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Hi Job Seeker,

This is something you need to see, so please give me just 10 minutes of your time.

Right now, you are at an important point…

You have recognized that you need help with your job search. Most people add months to their job search because they think they “know it all”.

Well done.

You are ahead of 80% of the job seekers that I talk to every day.


How would you like to seal the deal and max-out your chances of finding and landing the perfect job?

How would you like to have the best tools at your disposal right now?

I’m talking about going “all-in” on your job search; absolutely leaving nothing to chance and flooding your email inbox and voice mail with callbacks and offers.

If you want to take that next step, then keep reading….

What You “Don’t Know” Will Cripple Your Job Search –
Here’s How To Be 100% Prepared – Starting Now

Until now, you’ve probably been doing an ad-hoc job search.

You’ve been taking it one step and one tool at a time. This go-slow approach is probably keeping you unemployed much longer than it should.

This agonizing wait-and-see job hunt is like feeling your way through a dark room with just a tiny pen-flashlight. You can only see what’s immediately in front of your face.

You’re not maximizing your job opportunities because you don’t know ALL of your job search options. This means you are wasting time learning through trial and error.

And the more time you spend unemployed the more unemployable you become.
The key to success is to throw everything AND the kitchen sink at your job search.

You need to use every single technique, tactic, and loophole you can to get you to the top of the Candidate pile.

I’ll level with you.

You can’t get what you need by just buying one eBook at a time.

You must get ALL of your Options in front of You – At One Time.

Here’s How I’m Going to Permanently
Tip the Job Search Odds in Your Favor…

Other aggressive job seekers have begged me to come up with a special package. A super deal that includes EVERYTHING needed to land an incredible job in half the time.

I took the challenge….

Simply, my goal is to transform you into a super candidate; a job applicant that won’t quit and can’t lose.

I asked myself this question: “What would I want if I needed a job in 30 days or less?”

From there I picked my absolute best material. Each of these courses is selling like hotcakes because they are proven to work.

I also picked them because they deliver hot techniques that make you irresistible to hiring managers. Such as…

  • The Powerful 30/60/90 Day Plan that never fails to knock the socks off even the most cynical hiring managers.
  • The Hidden Jobs Finder: My guerrilla search tactics that show you how to unearth golden job opportunities in your own backyard. These jobs are “off-the-grid” and aren’t listed on Monster.com.
  • Linked-In Mastery: How to turn your LinkedIn profile into an attention-grabbing, job finding juggernaut.
  • Advanced Resume Writing Skills: How to make your resume leap off the hiring manager’s desk and get you on the interview short list.
  • Hours of audio and video tutorials covering every aspect of the job search, interview and negotiation process.

And that’s just the beginning!

I took the very best and packaged them together into The Job Offer Generator.

You’ll Never Worry About Finding A Job Again –
If You Have This Job Offer Generator

Now is your opportunity to get EVERYTHING you need.

The 30/60/90 Day Action Plan

(Regular Price: $97.00)

  • Make a great first impression: Tips on how to “Knock their Socks Off” in the first five minutes.
  • Interview tricks: How to create the ‘psychological’ mood that will magically get you the offer.
  • How to use the power of the 80/20 Rule to focus on exactly the right interview success factors.
  • Leave the interview with the job: How to use your 30/60/90 plan to prove that you already know how to do the job.
  • How to make the hiring manager “see” you as already hired.

I Sincerely Believe That the 30/60/90-Day Sales Plan Put Me Out Front.

“I was directed to the 30/60/90 day sales plan by a relative who works in the field. As a new graduate and new to the corporate interview process, I was able to efficiently prepare for the interview as well as effectively research the company. I sincerely believe that the 30/60/90- day sales plan put me out in front. I was prepared well beyond what they expected, and that this kind of preparation really shows my dedication and forward thinking. I would definitely recommend this product, without hesitation.”

– K. Lannon
British Columbia.

