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Peggy McKee headshot Rate: $250/hr
Peggy McKee is the CEO of Career Confidential, with 18+ years in sales, management, recruiting and coaching in career growth, job search, interview mastery and more. Recognized as a job search authority, Peggy has been has been interviewed by CNN and Fox News and speaks at national and international conferences on career topics.

About Peggy McKee

Peggy McKee is an expert resource and dedicated advocate for job seekers in every step of the job search process—from resumes to interviews to negotiating the job offer.

As the CEO of Career Confidential, she educates job seekers, providing strategies and tools for a speedy, successful job search. Career Confidential has helped 22,000+ people in 90 countries get hired fast. Career Confidential offers 100+ tools, videos and complimentary webinars for job seekers. More than 10,000 people attend Career Confidential’s free job search and interview webinars every month, and over 1 Million people around the world have downloaded her materials.

Peggy has over a dozen ebooks available through Amazon’s Kindle Store, and Career Confidential offers several popular apps for resumes, interviews, and the job search on iTunes and GooglePlay.

Peggy McKee has 18+ years of experience in sales, management, recruiting, and career coaching. She believes that her experience has led to her unique advice and unparalleled success rate.

Recognized as a job search authority, Peggy has been named #1 on the list of the Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters by HR Examiner. She's been quoted in articles from CNN, CAP TODAY, Yahoo!HotJobs, and the Denver Examiner; and has appeared on Fox News Dallas to speak on job hunting and how to ask for a raise. She has spoken and led job search classes through the American Heart Association, the Basel Life Sciences Week in Switzerland and the Executive War College Conference on Laboratory and Pathology Management.

Connect with Peggy on LinkedIn:

Why you need Peggy as a career coach...

  • You get interviews, but not offers.
  • You can't find the right jobs for you.
  • You don't know how to approach companies you want to work for.
  • You are experienced, but you can't get interviews.
  • You are a new graduate and can't get interviews.
  • You are a military veteran transitioning to a civilian position.
  • You have suffered a job loss and can't explain why.
  • You are about to have a panel interview and you're anxious.
  • You're about to do a Skype interview.
  • You have a shot at your dream job and you want to make sure you get it.
The truth is that there are as many reasons to hire a career coach as there are job seekers. You have your own unique situation, and Peggy can help you with it.

In 1/2 Hour, We Can…

  • Improve Your Resume
  • Improve Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Prepare You to Crush a Phone Interview
  • Craft a Good Explanation for a Bad Situation (layoff, firing, bad boss, etc.)

In 1 Hour, We Can…

  • Improve Your Job Search Strategy
  • Prepare You to Crush a Face-to-Face Interview

In 3 Hours We Can…

  • Complete an Overall Candidate ‘Shaping’
  • Set Up a Comprehensive Job Search Strategy (including Resume, Interview Prep and Salary Negotiation)
  • Make Sure You Get a Promotion
  • Land Your First Role in Medical Sales
  • Transition You from Pharmaceutical to Other Medical Sales

What Coaching Can Do For You

More Confidence

Better Opportunities

Faster Job Offers

Higher Salaries

Quicker Promotions

Greater Future

How Coaching Works

Phone or Skype

Flexible Scheduling

Record Your Coaching Session (Optional)

Not Sure What You Need?

Toll Free: 800-691-2562

Out of Country: 972-382-3139

Let's solve your problems and push you higher in your career!

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Zanetta Siciliano headshot Rate: $150/hr
Zanetta Siciliano is the VP of Sales, Marketing and Social Media at Career Confidential. Her background includes 20 years of IT, medical and executive recruiting with marketing and sales leadership. Her perspective is invaluable to job seekers who need help with branding, resume writing, interview prep, job search methods and social media skills. 

About Zanetta Siciliano

As VP of Sales and Marketing at Career Confidential, Zanetta Siciliano has a valuable blend of experiences that make her a powerful ally for your job search. Her 10+ years in IT recruiting, 5 years in medical recruiting and 3 years in executive recruiting give her sharp insights into what hiring managers really look for in a candidate they will hire. Her 18 years in sales and marketing greatly benefits job seekers who must sell themselves for the job.

Every day, she guides job seekers through cutting-edge resume writing, interview prep, job search methods, and the cutting-edge social media skills job seekers need today. Every other week, she joins Peggy McKee to lead a group coaching call with job seekers in the Career Confidential Total Access Coaching Club.

Connect with Zanetta on LinkedIn:

How Zanetta’s Career Coaching Helps You

Zanetta cuts through generic job search advice to laser-focus on what YOU need with super-fast, personalized solutions for some of the most demanding, high-stakes tasks we face in our career lives:  job hunting and interviews. She can easily pinpoint whatever may be holding you back and find the right solution for it fast.

  • Create a resume that sells you to employers (specific recommendations for YOU)
  • Know what to say to employers to show your value, based on your background and personality
  • Refine your interview performance so you consistently get offers
  • Discover personalized strategies for contacting employers in YOUR space
  • Craft a great explanation for that awkward situation (job loss/employment gap/etc.)
  • Find solutions that specifically fit your personality and style
  • Target your approach to go after your dream job
  • Practice Behavioral or Conflict Interview Answers in a mock interview

With expert advice tailor-made for you, you gain inspiration and encouragement to tackle your job search with confidence.

