcast Product Reviews

October 14th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

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Product Description:

If they’re asking for your references, you’re at the tipping point.  They want to hire you.  Many candidates think of references as an afterthought, and don’t believe a company will actually check, but they are mistaken.   Your references can make or break the deal.  In this podcast, you’ll learn how to make sure you get a great reference that will push your offer over the finish line.

  • How to choose the best references that sell you and get you the job
  • The best way to ask for the reference
  • How to prep your references so they say exactly the right thing
  • How to follow up with your references (and why it’s important)


Product Details:
  • Podcast Length:  8 minutes
  • Available as Sound File on website, or MP3 Download
  • Instant access at point of purchase with digital delivery
  • Automatic access to any future updates
  • Published by:  Career Confidential
  • Language:  English
References Podcast Product Reviews8.2916666666666724
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