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Phone Interview Tips Series

Table of Contents

  1. Phone Interview - Tip 1 -- Check Your Voicemail Greeting

  2. Phone Interview - Tip 2 -- The Best Time to Set Up Your Call

  3. Phone Interview - Tip 3 -- Where’s the Best Place for a Phone Interview?

  4. Phone Interview - Tip 4 -- How To Keep Your Focus

  5. Phone Interview - Tip 5 -- How to Build Your Confidence

  1. Phone Interview - Tip 6 -- How to Project Enthusiasm

  2. Phone Interview - Tip 7 -- Use Cheat Sheets

  3. Phone Interview - Tip 8 -- Research the Interviewer

  4. Phone Interview - Tip 9 -- Research the Company

  5. Phone Interview - Tip 10 -- Prepare Answers to Common Phone Interview Questions

  1. Phone Interview - Tip 11 -- Practice Your Phone Interview

  2. Phone Interview - Tip 12 -- How to Hit Your Phone Interview Goals

  3. Phone Interview - Tip 13 -- The Best Phone for Your Phone Interview

  4. Phone Interview - Tip 14 -- Your Phone Interview Voice

  5. Phone Interview - Tip 15 -- How to Give the Interviewer What They’re Looking For

  1. Phone Interview - Tip 16 -- How to Project the Right Image Over the Phone

  2. Phone Interview - Tip 17 -- Help Them Qualify You for the Face-to-Face Interview

  3. Phone Interview - Tip 18 -- Speak the Right Body Language

  4. Phone Interview - Tip 19 -- Secret Tricks to Phone Interview Success

  5. Phone Interview - Tip 20 -- Ask Questions

  1. Phone Interview - Tip 21 -- How to Listen Well

  2. Phone Interview - Tip 22 -- Don’t Talk Too Much

  3. Phone Interview - Tip 23 -- Watch Your Language

  4. Phone Interview - Tip 24 -- Phone Interview Etiquette

  5. Phone Interview - Tip 25 -- Getting the Face-to-Face Interview

  1. Phone Interview - Tip 26 -- How and When to Follow Up

  2. Phone Interview - Tip 27 -- Biggest Phone Interview Mistakes

  3. Phone Interview - Tip 28 -- Small Phone Interview Mistakes That Cause Big Problems

  4. Phone Interview - Tip 29 -- Things You Should Never Say

  5. Phone Interview - Tip 30 -- Make a Phone Interview Checklist

  1. Phone Interview - Tip 31 -- Relax, Be Calm, and Make a Good Impression

  2. Phone Interview - Tip 32 -- Good Telephone Communication Tips

  3. Phone Interview - Tip 33 -- Typical Phone Interview Questions

  4. Phone Interview - Tip 34 -- Thank You Notes

  5. Phone Interview - Tip 35 -- The One Question You Should Ask

  6. Phone Interview - Tip 36 -- How to Keep Them From Screening You Out

  7. Phone Interview - Tip 37 -- How to Prepare for a Phone Interview

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Are you going to have your phone interview conversation on a landline or on a cell phone?

I personally think you should always, always use a landline.  The sound quality of the conversation is better, there’s no risk of dropping the call, and there’s never any questions like, “Can you hear me now?”  This is such an important conversation that anything at all you can do to reduce the risk of a problem is a very good idea.

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However, lots of people don’t even have landlines these days, and they will be using a cell phone no matter how I feel about it.  If that’s you, I have some suggestions to make sure you have a good call.  And then I’ve got a few more tips, no matter what phone you use.

Cell phone rules:

(1)    Make sure your cell phone has a good signal on the day of your call.  Call a friend before your interview starts so you can see if all the cell phone signals are bouncing around and connecting like they’re supposed to.  Bad reception will ruin your call.

(2)    Make sure your cell phone battery is charged.  You can prepare to an extreme degree for your interview, and have every single detail organized and dealt with….and if your phone dies while you’re on the phone, the interviewer will assume you are a completely unorganized, unprepared idiot.

General phone rules:

(1)    Never, ever put them on speakerphone.  It doesn’t matter how good your phone is, a speakerphone always makes it sound at least a little bit like you’re trapped in a well.  When they figure it out, they will be offended.  What else could you be doing that’s more important than this call?  Nothing.

(2)    If you must go hands-free, then use a good-quality headset. These can actually be great if you like to walk around the room while you talk and gesture with your hands, a la Jerry McGuire.  It’s also great for making it much easier to take notes during your conversation.

(3)    Turn off Call-Waiting.  It goes without saying that you should never answer another call while you’re on a phone interview, but it’s even better to remove the possibility that the noise of someone trying to contact you will interrupt your conversation.  It will be an annoying, unwelcome disruption.

It’s worth it to do whatever you have to do in order to ensure a smooth, interruption-free telephone interview.  This conversation is the most important thing you’re doing that day.   The extra effort will be worth it.


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