How much time do you need?

In 3 hours (for the price of 2) we can complete coaching on...
  • Comprehensive Strategy
  • Resume Improvements
  • Interview Prep
  • Salary Negotiations
  • Getting the Promotion
  • Enter a New Field

In 1 hour, you can be ready to:

  • Find More Job Opportunities
  • Prep for the Best Interview of Your Life
  • Give You the Solution for What May Be Holding You Back

In only 1/2 hour, you can work with Zanetta to:

  • Transform Your Resume Into a Marketing Document for You
  • Boost Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Networking and Getting Contacted About Jobs
  • Prep You to Ace Your Phone Interview
  • Craft a Great Explanation for a Complicated Situation

How a Career Coaching Call with Zanetta Works

All coaching will be done by phone, GoToMeeting or Skype (for video calls).

Coaching time can be used all at once or broken up into increments over several weeks.

Phone and GoToMeeting sessions can be recorded for your convenience. Recordings will be sent to you immediately. Listen over and over to absorb and/or practice every bit of helpful tips, strategies, and solutions for you.  

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Carl Chapman headshot Rate: $400/hr
Carl Chapman is a small business consultant specializing in ecommerce, web development, internet marketing and SEO, working with Fortune 100 companies to startups. He’s consulted for many businesses using Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, WooCommerce, iMember 360, and Active Member 360.

About Carl Chapman

Carl Chapman is the CTO of Career Confidential, LLC and the founder of Websites that Drive Sales. As a consultant, Carl can give guidance on how to properly structure your small business. He can build an entire technology infrastructure from scratch or fine tune with analytics.

He built the Zappos Membership site and helped them maintain it prior to their acquisition by Amazon. Since he started in web development in 2006, every website that Carl has developed has reached multiple #1 positions on Google for targeted keywords.

Carl’s specialties also include: site architecture, installing analytics to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, maximizing SEO, keeping technology up to date, technical stack, accounting, and hiring (including current staffing analysis, hiring virtual assistants, and recruiting recommendations).

In his 14 years as an award-winning executive recruiter, Carl focused on leadership and management in the restaurant and food services industries. In 2005, Carl founded CEC Search, his own independent recruiting firm providing top candidates to some of the largest restaurant companies in the world—McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Cracker Barrel, Johnny Carino’s, and many others. He is the co-author of How to Work with Recruiters Effectively: Get Headhunters to Market You.

Carl holds an engineering degree from the United States Naval Academy.

How Coaching Works

Carl can offer coaching over the phone, but more typically it will be through GoToMeeting or Skype. Coaching time can be used all at once or broken up into increments over several weeks.

Not Sure What You Need?

Toll Free: 800-691-2562

Out of Country: 972-382-3139

Carl offers a free 10-minute consult to learn about your needs and evaluate where he could be of the most help to you.

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Jonathan Marx headshot Rate: $230/hr
Jonathan Marx, MBA is an award-winning, seasoned C-Suite business executive and entrepreneur, combining corporate experience with venture-backed startups. He’s worked in the communications and technology industries and specializes in multi-media, online marketing, social media, SEO, and how to get found online. His clients include individuals and businesses. 

About Jonathan Marx, MBA

Jonathan Marx, MBA is the Senior Vice President at InQuill Medical Communications, LLC.  In the past, he was Senior Vice President at Viacom Cable managing 800 employees and serving 500,000 customers; as well as VP of Strategy at Pacific Bell Yellow Pages, where he merged two $1 billion yellow page businesses. In addition, he served in executive positions in numerous start-up companies:

  • Vice President, Operations for the TiVo launch – digital television recording
  • President, ISP Channel, one of four high-speed internet ISPs at inception
  • President, Starfish Health Partners, LLC, a collaborative medicine startup
  • Senior Vice President, InQuill Medical Communications, LLC – current; focused on health and medical education around the world

Jonathan has also been a private consultant to businesses and individuals in growth and marketing since 2008.

He now specializes in multi-media, online marketing, social media, SEO, and how to get found online.

Jonathan offers both business and career coaching. His clients include companies, associations, government agencies, international business, and individuals focused on career and business growth.

He has received numerous awards and testimonials for his work. He and his clients always have a good time working together and enjoying success.

See Jonathan’s LinkedIn profile here:

How a Career Coaching Call with Jonathan Works

All coaching can be done by your choice of Webinar, Skype or phone call, and will be recorded.

I encourage you to listen to the session multiple times.... you get more value.

Coaching sessions are minimum half hour each.

We can discuss job-hunt efforts, business building, marketing online, or entrepreneurship, and anything that gets you unstuck and moving.

I look forward to working with you.

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Greg Winkeleer headshot Rate: $250/hr
Greg Winkeleer is a process improvement professional with expertise in Lean and Six Sigma tools. He has led projects and teams in DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control), DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify), and Kaizen events. He trains Green Belts, Black Belts and project champions in finance, banking, insurance, and management. 