Hidden Jobs Finder

(Regular Price: $197.00)

  • How to find the hiring manager in any company. Within minutes, you’ll know their name, number and have a plan for contacting them.
  • Be confident that you’ll get call-backs and follow-ups to your messages almost immediately.
  • How to craft email and voice mail messages that capture your contact’s attention and compel him/her to call you!
  • The best techniques for building relationships that get your name onto the short-list before the job is posted.
  • Proven strategies for nailing your job interviews at the first meeting. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave the interview WITH the job!

Honestly, I would have never been able to do it without you

“I’m just calling to tell you that I took your experience and advice, and I put it to work, and I’m so happy to let you know that this morning I accepted a fantastic job offer. The company that I accepted the offer from is a great fit for me, and I can honestly say I would have never been able to do it without you. I know I would not have been considered if it were not for your expert advice.

I cannot recommend your services enough to anyone who feels stuck in that day-to-day rut of looking for a job. I could not have done it without you.”

– Jennifer Morris
Sales Candidate

LinkedIn Profile Tutorial

(Regular Price: $17.00)

  • Target the Right Industry: How to choose the right industry for your profile (it may not be the one you are in now)
  • Summary Mastery: The best way to use your summary to highlight the right information (this is very important)
  • Toot Your Horn: How to refine your LinkedIn Profile to emphasize what you have to offer
  • Avoid common LinkedIn mistakes that could ruin your chance of getting noticed (many people make these mistakes)
  • Power Tools: Learn how to use the 3 key LinkedIn power tools that will make you stand out from the crowd

Facebook Profile Tutorial

(Regular Price: $27.00)

  • Generate many job leads using the biggest social network in the world
  • Take advantage of Facebook’s unique qualities to expand your job search
  • Tweak your profile with my little-known tips so you can be found by recruiters
  • Avoid common Facebook mistakes that kill the job offers of others

How to Use a Recruiter

(Regular Price: $37.00)

  • How to decide if you need a Recruiter to quarterback your job search
  • Exactly what recruiters are looking for when they evaluate you as a client (you’ll be surprised by what actually matters!)
  • Rules of the Road for attracting and working with top recruiters
  • How to build long-term relationships with recruiters that will protect and nurture your career for years to come!

Extreme Resume Makeover Kit

(Regular Price: $67.00)

  • Discover the kiss of death that condemns most resumes to the trash- I’ll tell you about a couple of errors that drive employers nuts.
  • A “rookie” work history mistake that could knock you out of consideration.
  • How to format your employment history to broadcast your professionalism, skills and qualifications.
  • How to use your professional accomplishments to elbow past even the most qualified competitors.
  • How to navigate the “References Minefield” – and what you absolutely should not do!
  • Tips for using your intern or preceptorship experience to stand out from the crowd.
  • Plus, I’ve included a simple fill-in-the-blanks resume template that you can use to get started immediately!

Finally, I Have a Resume I Feel Confident About

“Peggy, thank you so much for the career and resume coaching… The overhaul that we did on my resume and the tips that you gave me to utilize in my job search, I feel very good about. I feel like I have a very powerful resume.

I look forward to implementing the strategies and techniques that you provided to me for my job search and seeing results soon. I know I will.”

– Jamie Verkamp
Medical Sales Candidate
Kansas City, MO

Total Access Club Membership

(Total Value: $8873.00 – value increases every month)

Coaching Videos – 1 hour each
(Total Value: $873.00)
  • Video #1: Approaching the Hiring Manager
  • Video #2: The Resume – Your Marketing Document
  • Video #3: The Phone Interview: Tips for Getting to the Face to Face
  • Video #4: Brag Book, Who, How, What, When, Where Why
  • Video #5: 30/60/90 Day Sales Plan
  • Video #6: Face to Face Interview – Take Control and Using Tools
  • Video #7: Closing for the Job – Asking for the Next Step
  • Video #8: Follow-up Thank You Notes, Phone Calls and More
  • Video #9: How to Excel in your Career

35 Live Q&A Webinars
(Total Value: $7500.00 +)

Every month my Total Access Club Members can submit their job search questions to me. These sessions are filled with excellent questions and answers covering every detail of the job search and interviewing process.

I’ll give you complete access to more than 30 recorded sessions!

