Video 2 – The Resume Product Reviews

Product Description:

The resume is one of the most widely abused and misunderstood parts of the job seeker’s toolbox.  If you think it’s just a job history, you’re behind the times.  If you think it needs to be “jazzed up” with graphics or a brand-new approach, you’re just way off base—and your resume is on its way to the trash.

If you want your resume to grab attention and get you the interview, you’ve got to turn it into a marketing tool that sells you as the solution they need for their problems.  You don’t have to turn it into a hype-filled commercial, and you don’t have to pay a resume writer to end up with a good one.

With the right training and guidance, you can learn to write a killer resume that represents you strongly and sells you as a candidate—in less than an hour.

The Resume:  Your Marketing Document goes beyond the basics of resume length, format, or visual appeal (although it covers those, too) and goes much deeper into showing you how to use your resume as evidence for why they should call you about the job:

  • Discover the fastest way to grab the reader’s attention
  • Use RSO (Resume Search Optimization) to make sure they find you
  • Learn what the hiring manager’s really looking for—no matter what career you’re in
  • Turn your resume from a simple employment history into a job-getting document


Product Details:
  • Video Length:  1 hour, 9 minutes and 39 seconds
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  • Published by:  Career Confidential
  • Language:  English