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Phone Interview Thank You Note Etiquette

Examples, ideas, and tips for your phone interview thank you emails -- plus a FREE podcast on Following Up After the Interview.

It's important to be strategic in your job interviews, and following up after your interview is especially tricky.  Watch the video below to find out what to say in your interview thank you note and when to send it--for both phone interviews and face-to-face interviews.


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  1. Sampath

    Thank you for showing me this type of video, that is really helpful for me in the future..

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    I think it is not always possible to send a thank you note after phone interview. One might not even know the email address of the person from the company at all.
    Consider the situation or may i say situations where the vacancies are posted on job boards without an email address and someone calls you after 3 weeks. The only way you can thank the person is at the end of the interview. Some might say, you can ask for their email address, believe me that doesn't work (if someone says it has worked, it is just 1-2% of the employers who is going by the book). Why would one want to give their email address when they are still hunting for people. Nearly 95% of the time, we should say thank you once the interview (especially phone interview) has come to an end. Ask them how long would it take to make the decision to go ahead with your application, this will give you an answer about when to expect their next call. Please don't say that it is always possible to send a thank you note every time you have telephonic interview.

    In today's world when employers are interviewing thousands, why would they bother themselves giving out their email addresses. All i say is "do things right" and not follow "doing right things"

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    • Career Coach

      If you don't ask for the employer's email address, you'll be guaranteed never to get you should always at least try. And if you can't get their email address, you can do some research to discover it on your own. They will be impressed with your ingenuity, resourcefulness, and effectiveness. And you'll get to send the thank you note you need to send.

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