Bi-Weekly Training / Coaching Calls (1 Hour Each)
(Total Value: $500.00 every month)

Every other week, you’ll participate in a direct-access call. We spend 10-15 minutes on training in some new aspect of your job search. Then we use the rest of the time answering any and all questions from club members.

This is the straightest talk you’ll ever find on critical issues and obstacles in your job search.

You’ll discover insider techniques that aren’t in any of my courses. These sessions are incredibly popular and are worth more than the entire Job Offer Generator!

Podcast library

(Regular Price: $67.00)

  • Brag Book Podcast: I’ll walk you through how to create your own Brag Book – a surefire tool for showcasing your credentials and experience.
  • Behavioral Events Interview Podcast: I’ll show you how to tackle a “behavioral ” interview and answer each question with confidence.
  • Telephone Interview Podcast: The Telephone interview is usually the first step to getting an in-person interview. I’ll show you how to ace it.
  • Panel Interview Podcast: The panel interview can be intimidating but I’ll offer my best techniques to easily handle the interview and even have fun.
  • References Podcast: Offering references can be tricky and filled with challenges. I’ll discuss how to make your references work for you instead of against you.
  • “Closing for the Job” Podcast: It’s time to close the deal. I’ll show you how to negotiate this sensitive phase and land your perfect job.

Strategic Approach to Interviewing

(Regular Price: $97.00)

  • The 4 most common concerns of every hiring manager—and how to address them
  • Your true goal in the interview (you’re much more likely to hit your target if you know what it is)
  • The right way to “do your homework” so that you’re over-prepared for every interview
  • Critical do’s and dont’s for phone interviews
  • Face-to-Face Interview “extras” that make you shine
  • Strategic ways to answer the most common interview questions
  • The top questions that you should ask that make a great impression
  • How to overcome the interviewer’s doubts and objections
  • How to seal the deal with your thank you notes and references
  • Keys to success in Behavioral Interviews
  • How to be calm, cool, and collected in Panel Interviews
  • Above all, learn to definitively answer “Why should we hire you?”

(This next one’s a bonus—if you’re going into medical sales, this is your lucky day.
If not, you’ll still find PLENTY of great ways to improve your
“sell yourself as the best candidate” techniques.)

How To Get Into Medical Sales

(Regular Price: $197.00)

  • Private Audio Coaching with me. I sat down and recorded every single tip, technique, and strategy that I’ve taught in over 15 years as a Medical recruiter. I’ll coach you through every step of the process from writing your resume to the actual interview. It will feel like I’m sitting there with you giving you one-on-one attention.
  • The Power Resume Template. Use this fill-in-the-blanks template to create your own “personal brochure”. This template is guaranteed to work and removes all the trial and error out of the process. Plus I’ll show you a few tricks that will load your resume with keywords that will get you to the top of the HR resume pile.
  • The Perfect Cover Letter – This cover letter will be the boldest and most persuasive letter that your Hiring Manager will ever see. They’ll skip lunch to call you and insist you get in to the office for an interview.
  • Secret Weapon Technology Sheet – This is your “secret weapon” for getting your resume noticed and making the most out of your past experience. I’ll show you how to step-up your game and make an unforgettable impression with your own Technology Sheet.
  • Unforgettable Thank You Notes. Did you know that some hiring managers won’t hire a sales candidate that doesn’t send a follow up thank you note? I’ll help you avoid that fate. And I’ll show you how to turn your message into another powerful selling tool that will help you get the job.

The Guiding Light For Me in the Darkest of Hours

“Peggy was the guiding light for me in the darkest of hours. I approached her when I started looking for a change. She had just one session with me which went a long way in helping me land the job I am currently in.”

– Saumitra Rahatekar
Business Development Manager – Medico Labs Inc.

This is The Job Offer Generator that
I Wish I Had When I Started!

When I finished assembling the Job Offer Generator, I realized that I had a complete blueprint for finding a job in any industry in any economic situation.

In fact, I wish I had these tools when I started 20 years ago!

With the Job Offer Generator, you can tackle any situation with complete confidence. Your preparation and skills will shine through and make you an attractive choice for any company.

