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How to Get Into Medical Sales - Free Webinar

If you are looking for a medical sales job, here is a great opportunity for you:

Peggy McKee, The Medical Sales Recruiter and owner of PHC Consulting, is presenting a free training webinar that will give you the insider tricks you need to get a job in medical sales.

If you have no experience, or if you're just having a hard time getting the job you want, you need this webinar.

Peggy McKee has more than 15 years of success in sales, management, and recruiting in the medical sales arena.  Under her guidance, hundreds of people have been hired into the medical sales job of their dreams--many of them with no experience at all.

In this webinar, you will learn the 6 critical factors that must be met in order to get the medical sales job you want.  There's no special certification required.  There's no special background.  Anyone can do them, but those who don't make the effort won't get the job.

Medical sales is a competitive field.  What you learn in this webinar will give you a significant edge over your competition.  You get free gifts to help with your job search and interviews, too!

Don't miss this unique opportunity to get insider tips directly from The Medical Sales Recruiter.


Use the form below to sign up now.  Don't wait--seats are limited, and it's first-come, first-served.

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Can I Interest You In A Bribe?

This information is so important I'm willing to 'bribe' you in order to get you to attend. Of course it's an ethical bribe. In fact I am willing to bribe you three times. You NEED to get this information if you are in a job search.

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FREE Training - How to Get Into Medical Sales