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Job search training guarnateed to get you hired
Job search training guarnateed to get you hired

Cover Letter Samples

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Cover Letter Samples - Free Report Would Cover Letter Samples make it easier for you to write an interview-getting...

Peggy McKee Reviews

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As a job seeker, you need more than 'how-to' need encouragement, and you need to know what's working...

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‘I Got The Interview Because I Contacted the Hiring Manager’

Ed applied TWICE for the same position and didn't get any response--then he contacted the hiring manager directly, and got the interview! ...I have an interview on Tuesday that I'm hoping leads to an...

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Hidden Job Market

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Monday Motivator for Your Job Search–Make Opportunities for Yourself

  Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door. - Kyle Chandler   Often, we need an opportunity NOW--not sometime in the fuzzy future. So I want to encourage...

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