I would have saved myself years of frustration if someone had offered me these tools at the beginning of my career!

I’m sure you will find them to be invaluable too.

Ok, Send me the Job Offer Generator Now

How to Get My Best Job Search Strategies, Tools and
Techniques For Over 85% OFF Their Regular Price!

By now, I’m sure you’ve done the math…


Product Name


30/60/90-Day Plan


Hidden Jobs Finder


Extreme Resume Makeover Kit


LinkedIn Profile Tutorial


Facebook Profile Tutorial


Recruiter eBook

$500.00 (monthly)

Total Access Club Membership


Total Access Club Training Videos

$7500 +

30+ Q&A Coaching Session Archive


Podcast Library


Strategic Approach to Interviewing


How to Get Into Medical Sales



If you were to purchase each of these tools individually, you would spend $9676.00 minimum.

Even that is actually a bargain when you consider how much landing a job is worth to you.

Here’s the good news –

You won’t have to pay anything close to this for the Job Offer Generator.

Actually you’ll pay just a fraction of this.

In fact, I will give you two convenient options for investing in the Job Offer Generator

This means that if you act now, you can get the entire Job Offer Generator at more than an 85% discount!

I hope that this offer makes it easy for you to take the next step in your job search.

But just in case you are still on the fence, consider…

My TWO Exclusive Bonus Offers – IF you act RIGHT NOW

If you hit “Add to Cart” and get the Job Offer Generator TODAY, I will offer you:
My Personal Review of Your Resume

After you redo your resume with my Extreme Resume Makeover Kit, you can send your resume to me and I will give you my feedback on the 3 things you could do, in your own particular situation, to make it an even more powerful selling document for you.
My Personal Review of Your 30/60/90-Day Plan

After you create your own 30/60/90-Day Plan for an interview, send me your plan before you go. I will personally look it over and give you my feedback on what you can do to make an even better plan, and an even stronger job interview tool.

These will be real reviews with solid suggestions and recommendations for you.

You will be 110% certain that you have the very best possible resume and 30/60/90-Day Plan.

And if that’s not enough, I’m going to add one more thing that will make this offer completely irresistible…

My Outrageous 365 Day
100% Money-Back Guarantee

You read that right.

I’m guaranteeing the Job Search Offer Generator for a complete year! This means that you can try out every single tool and review their power for yourself. You won’t have to race through the product to beat a guarantee deadline.

I can take this risk because I’m absolutely certain that the Job Offer Generator can take you from worried and unemployed to happy and thriving quickly and easily.

All that I ask is that you get serious about your job search. Make hunting for a job your #1 priority. Put every single suggestion in the Job Offer Generator into action immediately. Leave no stone unturned. Be relentless.

Once you’ve landed your job, email me and tell me all about it.

And…if for some reason you decide to return the Job Offer Generator, do me a favor and send me a note telling me how I can improve it. Regardless, I will send you a prompt refund.

This is a win/win for both of us.

No rush. Enjoy and profit from this Job Offer Generator knowing that your investment is 100% risk-free.

Ok, Send me the Job Offer Generator Now

This is Your Opportunity to Never Worry
About Your Job Situation – Ever Again

The Job Offer Generator is your insurance policy against economic downturns, stupid management, and the curve balls life throws at you.

You’ll always have the comfort of knowing that you can immediately get yourself another job no matter what happens.

I’ll show you the principles that will make you the preferred candidate in almost any situation.

BUT….I can’t promise this discount or the refunds for long.

All you need to do is click the Buy Button to lock in your discounted price and get the entire Job Offer Generator so you can start collecting job offers…

Ok, Send me the Job Offer Generator Now

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Attention: All of our products are delivered ELECTRONICALLY
Even if your order at 3:00 AM – your product will be
delivered to you almost instantly. You will not have to wait
for anything to ship and you can start using
your product right away.

Peggy McKee

P.S. Important – This offer will not be available for long at this discounted price. You must jump on this now if you want to lock in your discount. Click here to Get the Job Offer Generator Now.

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