About Greg Winkeleer

Greg has 15 years as a project manager, with the last 7 focusing on Lean and Six Sigma process improvement projects and transformations. During that time, he has given training and mentoring to Green Belts, Black Belts, and project champions in the banking, insurance and management consulting industries. Greg has managed Lean and Six Sigma projects and project teams for some of the largest financial companies in the world, including HSBC, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Genpact (formerly GE Capital Intl. Services) and Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Greg holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from St. John’s University, an MBA in International Business from Fordham University, and Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt Certification from Villanova University.

Connect with Greg on LinkedIn

How a Career Coaching Call with Gregory Works

How a Career Coaching Call with Gregory Works All coaching will be done by phone. GoToMeeting will be provided for video or screen sharing. Skype can also be used when needed. Coaching time can be used all at once or broken up into increments over several weeks. GoToMeeting sessions can be recorded for your convenience. Recordings will be sent to you immediately. Listen over and over to absorb and/or practice every bit of helpful tips, strategies, and solutions for you.

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Gary Davis headshot Rate: $400/hr
Gary Davis holds a BSChE and MSChE, as well as 40 years’ experience in chemical engineering, project management, international management, and technology transfer across many industrial sectors. His titles include International Project Director, Operations Executive, and Country Manager. He is fluent in Spanish and proficient in Portuguese. 

About Gary F. Davis

Gary F. Davis holds both a BSChE and MSChE. He is an International EPC Project Director and Operations Executive with over 40 years’ experience as an international Project Director, EPC office Operations Director and Country Manager (Argentina). 

Work has included project execution, project oversight and project staffing responsibility across many industrial sectors. He led EPC technology transfer and project manager execution development in several Latin American EPC offices.

Gary's extensive proposal development includes lump sum, unit rate and cost-plus projects: scope definition, execution planning and cost estimate development for clients in North America, Latin America, China and Australia.

His background includes process engineering experience in many industrial sectors including refining, petrochemical, industrial chemical, polymer, power, offshore platforms, mining, and gas processing including utilities, offsites and infrastructure facilities.

Gary is fluent in Spanish and enjoys basic proficiency in Portuguese.

Find Gary Davis on LinkedIn:

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Patrick Gallagher headshot Rate: $180/hr
Patrick Gallagher has 10 years’ experience with LinkedIn and has penned 11 books, including three books on LinkedIn. He specializes in coaching LinkedIn members on profile optimization, profile views, LinkedIn mobile and LinkedIn Security.  

About Patrick Gallagher

Patrick Gallagher has 10 years’ experience with LinkedIn and has penned 11 books, including three books on LinkedIn. He specializes in coaching LinkedIn members on profile optimization, profile views, LinkedIn mobile and LinkedIn Security.

As a LinkedIn Brand Approved Author, he teaches seven critical themes you must implement to being found on, a similar strategy that LinkedIn ™ teaches and uses with their corporate clients. Patrick has been featured and quoted on media sites CBS News, Fox, NBC and ABC.

If you want extraordinary results and to be found on you need to hire Patrick Gallagher’s LinkedIn expertise.

His most recent publication is entitled “Write Your Book Outline: How to Create Your Book Outline in 30 Minutes.”

Throughout his multifaceted career, Patrick has received notable acclaim in the form of dozens of certifications and numerous awards.

Both success-oriented and equally as driven, Patrick specializes in mentoring fellow LinkedIn members on all things profile optimization. He also provides them with leading-edge tools to enhance all other facets of their profile like views, mobile, and security. To date, his driving force has been helping others get connected online and keeping the world moving forward.

In addition to his in-depth LinkedIn know-how, Patrick currently serves as the Senior Risk Manager of New Product Introduction at Dell.

During his free time, Patrick Gallagher enjoys discovering new places, healthy living & eating, playing soccer, and immersing himself in spiritual activities. Most importantly, he loves spending quality time with his family.

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Kraig McKee headshot Rate: $150/hr
Kraig McKee is a 20+ year medical sales expert. He is a medical sales recruiter and interview coach, working with job seekers in medical devices, clinical diagnostics, biotech, laboratory, hospital, surgical, pharmaceutical and more. He has been Director of Sales at Ventana, Vice President of Sales at Transgenomic, and Sales Director at Chiron Diagnostics. 

About Kraig McKee

Kraig McKee is the expert you need in your corner. Not only has he been a medical sales recruiter, he has worked at high levels in the medical sales arena and has hired sales reps–which means that he knows exactly what medical sales hiring managers are looking for and he can share those secrets with you.

Kraig has been Director of Sales at Ventana, Vice President of Sales at Transgenomic, and Sales Director at Chiron Diagnostics. His product experiences include clinical chemistry, special chemistry, histology, immunohistochemistry, electrophoresis, immunoassay, HPLC, microarray, MA and DNA separation and purification.

Kraig has contributed Subject Matter Expert advice on medical sales and sales management for PHC Consulting, a nationally-respected medical sales recruiting firm.

Find Kraig on LinkedIn:

Wherever you’d like your next medical sales role to be–medical devices, clinical diagnostics, biotech, laboratory, hospital, surgical, pharmaceutical–Kraig is the coach who can get you there.

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